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Contattaci Registrati su Oracle Cloud

OCI in 5

Whether you are entirely new to Cloud, in your first year of exploring, or interested in refreshing your overall knowledge then this guided learning path will help consolidate all your needs in one single place! Check out our wide range of bitesize tutorials, where we share best practices, guided paths, and assets to help empower your Cloud journey.


Kick start your Free Tier

Your Trial Experience Guide

Your Trial Experience Guide - Everything you need to know

In this video, Radu and Cristian will guide you through the first steps in Oracle Cloud. Stay tuned for more!


Estimate Your Monthly Costs Now

Join Cristian and learn more about how to estimate your monthly costs. Stay tuned for more!


How To Upgrade Your Free Account

Join Liana and learn more about how to sign up for a Free Trial and also, how to upgrade to a PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go) account. Stay tuned for more!

Troubleshoot Credit Card issues in Free Trial OCI Accounts

Troubleshoot Credit Card issues in Free Trial OCI Accounts

This video explains how to troubleshoot credit card issues that may occur when you try to sign up for the Free Tier account of OCI.

Cloud Basics

OCI Container Instances - Deploy phpMyAdmin

OCI Container Instances - Deploy phpMyAdmin

Easily deploy your containerized images.

Oracle Network Path Analyser video thumbnail

Oracle Network Path Analyser

We take a quick look at the Oracle Network Path Analyser with Ben Haworth.

Bastion Service Basics in Oracle Cloud

Join us and learn the possibilities to connect to private endpoints with managed SSH sessions or SSH tunneling.

Oracle Cloud basics & console navigation

Basic walkthrough of how to start using your Oracle Cloud account. Initial steps to access services & setting up an account.

Oracle Cloud console

Overview of the dashboard, quick start center and basic configuration settings within your Cloud tenancy.

User Management & Controls

User tutorial detailing the steps required to create & manage additional user roles, access controls and security policies.

Available Cloud Services

A high-level overview of Cloud services available in the console. Host runs through the IaaS & PaaS offerings available in the menu bar including configuration requirements.

VCN practice

A quick VCN practice.

Oracle Cloud - Networking basics

Essential networking in Oracle Cloud.

Identity & Access Management

Deeper dive into groups, compartments, and policies.

Understand Oracle Cloud Compute instances

Quick hands-on overview of OCI's compute.


23c: Validating JSON Documents with JSON Schema

23c: Validating JSON Documents with JSON Schema

A JSON schema can be used to check data (in application code, for instance) prior to sending it to the database, which can provide earlier detection of invalid data. This provides more resilient applications and reduces potential system downtime and the need to clean up ‘bad’ data.

Enhancements to JSON TRANSFORM

Enhancements to JSON TRANSFORM

JSON_TRANSFORM has been extended in Oracle Database 23c Free to support right-hand-side path expressions, nested paths, and arithmetic operations. A SORT operator is supported which allows sorting the elements in an array. This enhancement increases update capabilities, such as arithmetic calculations and operations on nested arrays and raises developer productivity.

Convert PL/SQL Aggregate Types to/from JSON

Convert PL/SQL Aggregate Types to/from JSON

The new enhancements to the JSON constructor and the JSON_VALUE operator in Database 23c Free include support for aggregate data types, which streamlines data interchange between PL/SQL applications and languages that support JSON.

Working with JSON-Relational Duality Views

Working with JSON-Relational Duality Views

JSON-relational duality views combine the advantages of using JSON documents with the advantages of the relational model, while avoiding the limitations of each. It exposes data stored in relational tables as JSON documents, which are generated on demand, not stored as such.

Install the new Oracle Database 23c Free on cloud

Install the new Oracle Database 23c Free on cloud

For the first time in the history of Oracle, the next version of Oracle Database is available to developers first, for free and before it is generally available as a commercial version. This easy to download, install and run data-driven apps on developer release is jam-packed with new developer features.

Microcontrollers part 1

Display the status of Compute instances using an iOS widget

In this video, we’ll play with the iOS widget.

Microcontrollers part 1

Microcontrollers - Part 3 - Receiving and Displaying Sensor Data

In this video, we’ll get the data from the sensors to our IOT application.

Microcontrollers part 1

Connecting the MQTT Broker to an IoT Instance in the Cloud

Part 2 of Microcontrollers, with Liana !

Microcontrollers part 1

Microcontrollers part 1

Join us for the first part of our Microcontrollers in the Cloud series, where we will take a look at how to start coding for Arduino boards, and how to connect and send messages from a microcontroller to an MQTT broker running on a Kubernetes Cluster in Oracle Cloud.

Oracle DevOps Cloud Service part 3

Oracle Cloud - Set up Instance Scheduler using Tags

Learn how to use the instance scheduler in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using Tags.

Oracle DevOps Cloud Service part 3

Oracle DevOps Cloud Service part 3 - Deployment Pipelines

Learn how many types of Deployment Pipelines you can create, as well as how to configure and run them.

DevOps Cloud Service Part 2, Build Pipelines

How to create a code repository, build pipeline and trigger a manual run.

Introduction to Oracle DevOps Cloud Service

How to create policies and dynamic groups. Also a quick overview on the notifications topic.

Top 5 tools to get you started on Oracle Cloud development

We take a look at the top 5 useful tools to get you started on developing with Oracle Cloud. Get the basics on CLIs, SDKs, FDKs and open source projects.

Show your Wordle skills with Python and Autonomous JSON Database

How-To: Build your own Wordle clone using Python and Autonomous JSON.

Kubernetes Guided Learning

Video tutorials, playbooks, and guides to creating and managing Kubernetes clusters on OCI.

Cloud Databases

A guided learning path on Modern Cloud DBs. Our specialists walk you through MySQL, Autonomous and include a complete guide to Getting Started with MySQL DB.

API Gateway

Introduction to Oracle's API Gateway


Introduction to Microservices.


Introduction into APEX at Oracle via the console.


Fixing “No matching host key type found” in OCI Bastion Service

Join Liana now for an exciting video about how to fix the error “No matching host key type found. Their offer: ssh-rsa” when trying to connect via Bastion to a private Compute instance.

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on Oracle Cloud

In this video, we will guide you through the process of enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on Oracle Cloud.

Bastion Service Basics in Oracle Cloud

Join us and learn the possibilities to connect to private endpoints with managed SSH sessions or SSH tunneling.

Connecting to a private instance with Bastion

Check the prerequisites and step by step tutorial on how to use the Bastion service.

Cloud Security using Cloud Guard

Cloud tutorial designed for Cloud admins to monitor, identify, achieve and maintain security on cloud tenancy.

Cloud Advisor

Manage & optimize costs & security in your cloud environment efficiently via the governance.

Networking Security

Walk through of the basic, yet essential steps required to set up to ensure upmost security on Oracle Cloud


Disaster Recovery Cheat Sheet

Disaster Recovery Cheat Sheet

In this video, we talk about how to choose and benefit from a well designed DR plan.

Cloud Migration

Secure your Database using Data Safe

Secure your Database using Data Safe

Join us in this engaging video where we delve into the world of Data Safe, a powerful tool to address security issues in your database.

Account Management

How to Request and Track Limit Increase Requests from the OCI Console

This video explains how to request and track your limit increase requests for your OCI resources from the OCI Console.

Oracle Cloud's Quotas

How to limit resources creation

Oracle Service Limits

Brief demo showcasing how to request service limit updates, per service, if required.


Short tutorials detailing how to spin up and accessing compartments. Guided steps to set up sub compartments.



Script-cut your costs

In this video, you will learn how to start your compute instances in specific interval times. Outside those intervals, your instances will be stopped, and there will be no costs for compute, just the storage used for the instances.

Cost analysis in Oracle Cloud

Quick overview on how to review costs of running services in your Oracle Cloud account.

Cost Management & Budgets

How to access, create & limit budgets for your Cloud tenancy. We also delve into configuring threshold for your requirements & how set up rules to create alerts as & when needed.


Oracle Cloud – Customer Support Identifier

Find out where to search for your CSI, inside your OCI account, on the Support Page or inside the registration e-mail.

Oracle Cloud Support - Severity types

Learn about how to differentiate the four major severity types.

Oracle Cloud - Service Support Types

Learn about where to go for support, how to leverage the Knowledge Base and connect with the community.

Oracle Cloud Support – Request Management Attention

Understand the process of gaining Management Attention and how to get additional support if needed.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure– Dashboard Support Options

Discover how to create and manage support requests in the Support Center of your OCI account.

Support Identifier

Run through on Support Identifier required to access My Oracle Support.

Accessing & linking your support account from Cloud console

Understand how to access & raise service requests via the console. How to find your CSI number and link your support account with your cloud tenancy.

Getting the most out of Oracle support

Introduction to Oracle support, who we are and how to leverage the MOS for assistance.

Create Support Requests

Learn how to create a support request.


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