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Enterprise Database Service

Oracle Enterprise Database Service’s managed compute and storage infrastructure allow customers to efficiently run Oracle Database workloads in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Consumption-based subscription pricing for managed compute and storage infrastructure with low-cost OCI block storage enable IT departments to lower the cost of running Oracle Database workloads in the cloud.

Why choose Oracle Enterprise Database Service

Simplified development

Converged database support for multiple data types and access models, including relational, JSON, and graph, allows developers to create innovative applications using a single database. Technologies, such as Oracle Database In-Memory, allows customers to achieve real-time, data-driven insights without having to manage and secure multiple databases.

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Simplified development

Streamlined administration

Easy-to-use management through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console, software development kits (SDKs), and representational state transfer (REST) APIs allows customers to simplify the most common database administration tasks. Oracle Enterprise Manager allows IT teams to have an end-to-end view of their Oracle Database environments, increasing productivity.

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Streamlined administration

Quickly create differentiated applications

Oracle APEX enables developers to create applications in less time and with minimal coding, reducing costs and time to market. Self-service database provisioning and automated lifecycle management allow developers to easily deploy and manage databases.

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Oracle Applications Express Dashboard

Comprehensive database security

Multi-level security with always-on encryption secures customers’ databases throughout their lifecycle. Enterprise Edition security capabilities, such as Database Vault and Redaction, enable database teams to regulate database access and protect private information. Oracle Data Safe is included so DBAs can evaluate security risks and implement controls from an integrated security console.

Learn about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure security Learn about Oracle Database security Learn about Oracle Data Safe
Oracle Enterprise Edition User Security

Lower costs

Oracle Enterprise Database Service allows customers to lower their cloud costs with low subscription pricing and bring-your-own-license (BYOL) pricing models. High-performance virtual machines with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure block storage enables IT departments to lower monthly total cost of operations for cloud databases by up to 45%, as discussed in Accenture’s analysis (PDF).

Compare Oracle Cloud Infrastructure economics to AWS
2.6X better than AWS on compute price/performance

Oracle Enterprise Database Service

Low cost cloud for enterprise databases

Enterprise Database Service – Base allows customers to develop and run enterprise applications in low-cost Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environments using core Oracle Database Enterprise Edition capabilities running on virtual machine cloud infrastructure.

  • Runs Oracle Database 11.2, 12.1, 12.2, 19c, or 21c with converged database capabilities to meet application-specific customer requirements
  • Multilayered security including always-on transparent database encryption allows customers to protect databases at the source
  • Advanced database security and management technologies, such as Data Safe, Data Masking and Subsetting Pack, and Diagnostics and Tuning Packs, enable DBAs to meet enterprise service level agreements
  • Fast provisioning of single-node virtual machine database systems for Oracle Database with logical volume manager increases developer productivity
  • Scaling of database OCPU licenses allows customers to meet application needs while minimizing costs
  • Built-in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure automation increases DBA productivity by simplifying database lifecycle management
  • Oracle Machine Learning, Graph, and Spatial features are included at no cost, allowing developers to add innovative, in-database, analytic capabilities to existing applications
  • Hybrid Columnar Compression reduces storage requirements for customers’ data warehouses
  • Automated or on-demand back up to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage increases protection for customer databases
  • Flexible subscription and BYOL subscription models enable customers enable customers to tightly manage costs

Enhanced resource management and security for very large database environments

Enterprise Database Service – High Performance enables customers to implement efficient multitenant environments and tightly secure them. Oracle Multitenant, together with Oracle Database security capabilities, enable customers to increase operating efficiency, performance, and security for multitenant environments.

  • Advanced capabilities to the Enterprise Database Service Base subscription
  • Additional consolidation capabilities, such as Oracle Multitenant support of more pluggable databases per container database, increasing consolidation efficiency
  • Additional security capabilities, including Oracle Database Vault Oracle Label Security, and Redaction allow customer to improve protection of sensitive data
  • Additional very large database capabilities, such as Oracle Advanced Compression, Oracle Partitioning, and Oracle OLAP technologies, increase the efficiency and performance of customers’ data warehouses and business intelligence environments
  • Additional manageability features, including Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database and Oracle Database Lifecycle Management Pack improve database administrator productivity

All-inclusive functionality

Enterprise Database Cloud Service – Extreme Performance allows customers to optimize resources, utilization, availability, and performance for enterprise environments.

  • Adds advanced availability and performance technologies to Enterprise Database Service High Performance subscription
  • Enterprise database storage provisioning with Oracle Automatic Storage Management mirroring in virtual machine environments increases the availability of customer databases
  • Additional high-availability capabilities, including Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) support in virtual machine environments and Oracle Active Data Guard, enable customers to deploy resilient environments across multiple systems, availability domains, or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions
  • Additional performance capabilities, such as support for Oracle In-memory column stores and aggregation, allow customers to increase performance for data warehouses and analytics
  • Additional Oracle Sharding capabilities supporting unlimited primary and standby shards for increased performance and deployment flexibility

Lowest-cost platform for Enterprise Database Cloud Service

Virtual machine infrastructure allows customers to minimize costs when running Oracle Enterprise Database Cloud Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Shared computing resources with provisioned block storage economically run a wide variety of database workloads and business applications.

  • Compute shapes with 1 to 24 cores support customers with small to large database processing requirements
  • 15 GB of memory per OCPU and up to 40 TB of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Storage allow customers to optimize costs for a wide range of database sizes
  • Fast provisioning of single-node virtual-machine infrastructure for Oracle Database with logical volume manager increases developer productivity
  • Two-node Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) deployments with Enterprise Database Service—extreme performance on virtual machine infrastructure increases scalability and availability for customer databases
  • On-demand up and down scaling of database OCPUs without interrupting database operations on two-node Oracle Real Application Cluster deployments allows customers to meet application needs while minimizing costs

Enterprise Database customers' success stories

Toyota Mapmaster uses Oracle Database Cloud Service and OCI to accelerate map production

"We selected Oracle Cloud for the superior price performance of OCI, and the converged nature of the Oracle Database engine that supports all data models and data workloads, including the spatial data and graph databases required for map production, as well as the strong technological foundation and knowledge of Oracle Consulting."

Haruo Miwa
General Manager, TMIDB Development, Toyota Mapmaster Incorporated

Phiten boosts database performance 40X with Oracle Database Cloud Service

"After we migrated our on-premises databases, which are vital in running our sales management system, to the Oracle Database Cloud Service on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, processing performance improved by leaps and bounds. The performance we’re seeing now is incredible."

Sadaya Nakayama
Executive Officer, Head of Public Preparation/Legal Affairs, Phiten

Star CRM lifts productivity by 40% and reduces costs by 30%

"In terms of cost, we've definitely noticed savings of anywhere between 25% to 30% without any impact on speed or performance moving Oracle APEX to Oracle Database Cloud."

Sharada Qureshi

Skanska builds speed and agility with Oracle Database Cloud Service

"We chose Oracle because we have an excellent in-house knowledge of both Oracle Database and Oracle Application Express. We wanted to leverage the possibility of exploiting them in the cloud, and our annual charity event was the perfect occasion for that. There was no need to look for another vendor."

Conny Bjorling
Head of Enterprise Architecture, Skanska

RTBF.be uses Oracle Database Cloud Service to simplify volunteer fundraising

"We deployed Oracle Database Cloud Service and the subscription form for our annual charity event in just one week. With everything managed by Oracle, we have the peace of mind to fully focus on fundraising and helping those in need instead of taking care of on-premises installations and data security."

Thierry Gaudier
Database Advisor, Radio Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française (RTBF.be)

Maxa achieves 99.95% uptime using Oracle Database Cloud Service

With Oracle, we have the advantage of a solid infrastructure and transactional system. We can move forward to innovate and improve business.

Rubén Estrada
IT Manager, Maxa

Oracle Enterprise Database Service benefits

  • Increase business resiliency

    Improve database performance and availability with a 2-node Oracle RAC environment on virtual machines. Add disaster-protection capabilities spanning Oracle Cloud Infrastructure availability domains or Regions with Oracle Active Data Guard.

  • Reduce complexity while maintaining control

    Database consolidation with professionally managed database service infrastructure reduces management complexity and costs, while customer management of database images increases IT flexibility and customer control.

  • Improve disaster recovery

    Use Oracle Data Guard to create standby copies of on-premises databases in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, enabling continuous operations of customer databases during data center outages.

  • Reduce cloud costs with higher performance

    Oracle Enterprise Database Service allows customers to lower their cloud costs with cost-effective virtual machine cloud infrastructure. A choice of low subscription pricing or bring-your-own-license (BYOL) pricing models enables IT departments to lower total cost of operations for cloud databases by up to 45%, as discussed in Accenture's analysis (PDF).

Enterprise Database Service pricing

Virtual Machine

Comparison Price ( /vCPU)*
Unit Price
Oracle Database Enterprise Edition

OCPU per hour
Oracle Database Enterprise Edition High Performance

OCPU per hour
Oracle Database Enterprise Edition Extreme Performance

OCPU per hour
Oracle Database All Editions - BYOL

OCPU per hour

Oracle Enterprise Database cloud pricing is based on the number of enabled OCPUs per instance, dependent on the type and shape of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute selected. Oracle Enterprise Database Service running on virtual machines also requires customers to select Oracle Cloud Infrastructure block storage.

*To make it easier to compare pricing across cloud service providers, Oracle web pages show both vCPU (virtual CPUs) prices and OCPU (Oracle CPU) prices for products with compute-based pricing. The products themselves, provisioning in the portal, billing, etc. continue to use OCPU (Oracle CPU) units. OCPUs represent physical CPU cores. Most CPU architectures, including x86, execute two threads per physical core, so 1 OCPU is the equivalent of 2 vCPUs for x86-based compute. The per-hour OCPU rate customers are billed at is therefore twice the vCPU price since they receive two vCPUs of compute power for each OCPU, unless it’s a sub-core instance such as preemptible instances. Additional details supporting the difference between OCPU vs. vCPU can be accessed here.

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