Data Science Service

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Science is a fully managed platform for teams of data scientists to build, train, deploy, and manage machine learning (ML) models using Python and open source tools. Use a JupyterLab-based environment to experiment and develop models. Scale up model training with NVIDIA GPUs and distributed training. Take models into production and keep them healthy with ML operations (MLOps) capabilities, such as automated pipelines, model deployments, and model monitoring.

Simplify your work with foundation models using the new OCI Data Science AI Quick Actions feature

OCI Data Science AI Quick Actions is designed to let anyone easily deploy, fine-tune, and evaluate foundation models.

AI Quick Actions in OCI Data Science simplifies your users’ experience, including the less technical ones, so that they can deploy, customize, test, and evaluate foundation models faster and focus on creating generative AI-powered applications.
Wendy Yip, Data Scientist, OCI

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OCI Data Science use cases

Healthcare: Patient readmission risk

Identify risk factors and predict the risk of patient readmission after discharge by creating a predictive model. Use data, such as patient medical history, health conditions, environmental factors, and historic medical trends, to build a stronger model that helps provide the best care at a lower cost.

Retail: Predict customer lifetime value

Use regression techniques on data to predict future customer spend. Examine past transactions and combine historical customer data with data on trends, income levels, and even factors such as weather to build ML models that determine whether to create marketing campaigns for keeping current customers or acquiring new ones.

Manufacturing: Predictive maintenance

Build anomaly detection models from sensor data to catch equipment failures before they become a more severe issue or use forecasting models to predict end of life for parts and machinery. Increase vehicle and machinery uptime through machine learning and monitoring operations metrics.

Finance: Fraud detection

Prevent fraud and financial crimes with data science. Build a machine learning model that can identify anomalous events in real time, including fraudulent amounts or unusual types of transactions.

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