NoSQL Database Cloud Service

Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service makes it easy for developers to build applications using document, fixed schema, and key-value database models, delivering predictable single-digit millisecond response times with data replication for high availability. The service offers active-active regional replication, ACID transactions, serverless scaling, comprehensive security, and low pay-per-use pricing for both on-demand and provisioned capacity modes, including 100% compatibility with on-premises Oracle NoSQL Database.

Announcing Global Active Tables

Get low-latency access to your global data and improved business continuity with seamless disaster recovery.

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Develop applications faster with document, fixed schema, and key-value database models at lower cost.

Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service overview

See how Oracle NoSQL Database ensures fast and predictable single-digit millisecond response time at scale, even as throughput requirements change.

NoSQL Database features and benefits

JSON documents, fixed schema, or key-value data model

Select the most appropriate data model based on data requirements and access using an easy-to-understand API.

100% compatible to on-premises NoSQL Database

Run the same application and datastore in Oracle Cloud, another cloud, or on-premises without fear of vendor lock-in.

Modern development languages

Access NoSQL databases programmatically using SDKs for Java, Python, Node.JS, Spring, .NET, and Go, or access them directly using RESTful API’s.

Integrated with development tools

Allows developers to use their favorite IDEs such as Eclipse and IntelliJ to query NoSQL cloud service with pre-built plug-ins.

Native analytics support

Enables developers to analyze NoSQL data natively, including cross-collection queries and parallel scalability, without having to move the data.

Rich indexing into JSON documents

Create an index on any JSON field at any depth in the document hierarchy, thus improving query performance.

Global Active Tables

Oracle NoSQL Global Active Tables provide multi-active replication of table data between geographically separated regions.

Scale multinational business data

Offers low-latency local access to data irrespective of where the data originated.

Cost effective

Save on replicated writes compared to competitors. Zero cost on initial data transfer from existing tables.

No application code changes

Applications using existing tables will continue to run after a table has been moved to a global active table.

Seamless disaster recovery

Hold your data in two different regions, coupled with application DNS traffic management steering policies you get the perfect DR solution.


Never specify CPUs or servers, simply define the read and write table capacity.

Dedicated environment

Dedicated environment per customer cloud tenancy serves millions of read/write requests per second, supporting extremely high throughput needs of most demanding applications.

Instant scaling

Delivers on-demand instant scaling of compute and storage independent of each other based on NoSQL table capacities.


Automatically detects and predicts hardware or software failures while routing API requests around failed nodes.

Highly available

Provides three copies of application data across separate fault domains, ensuring immediate availability of application data in the event of hardware or software failure.

Transaction consistency

ACID transactions on multi-document transactions ensures read and write consistency without degrading performance.

Flexible consistency

Offers developers flexibility to tune transaction consistency to address very low-latency applications needs.

Fast, reliable performance at scale

Ensures fast and predictable single-digit millisecond response time at scale, even as throughput requirements increase.

Sharding for high-availability and scale-out

Provides a global scale-out architecture and high-availability using sharding and replication.

Secondary index optimization

Optimizes secondary indexes automatically to improve query performance.

Flexible pay-per-use billing options

Choose the pricing model for your workload requirements.

Provisioned—Significantly optimize costs by specifying capacity per workload, and instantly scale resources up or down with APIs.

On-demand—Get true pay-per-use billing by automatically scaling read and write capacities depending on dynamic workload patterns.

Simple and predictable pricing

A simple and easy-to-understand pricing model across all the regions with no minimum commitments, hidden fees, or charges.

Always-on encryption

Automatic encryption of the entire database and backups protect data at rest and in motion.

Automated patching

Database patches and upgrades are automatically applied without interrupting database operations to maximize security for crucial customer data.

Integrated cloud IAM

Provides authorization and data access using integrated Oracle Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Oracle NoSQL Database customer successes

Customers around the world use Oracle NoSQL Database to transform their businesses by harnessing the power of unstructured data with predictable performance at scale.

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Airbus scale its IT operations with Oracle NoSQL Database

Turkish Notary Union strengthens document management and search with Oracle

We selected Oracle Big Data Appliance and Oracle NoSQL Database for their proven reliability, flexibility, and high performance. Both products were critical to centralizing all documents, while enabling quick and interactive data exploration through our file library.

Necati Etlacakuş IT Manager, Turkish Notary Union

NoSQL Database common use cases

  • Personalization

    Build rich, personalized user experiences with fast response times based on content customized to the individual users.

  • Content and catalog management

    Develop content and product catalog services that delight customers and deliver them in record time by utilizing Oracle NoSQL’s rich APIs.

  • Mobile applications

    Build modern, consumer scale, and responsive apps for mobile devices.

  • Real-time fraud detection

    Detect fraudulent activity in real-time with fast response time while simultaneously processing transactions.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

    Build fast and scalable IoT applications that require processing high-volume data bursts from device sensors and real-time analytics.

  • Gaming

    Support millions of concurrent players with real-time status and game state while simultaneously retrieving or updating the game data with single-digit millisecond response times.

    Read more about the common use cases (PDF)

September 19, 2023

Oracle NoSQL Global Active Tables delivers extreme performance for globally distributed applications

Kiran Makarla, Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud

Read the latest news on Global Active Tables and learn how to synchronize business data across multiple regions with faster performance.

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