Ensuring maximum database availability with zero data loss


HDFC Bank deployed Oracle Data Guard to ensure zero data loss. Learn more about the process and implementation here.

Business context

One of the key objectives of all digital initiatives at HDFC Bank is to ensure round-the-clock availability of its data and services. To achieve this, HDFC Bank wanted a ‘zero data loss’ architecture across all its data centres. The key was to ensure zero data loss without impacting the primary data site while making the data available across all the data centres seamlessly.

The Bank collaborated with Oracle to deploy Oracle Data Guard (ODG) to ensure maximum availability architecture across its data centres.

Solution deployed

Oracle Data Guard provided the bank with a comprehensive, 360-degree solution that eliminated single points of failure for all their mission-critical databases. At the HDFC data centres, Oracle Data Guard provided services that created, maintained, managed, and monitored one or more standby databases to safeguard production against disasters and data corruptions. This was achieved by creating transactionally consistent copies of the production database at a remote location and switching standby databases to the production roles in case of primary database unavailability due to planned or unplanned outages. The process was effective, simple, and highly economical. It ensured high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery for all HDFC Bank data.


The Bank achieved their goal of zero-data loss by implementing ODG synchronisation. Irrespective of the location, traffic, or volume, the Bank’s database was always available to users through all planned and unplanned outages.

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