Oracle Cloud Infrastructure—Isolated Network Virtualization

Prevent attacks on customer tenancies with isolated network virtualization. A foundational element of Oracle Cloud infrastructure’s security-first architecture, Isolated network virtualization stops malware in its tracks with a custom-designed SmartNIC to isolate and virtualize the network.

Learn about security-first design principles

See how security is fundamental to the architecture of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with tiered defenses and highly secure operations.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architecture

Reduce the risk of attacks with isolated network virtualization, a key design of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s security architecture.

Shortcomings of first-generation clouds

In first-generation cloud offerings, if a successful attack compromises a virtual machine instance and subsequently a hypervisor, there are no barriers to prevent an attacker’s attempts to modify the network. The networking function is managed by the same hypervisor that has been compromised: a virtual machine escape that gains access to the hypervisor also has access to the network. This can lead to several threats to hosts on the network and could expose private tenant data.

Second-generation cloud advantage

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is different from first-generation clouds because of its use of a custom-designed SmartNIC that isolates and virtualizes the network.

The SmartNIC is isolated by hardware and software from the host, preventing a compromised instance from compromising the network. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure maintains greater external control of host network functionality and can prevent network traversal attacks.

May 7, 2020

Why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security is a Cut Above

Amanda OCallaghan, Oracle Content Strategist

As companies transition to the cloud for greater speed and agility, they’re also starting to see security as a cloud benefit rather than a risk. But with today’s larger and more diversified threat landscape, businesses need to be absolutely sure of the depth of their security before they trust the cloud with such important workloads. At Oracle, we anticipated this need and built our cloud from the ground up to address it.

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