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JavaOne Content Review Committee

We'd like to thank this year's Java One Content Review Committee. With your time, effort, and dedication, the JavaOne curriculum is robust, educational, and innovative. We appreciate your commitment to JavaOne and to the worldwide Java community.

JavaOne Content Chair

Client and UI



Emerging Languages



Core Java Platform



Internet of Things (IoT)



Java and Security



Tools and Techniques



Agile Development



Server-Side Java



Java in the Cloud



Andres Almiray

Andres Almiray is a Java/Groovy developer and Java Champion, with more than 13 years of experience in software design and development. He has been involved in web and desktop application development since the early days of Java. Almiray has also been teacher of computer science courses at the most prestigious education institute in Mexico. His current interests include Groovy, Swing, and JavaFX. He is a true believer in open source and has participated in popular projects like Groovy, Griffon, Grails, and DbUnit, as well as starting his own projects. Almiray is a founding member and current project lead of the Griffon framework. He blogs periodically at jroller.com/aalmiray. He likes to spend time with his beloved wife Ixchel when not hacking around.

Lance Andersen

Lance Andersen

Lance Andersen is a principal member of technical staff at Oracle. He is also the JDBC and RowSet specification lead. Prior to joining Sun in September 2000, Andersen worked at Sybase as a senior manager and staff engineer in product support engineering. When he is not burning the midnight oil for Oracle, Andersen teaches tennis. You can check out his tennis website for more information.

Twitter handle: @LanceAndersen

Eva Andreasson

Anton Arhipov

Anton Arhipov

Anton Arhipov is a Software Engineer and Product Manager at ZeroTurnaround. His professional interests include programming laguages, middleware and tooling. Java enthusiast, vim fan, IntelliJ IDEA addict. He blogs at http://arhipov.blogspot.com, speaks at Java conferences, and occasionally writes for RebelLabs at http://rebellabs.org. Arhipov is deeply involved with GeekOut Java conference and DevClub.eu meetups organization in Tallinn, Estonia. He tweets from @antonarhipov and you can find him at LinkedIn http://linkd.in/aarhipov

Richard Bair

Terrence Barr

Wayne Beaton

Wayne Beaton

Wayne Beaton is the Director of Open Source Projects at the Eclipse Foundation. He spends his days working with the many Eclipse projects, learning about Eclipse technology, and making sure that everybody knows just how cool it all really is. When not working, Beaton can usually be found watching his kids play hockey at one of the many local arenas.

David Blevins

Bruno Borges

Bruno Borges is Oracle Fusion Middleware principal product manager in Latin America, focusing on WebLogic, GlassFish, Coherence, JDeveloper and ADF, NetBeans, and part of the Java stack: Java SE, JavaFX and Java EE. He has 14 years of experience as a Java developer in most areas, from mobile to enterprise applications. A frequent speaker at conferences in Brazil and the US, he's also engaged with the open source community. Before Oracle, Borges evangelized projects such as Apache Camel and Apache Wicket in Brazil, presented at ApacheCon in the US and Canada, and at JavaOne 2012 in the US and Brazil.

Alex Buckley

Benjamin Cabe

Angela Caicedo

Angela Caicedo has been a Java Evangelist for 11 years, first at Sun Microsystems and now at Oracle. Angela's expertise includes: Java ME, Java SE and Java EE. She loves spending time in new and cool technologies like: Game developments, 3D, bluetooth, smartdust (Sun' SPOTs), and others. She has also presented these topics at developer conferences around the world. Angela graduated from the University EAFIT of Medellin Colombia in 1998 with a B.S. in Computer Science. During 1996-1997 Angela was a visitor student at Center for Educational Computing Initiatives at MIT. Prior to joining Sun, Angela worked for three years as a software developer and researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), in Lausanne Switzerland, and participated in several European Projects. Angela has also done research on Intelligent Agents which is one of her specialties.

Harold Carr

Harold Carr is the architect of InfiniBand usage in WebLogic Server. He designed the protocol on top of InfiniBand used between OTD and WebLogic for load-balancing and between WebLogic instances for cluster replication and migration. He is also architect for SOAP web service technology at Oracle (a position he also held at Sun Microsystems). Carr designed the pluggable transports, the asynchronous client and service APIs, and streaming I/O used in Oracle's SOAP stack. He also led the consolidation of Oracle's three SOAP stacks down to one, centering on the Sun SOAP stack (aka Metro). Previous to this role Carr designed the core architecture used in Sun's JAX-WS 2.0 reference implementation, in Sun's CORBA ORB and the architecture for the scalable socket communications architecture (aka Grizzly) used in GlassFish and IIOP remoting. He was responsible for RMI-IIOP load-balancing and fail-over in the GlassFish application server and was part of the DOE/NEO team that built a C++ forerunner to EJB. Carr was chairperson of the OMG Portable Interceptor specification and helped write the OMG Portable Object Adapter specification. Previous to Sun, he did distributed computing research at Hewlett-Packard Research Laboratories and Schlumberger Research Laboratories, was chief architect of Visual Lisp technology at Autodesk, and was a logic simulation consultant for Cirrus Logic. Carr holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Utah, where he worked as a research programmer on Portable Standard LISP, Utah Common LISP, Concurrent Utah Scheme, and Distributed C++.

Sharat Chander

Stephen Chin

Stephen Chin

Stephen Chin is a Java Ambassador at Oracle specializing in UI technology, co-author of the Pro JavaFX Platform 2 title, and the JavaOne content chair. He has been a featured speaker at Java conferences around the world including Devoxx, JFokus, OSCON, JFall, GeeCON, JustJava, and JavaOne, where he's received the Rock Star Award three times. In his evenings and weekends, Chin is an open-source hacker, working on projects including ScalaFX, a DSL for JavaFX in the Scala language; Visage, a UI-oriented JVM language; JFXtras, a JavaFX component and extension library; and Apropos, an Agile Project Portfolio scheduling tool written in JavaFX. Chin can be followed on Twitter @steveonjava or reached via his blog steveonjava.com/. His hacking adventures can be seen on nighthacking.com/.

Erik Costlow

Erik Costlow is a product manager in Oracle's Java Platform group and a regular contributor to the Java Platform group product management blog. Costlow also works closely with the industry on the Java Root Certificate Program to ensure highest program quality. Prior to coming to Oracle, Costlow was employed at HP, where he influenced design of the Fortify security analysis suite used by software developers around the world.

Holly Cummins

Joe Darcy

Rachel Davies

Rachel Davies is co-author of the first "Agile Coaching" book and the UK's leading expert in coaching agile teams. She is internationally recognized and presents at industry conferences worldwide. Davies has over 20 years experience in software development in a variety of roles from software developer to manager. She has worked as an agile practitioner since 2000 and utilizes a range of agile methods including XP, SCRUM, Lean/Kanban, and DSDM. She has extensive experience facilitating retrospectives and user story workshops.

David Delabassee

David Delabassee is a Software Evangelist working for Oracle n the Java EE Group. Prior to Oracle, David spent a decade at Sun Microsystems focusing on Java end-to-end (from the smart card to the high end server), related technologies and the developer tools. In his various roles, David has been involved in numerous Java projects since the early days of this technology. David lives in Belgium and in his spare time, he enjoy tinkering and playing with technologies such as Java, Arduino, Linux, Home Automation, Pinballs, etc. You can find Delabassee on Twitter : @delabassee

Linda DeMichiel

Linda DeMichiel is Specification Lead for the Java EE Platform. She is a long-standing member of the Java EE architecture team, initially at Sun, and now at Oracle. DeMichiel holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Florian Denzin

Jeff Dinkins

Jeff Dinkins

Jeff Dinkins has worked in the Java Platform Group for more than 15 years, and is currently the engineering manager of the Java Core Libraries project. Past work includes many years as a member of the Swing and AWT teams, as well as managing the Java Media, Java 2D, Java DB, and I18n projects. Dinkins has led the Core Java Platform track for the last several years.

Twitter handle: @JeffAtSun

Mike Duigou

Mike Duigou is a developer on the Oracle Java Core Libraries team. His work is focused on collections and parallelism and lately on libraries for lambda. He also collaborates on an autonomous automotive racing project with researchers at Audi and Stanford. Duigou has previously worked on projects at Oracle and Sun for industrial automation with Java Realtime, e-commerce web services, dancing robots, peer-to-peer, and Java operating systems.

Tom Enebo

Thomas Enebo is the co-lead of the JRuby project and an employee of Red Hat. He has been a practitioner of Java since the heady days of the HotJava browser, and has been happily using Ruby since 2001. Enebo has spoken at numerous Java and Ruby conferences, co-authored Using JRuby, and was awarded the Rock Star award at JavaOne. When he is not working he enjoys biking, anime, and drinking a decent IPA.

Markus Eisele

Rainer Eschrich

Rainer Eschrich is a master principal sales consultant working for Oracle's Embedded Java sales organization. In the last eight years he has focused on the embedded market, smart devices, M2M, and the Internet of Things. Eschrich's current role is as the M2M lead in Europe for Oracle´s Java sales unit, focusing on market development, strategic accounts, and partners. He lives in Germany.

Jonathan Giles

Frank Greco

Gerrit Grunwald

Martin Gunnarson

Cay Horstmann

Michael Hüttermann

Michael Hüttermann

Java Champion Michael Hüttermann is a freelance delivery engineer and expert on DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and SCM/ALM.


Mattias Karlsson

Mattias Karlsson

Mattias Karlsson is a passioned user group leader and Java Champion. The Stockholm JUG holds regular meetings with more than 200 attendees. Mattias is also the driving force behind Jfokus, one of the larger and most respected technical conference in the world. Mattias has worked with different parts of software development during his entire professional career. Through the years he has gained experience from many different roles, including developer, architect, team leader, coach, manager, and teacher. Mattias wrote a wrote a chapter in the book 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know about Code Reviews. In his spare time, Karlsson can be found playing with his children or riding his motorcycle, as well as changing underprivileged people's lives by building houses with Habitat for Humanity. He leads an international JUG team with Kiva, a person-to-person micro-loan organization. Join his effort to improve the world at kiva.org/team/jug. Mattias current work is at King, the game studio behind Candy Crush Saga.

Twitter handle: @matkar

Michael Keith

Frank Kim

Frank Kim is a security leader with more than 16 years of experience in software development, information technology, and security. He has a passion for developing security strategies and building teams focused on practical solutions to business risks. Kim currently serves as the curriculum lead for application security at the SANS Institute and is the author and an instructor for the Secure Coding in Java course. He is a popular public speaker who has presented at security, software development, and leadership events around the world, and is a two-time JavaOne Rock Star.

David Konecny

Vladimir Kozlov

Guillaume Laforge

As head of the Groovy Development for Pivotal, Guillaume Laforge is the official Groovy project manager. He initiated the creation of the Grails web application framework, and founded the Gaelyk project, a lightweight toolkit for developing applications in Groovy for Google App Engine. Laforge is also a frequent conference speaker, presenting Groovy, Grails, Gaelyk, and Domain-Specific Languages at JavaOne, GR8Conf, SpringOne2GX, QCon, and Devoxx, among others.

Marcus Lagergren

Marcus Lagergren has an M.Sc. in computer science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. He has a background in computer security but has worked with runtimes since 1999. Lagergren was one of the founding members of Appeal Virtual Machines, the company that developed the JRockit JVM, bought by BEA Systems in 2002. Marcus has been team lead and architect for the JRockit code generators and has been involved in pretty much every other aspect of JVMs over the years. Between 2007 and 2010, Lagergren worked for Oracle on fast Virtualization technology. As of September 2011, he is a member of the Oracle Langtools team, investigating dynamic languages on the JVM and general runtime futurist. He is the co-author of the book "Oracle JRockit - the definitive guide", which, despite the product centric title, has been praised as the best book ever written on JVM internals in general.

Leonardo Lima

Sander Mak

Sander Mak crafts scalable software at Luminis Technologies. With almost a decade of experience on the JVM platform, he specializes in modular Java and JavaScript development. Additionally, data analysis and machine learning are part of his ever-growing list of interests. Mak loves sharing knowledge, for example, through his blog (branchandbound.net) and by writing for the Dutch Java Magazine. He speaks regularly at various international developer conferences, sharing his passion for Java, alternative JVM languages, and related technologies.

Sean Mullan

Sean Mullan is the technical lead of the Java security team at Oracle. Mullan has made many significant contributions to the Java SE platform, including the Java XML Signature API (JSR 105) and the Java Certification Path API (JSR 55). He is currently working on new security features for JDK 8.

Kevin Nilson

Charles Oliver Nutter

Charles Nutter has been programming most of his life—as a Java developer for the past decade, and as a JRuby developer for more than six years. He co-leads the JRuby project, an effort to bring the beauty of Ruby and the power of the JVM together. Nutter believes in open source and open standards and hopes his efforts on JRuby and other languages will ensure the JVM remains the preferred open-source managed runtime for many years to come.

Pratik Patel

Rebecca Parsons

Michael Hüttermann

Dr. Rebecca Parsons is ThoughtWorks' Chief Technology Officer. She has more than 20 years experience in leading the creation of large-scale distributed and services-based applications, and in the integration of disparate systems. Before coming to ThoughtWorks, Parsons worked as an assistant professor of computer science at the University of Central Florida. Previously, she completed a Director's Post Doctoral Fellowship at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where she researched issues in parallel and distributed computation, genetic algorithms, computational biology, and non-linear dynamical systems. Parsons received a BS in computer science and economics from Bradley University, and both an MS and PhD in computer science from Rice University.

Kirk Pepperdine

Andrey Petushkov

Andrey Petushkov has an MS in computer science, specializing in applied mathematics. He graduated St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University in 1999. Petushkov has worked on satellite navigation receivers development for NAVIS SPb; cellular base transceiver software development, and JavaME application development, including system applications for mobile phones with Motorola. He has also been team tech lead for JavaME optimized implementation upper stack and JavaFX middleware SPb, as well as architect and tech lead for JavaFX OTA runtime implementation while at Sun Microsystems. Currently Petushkov is JavaME upper-stack core libs architect at Oracle.

Noel Poore

Jasper Potts

Sam Pullara

Carl Quinn

Reza Rahman

Reza Rahman

Reza Rahman is a long-time former independent consultant and now officially a Java EE/GlassFish evangelist at Oracle. He is the author of the popular book EJB 3 in Action. Rahman is a frequent speaker at Java User Group gatherings and conferences worldwide, including JavaOne. He is an avid contributor to industry journals like JavaLobby/DZone and TheServerSide. Rahman has been a member of the Java EE, EJB, and JMS expert groups. He implemented the EJB container for the Resin open source Java EE application server.

Rahman has more than a decade of experience with technology leadership, enterprise architecture, application development, and consulting. He has been working with Java EE technology since its inception, developing on almost every major application platform ranging from Tomcat to JBoss, GlassFish, WebSphere, and Oracle WebLogic. Rahman has developed enterprise systems for well-known companies like eBay, Motorola, Comcast, Nokia, Prudential, Guardian Life, USAA, Independence Blue Cross, and AAA using EJB 2, EJB 3, CDI, Spring and Seam.

Twitter handle: @reza_rahman

Ashwin Rao

Ashwin Rao

Ashwin Rao is group product manager for NetBeans with the Oracle Developer Tools organization; he is based in Melbourne, Australia. Rao began his career 18 years ago as a developer in the defense industry, working on developing real-time software for command and control systems. He was at Sun prior to its 2010 acquisition by Oracle. Before that, Rao held various technical positions at Baan, a Netherlands-based ERP software provider, including developer/team lead on the R&D team working on next-generation ERP platform and tools. He has presented at a number of conferences, including JavaOne and other developer-related events.

Mark Reinhold

Mark Reinhold

Mark Reinhold is chief architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle, where he works on the Java Platform, Standard Edition, and OpenJDK. His past contributions to the platform include character-stream readers and writers, reference objects, shutdown hooks, the NIO high-performance I/O APIs, library generification, and service loaders. Reinhold was the lead engineer for the 1.2 and 5.0 releases and the specification lead for Java SE 6 and 7. He is currently leading the Jigsaw and JDK 8 Projects in the OpenJDK Community. Reinhold holds a PhD in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Twitter handle: @mreinhold

Sven Reimers

Sven Reimers

Sven Reimers, based at Lake Constance in southern Germany, works as a systems engineer at Airbus Defence and Space. He has more than 15 years experience building complex software systems, and more than 13 years experience with Java, going back to its early days. In 2009 Reimers was the winner of the Duke`s Choice Award in the Network Solutions category for ND SatCom Satellite Communication Management Software. Besides his day job, his achievements for NetBeans got him elected a NetBeans Dream Team member in 2008. He is also community leader for NetBeans and Desktop Java at java.net and a contributor to OpenJFX.

Reimers is a frequent contributor to local and global Java events as a speaker and participant in panel discussions or hands-on labs.

Simon Ritter

Simon Ritter

Simon Ritter is head of Java technology evangelism at Oracle. Ritter has been in the IT business since 1984 and holds a BS in physics from Brunel University in the U.K.

Originally working in the area of UNIX development for AT&T UNIX System Labs and then Novell, Ritter moved to Sun in 1996. At that time he started working with Java technology and has spent time working both in Java technology development and consultancy. Having moved to Oracle as part of the Sun acquisition, Ritter now focuses on the core Java platform and Java for client applications. He also continues to develop demonstrations that push the boundaries of Java for applications like gestural interfaces.

Follow him on Twitter at @speakjava and on his blog at blogs.oracle.com/speakjava.

Vincent Ryan

Vincent Ryan is a member of the technical staff at Oracle and has worked on the Java SE Platform since its first release. Previous contributions include components of JNDI, JAAS and SASL. Ryan is currently focused on the area of PKI, working on Java security APIs, protocols, keystores, and certificates.

Baruch Sadogursky

Robert Seacord

Robert C. Seacord is the secure coding technical manager in the CERT Division of Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute (SEI). His responsibilities include the development of secure coding standards for C, C++, and Java at www.securecoding.cert.org. He is the author of eight books, including Java Coding Guidelines: 75 Recommendations for Reliable and Secure Programs (Addison-Wesley, 2014), The CERT Oracle Secure Coding Standard for Java (Addison-Wesley, 2011), and Secure Coding in C and C++, Second Edition (Addison-Wesley, 2013). He has more than thirty years of software development experience in industry, defense, and research.

Zach Shelby

Shay Shmeltzer

Shay Shmeltzer

Shay Shmeltzer is a senior group manager in Oracle's Development Tools organization. He has been involved with Java tools in various capacities since 2000. Shmeltzer is a frequent presenter at software events, has published article in industry press, and blogs regularly at blogs.oracle.com/shay.

Scott C. Sosna

Pär Sikö

Ian Skerrett

Milton Smith

Milton Smith

Milton Smith leads the strategic security program for Java Platform products as senior principle security project manager at Oracle. His responsibilities include defining the security vision for Java, working with professional security organizations and researchers, and establishing relationships with the industry at large. Smith has more than 20 years of industry experience with emphasis in programming and computer security. His previous employer was Yahoo!, where he led security for the User Data Analytics(UDA) property.

Twitter handle: @spoofzu

Greg Stachnick

Greg Stachnick

Greg Stachnick is a senior principal product manager at Oracle and is responsible for Oracle's Eclipse-based development tool strategy, Hudson Continuous Integration Server, and Oracle Developer Cloud Service. Stachnick has been working in the developer productivity space—and specifically in Eclipse Tools development—since 2001.

Pete St Pierre

Raghavan Srinivase

Raghavan "Rags" Srinivas is a Cloud and NoSQL Architect and Evangelist getting his hands dirty with emerging technology directions and trends. His general focus area is in distributed systems, with a specialization in cloud computing. He worked on Hadoop and HBase during its early stages. He has spoken on a variety of technical topics at conferences around the world, conducted and organized Hands-on Labs and taught graduate classes in the evening. He is also a repeat JavaOne rock star speaker award winner.

Rags brings with him over 20 years of hands-on software development and over 10 years of architecture and technology evangelism experience. He worked for Couchbase, Digital Equipment Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Intuit and Accenture. He has worked on several technology areas, including internals of VMS, Unix and NT to Hadoop and HBase. He has evangelized and influenced the architecture of a number of technology areas including the early releases of JavaFX, Java, Java EE, Java and XML, Java ME, AJAX and Web 2.0, Java Security and so on.

Rags holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the Center of Advanced Computer

Studies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Jai Suri

David Svoboda

David Svoboda

David Svoboda is a software security engineer at CERT/SEI. He co-authored the CERT Oracle Secure Coding Standard for Java. He also maintains the CERT Secure Coding Standard websites for Java, as well as C, C++, and Perl. Svoboda has been the primary developer on a diverse set of software development projects at Carnegie Mellon since 1991, ranging from hierarchical chip modeling and social organization simulation to automated machine translation (AMT). His KANTOO AMT software, developed in 1996, is still in production use at Caterpillar. He has more than 13 years of Java development experience, starting with Java 2, and his Java projects include Tomcat servlets and Eclipse plug-ins. Svoboda has taught secure coding in C and C++ all over the world to various groups in the military, government, and banking industries. He is also actively involved in several ISO standards groups: the JTC1/SC22/WG14 group for the C programming language, and the JTC1/SC22/WG21 group for C++.

Dalibor Topic

Dalibor Topić lives in Hamburg, Germany, and works as principal product manager for Oracle. He joined the OpenJDK project in order to help make it a successful open source project, and stayed for anchoring Java in Linux distributions, and as an all around Java F/OSS community guy. Topić joined the Java strategy team at Oracle to help provide community feedback into the long-term strategy planning.

Twitter handle: @spoofzu

Stijn Van den Enden

Johan Vos

Martijn Verburg

Martijn Verburg

Martijn Verburg is a leading expert on software methodology and technical team optimization, with years of experience in running large, distributed organizations. You can find him delivering presentations at major conferences where he challenges the industry status quo as his alter ego The Diabolical Developer. Verburg is co-leader of the London Java Community and leads the global effort for working on Java standards via the Adopt a JSR and Adopt OpenJDK programs. He was recognized as a Java Champion in 2012 for these contributions.

Richard Warburton

Richard Warburton is an empirical technologist and solver of deep-dive technical problems. Recently he has been working on data analytics for high performance computing and has written a book on Java 8 Lambdas for O'Reilly. Warburton is a leader in the London Java Community and organized the Adopt a JSR programs for Lambdas and Date and Time in Java 8. He is also a well-known conference speaker, having talked at JavaOne, DevoxxUK, Geecon, Jfokus, and JAX London. Previously Warburton worked on static analysis problems, verifying part of a compiler and developing automated bug detection technology. He obtained a PhD in computer science from the University of Warwick, where his research focused on compiler theory.

Jim Weaver

James Weaver

James L. (Jim) Weaver is a Java developer, author, and speaker with a passion for helping Java to be increasingly leveraged in rich-client applications and the Internet of Things (IoT). Books that Jim has authored include Inside Java, Beginning J2EE, and Pro JavaFX 2. As an Oracle Java Technology Ambassador, Weaver speaks internationally at software technology conferences about Java, JavaFX, and the IoT. He tweets as @JavaFXpert and blogs at http://JavaFXpert.com

Geertjan Wielenga

Geertjan Wielenga

Geertjan Wielenga is a product manager at NetBeans, where he has worked since 2004 under Sun, and now under Oracle. He presents at conferences, contributes to books and online journals, and blogs daily at blogs.oracle.com/geertjan.

Twitter handle: @geertjanw

Hinkmond Wong

John Yeary