Simplifying loans with an integrated Loan Management System


HDFC Bank implemented Oracle’s Loan Management System to streamline and manage a large volume of daily loan activity. Learn how.

Business context

With a rich network of more than 5,000 branches across the length and breadth of the country, HDFC Bank serves millions of customers daily. Naturally, the loan processing unit of the Bank has to account for thousands of transactions per day. HDFC Bank needed a robust and reliable system to manage this huge volume of loan activity that includes several approval stages and procedures. So, they decided to deploy Oracle’s Loan Management System.

Solution deployed

Oracle’s Loan Management Solution (LMS) is used to maintain and service, from end to end, all the retail loans at HDFC Bank. Maintenance services like billing, presentation, and banking activities are carried out through the system. Servicing activities such as loan rescheduling, PDC swap, closures, and multiple report generations including a “welcome letter”, SOA, and simulations on the basis of logged requests, are also processed through the platform.


At present, the Loan Management System handles up to 13,500 concurrent users during peak days. The 4-node architecture on the Oracle engineering systems ensures that the LMS is always available to all end users despite high transaction volumes. Some of the key outcomes of the LMS implementation at HDFC Bank are:

  • Streamlined loan process: The standardisation of loan origination and management processes, and centralised customer information across the departments at HDFC Bank helps boost productivity.
  • Process efficiency: A central platform contains all critical loan information and effective shortcuts to common tasks and loan information requests.
  • Flexibility: Configurable loan products enable the Bank to procure custom loan offerings for individual borrowers which helps to mitigate risks across the board.

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