Population health management

Move beyond individual care. With our population health management solutions, you can expand your organization’s care focus by magnifying efforts across entire populations and emphasizing chronic condition management and prevention. We can help you provide coordinated care beyond the hospital to promote healthier populations.

Population health management solutions

The products shown are intended as examples of what has been provided in specific cases. Each medical device/product is designed to comply with the regulations of the geography where it is used. However, we cannot assure its availability or compliance in other specific regions. Local adaptations may be necessary to meet regional requirements.

Manage chronic conditions and wellness

Learn what care gaps exist for individuals—and across your population. Tap into a single source of truth and help clinicians and care managers make more-informed decisions with our population health management solutions.

  • Identify care gaps for individuals and populations by leveraging data.
  • Connect the care team and patient, no matter where they are.
  • Understand patient costs and utilization and how to improve them.

Accelerate your value-based care (VBC) efforts

Enhance care quality and strengthen your organization’s market share to help make healthcare delivery the best it can be.

  • Connect information across venues of care to provide actionable insights.
  • Use connected information—wherever you are on your VBC journey—to help improve clinical decision-making.
  • Operationally, identify care gaps and meet quality measures to optimize healthcare spend.

Reporting and analytics for healthcare

Realize the value of the data you’ve collected—and have yet to collect—by helping your organization’s executives, clinicians, analysts, and staff spend less time searching and preparing data and more time acting on it.

From operational analytics, prebuilt analytic content, and a customizable enterprise data warehouse to electronic health record (EHR) performance system analytics, we offer solutions that can help you unleash the potential of meaningful data in healthcare.

  • Realize the power of data no matter what EHR you use.
  • Break through data silos across clinical, financial, operational, and nontraditional data sources.
  • Normalize and integrate data into business and clinical workflows.
  • Communicate action-inspiring insights through data storytelling.

Analytics and embedded care management capabilities

Use our advanced analytics solutions to inform population health and care management strategies, powered by clinical and social determinants of health data.

  • Intervene at the point of care by using evidence-based screening tools and suggested goals/activities in your patient’s care plan.
  • Make the most of your community investments by detecting areas of vulnerability down to the census block group.
  • Inform community health needs assessments, community benefit efforts, and community partnership opportunities.

End-to-end referral management solutions

When your patients leave the network, you can lose significant revenue. We can help you keep your patients—and your revenue—in network.

Key benefits of referral management solutions

  • Use our solutions whether you use a third-party EHR or our EHR.
  • Personalize referrals for individual patients.
  • Exchange information safely and securely, no matter the EHR.
  • Surface referral information within the workflow when using our EHR.

Oracle real-world data solutions, fueled by Oracle Learning Health Network

We have a nationwide network of diverse health systems that fuels and shares de-identified data to help accelerate the discovery, development, and deployment of groundbreaking insights and therapies. Our more than 100 members conduct high-volume clinical trials and outcomes research.

We provide one of the largest real-world data sets and help members launch clinical trials. For health systems that don’t currently have clinical trial capabilities, we can supply the necessary technology and training through our collaboration with Elligo.

Our members can

  • Leverage a network of de-identified data
  • Get help on activating trials, enrolling patients, and removing obstacles
  • Gain opportunities to launch or contribute to industry trials and keep more patients in network.

The Oracle Health difference

  • We understand how data informs clinical strategies and decisions

    Activate strategies based on relevant context and information about your patients, populations, and communities by tapping into our electronic health record data.

  • We bring proven experience in connecting data

    We break down data siloes by connecting standardized and unstandardized data from more than 130 EHR, 120 payer, and 345 private and public data sources.

  • We bring clinical insights that can inform better care decisions

    With four decades of experience in healthcare technology, we bring the expertise you need to equip your clinicians with meaningful insights, powered by relevant EHR data.

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