Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Move entire VMware estates to the cloud without changing operations or processes. Support software certified on previous VMware versions and third-party add-ons. Deploy in 48 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) public cloud regions or on-premises with full administrative control.

The NRMA upgrades call centre with OCVS (03:12)

고객사들이 Oracle Cloud VMware Solution을 선택하는 이유

  • 완벽한 고객 관리

    VMware 환경에 대한 전체 루트 액세스 및 관리 제어 능력을 유지합니다. 소프트웨어 패치, 업그레이드 또는 업데이트 시기를 제어합니다.

  • 별도의 수정이 필요없는 애플리케이션 마이그레이션

    애플리케이션 코드를 리팩토링할 필요 없이 그대로 마이그레이션합니다. 리프트 앤 시프트 방식을 통해 단 며칠만에 온프레미스에서 Oracle Cloud VMware Solution으로 애플리케이션을 이전할 수 있죠.

  • 컴퓨트 및 스토리지의 독립적인 확장

    온디맨드 방식을 통해 블록 볼륨의 용량, 성능, 비용을 컴퓨트 인스턴스와 독립적으로 확장하여 워크로드를 최적화할 수 있습니다.

  • 예측 가능한 운영, 성능, 비용

    온프레미스 라이선스를 활용한 친숙한 VMware 경험을 유지하면서도, 클라우드 서비스의 고성능 및 전 세계적으로 일관된 비용 정책을 함께 활용할 수 있습니다.

더 적은 비용으로, 더 빠르고 안전하게 VMware 자산을 실행하는 방법

탁월한 경제성, 가장 저렴한 코어당 사용료, 첫 10TB 네트워크 송신 비용은 부과되지 않음

독립적 컴퓨트 확장, 12코어에서 128코어까지, 유연한 인프라 기반 확장

전 세계 48개 리전과 12개 Azure Interconnect 및 13개의 국가별 듀얼 리전 모두에서 일관적인 가격 정책

Use cases for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

  • Data center footprint reduction, consolidation, or retirement

    Combine many smaller VMs into fewer, larger VMs. Migrate any vSphere-based workloads to OCI in a non-disruptive, automated way without changing the underlying process or vSphere hypervisor.

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity

    Use a VMware stack deployed within any of 48 OCI regions as a primary or secondary on-demand disaster recovery site.

  • Data center expansion based on demand

    Elastically expand or augment data center capacity—and adjust costs—on demand for short periods of time.

  • Virtual desktop infrastructure

    Establish and manage any virtual desktop environment or applications in the cloud. Pay only for what you use.

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution customer successes

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NRMA migrates entire telephony system to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

“Oracle, including the team that helped us set up OCVS, is brilliant in terms of capability, responsiveness, and technical know-how. They are up there with some of the best cloud support we get.”

Maroun Azzi
General Manager Technology, Membership and Motoring, The NRMA

TIM Brasil selects Oracle and Microsoft to migrate all of its data center workloads to the cloud

“Using a multicloud strategy, we are the first carrier in Brazil to move 100% of our workloads to the cloud. It includes moving our customer billing system, our CRM, and VMware to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle has been a fantastic partner in our technology evolution.”

Pietro Labriola
CEO, TIM Brasil

Rumo runs Brazilian railroad operations on Oracle Cloud

“We were able to rapidly migrate mission-critical applications from our data centers to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution with no changes to applications, databases, and middleware. Higher performance, stability, management, and access have resulted in IT productivity and business agility with lower costs than alternative solutions.”

Christofer Faccin
IT Manager, Rumo Malha Norte

Maxim’s optimizes their operations with Oracle Cloud VMware and Exadata solutions

“Oracle Cloud VMware Solution has allowed us to strengthen our business continuity and disaster recovery workflow while building more capacity and scaling on demand.”

Louis Mah
Director of Information Technology, Maxim’s Group

Prophecy International Sees Bright Future with Oracle and VMware

“We knew relying on our on-premises systems had a shelf-life, but we couldn’t risk lengthy downtime or rearchitecting our platforms to make the switch to cloud. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution has helped us remove these challenges and support our clients in delivering unmatched customer experience, while also scaling as our business expands.”

Steve Challans
CISO, Prophecy International

AYA Bank improves efficiency and cuts TCO 55% with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

“Oracle Cloud VMware Solution takes just a matter of hours to move workloads into the cloud as we need them while keeping the full security credentials intact. Overall, we have seen a 55% lower annual TCO, paving the way for us to move additional VMware workloads in the future.”

Minn Wint Oo
Deputy Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer, AYA Bank

2023년 8월 22일

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution 2023년 여름 릴리스 및 VMware Cloud Universal 발표

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution의 VMware Cloud Universal 프로그램 합류로 보다 확장된 Oracle과 VMware의 파트너십에 대해 확인해 보세요.

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