Edmunds.com increases subscriptions and revenue with Oracle

The leading online resource for automotive information cut subscription processing time from days to hours using Oracle Subscription Management.


With Oracle Subscription Management, we have reduced our subscription processing time from several days to hours, which has enabled us to focus more on value-driving initiatives, create new business opportunities, and most importantly, provide an outstanding customer experience to our subscribers.

Trevor PersaudDirector, Revenue Cycle, Edmunds.com

Business challenges

Edmunds.com started in the 1960s as a paperback newsstand publication and today has grown into one of the most recognized digital automotive resources, providing objective information that helps U.S. consumers make informed auto purchase decisions.

With large numbers of contracts and subscriptions, the company’s legacy system was taking weeks to process its high-volume billings, which interfered with customer service and stifled revenue. Additionally, limited subscription capabilities couldn’t scale or allow for growth. The company sought a way to cut processing time and create new revenue opportunities.

We consider ourselves a technology company and we’re constantly trying to innovate on behalf of our customers. With Oracle, there are so many capabilities for us right out of the box. There’s a great advantage to having all our systems under Oracle.

Trevor PersaudDirector, Revenue Cycle, Edmunds.com

Why Edmunds.com chose Oracle

As a long-standing Oracle Human Capital Management customer, Edmunds.com chose Oracle Subscription Management to help the company transform its subscription capabilities. Because Oracle’s solutions integrate easily with one another, Oracle Subscription Management was a logical choice.


Since deploying Oracle Subscription Management, Edmunds.com has accelerated its subscription servicing and billing processing time from days to hours. The company integrated its sales subscription database with Oracle Subscription Management, implemented through Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), easily bridging the subscription capability gap and supporting substantial growth in subscription customers.

The company intends to use Oracle Subscription Management, which is part of Oracle Sales, to monetize subscription products by placing Edmunds.com widgets on car dealers’ websites, advertising on social networks on behalf of dealers, and selling leads to dealers.

Edmunds.com now has a fully integrated suite of Oracle products working together―Oracle HCM, ERP, EPM, and Oracle Subscription Management, allowing the company to take advantage of automated and aligned processes that benefit not only the business and its employees, but also the consumers who turn to Edmunds.com during the automotive purchase process.


After completing Phase 1 ERP and EPM implementations, Edmunds.com partnered with Peloton Group to complete Phase 2 to replace the billing system. Edmunds.com had several billing challenges to resolve and ultimately chose to implement Oracle Subscription Management and take advantage of the Oracle Cloud tax functionality and accounts receivable.

Published:December 23, 2021