Oracle Artificial Intelligence—Embedded AI

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Oracle’s extensive domain expertise in applications, platform, and IT operations powers prebuilt, enterprise AI solutions.

Embedding AI Requires Expertise

Oracle embeds AI across many of its business and technology services. To do this effectively, Oracle relies on years of domain expertise to guide its data scientists to build models that solve key business problems. With embedded AI capabilities, you don’t have to develop the specialized skills that would otherwise be needed if you were to build, train, fine-tune, retrain, and embed AI yourself. Oracle experts have a deep understanding of cross-industry and specific industry market trends, business and analytical operations, and technology operations to provide exciting and effective new solutions.

Better Business with AI

AI in Business Applications

Oracle’s Adaptive Intelligent Applications use ML and AI to deliver specific business outcomes. These applications create rich, contextual data profiles from data captured across Oracle SaaS applications and combine it with third-party data using data as a service (DaaS). For customer experience, a robust customer portrait influences ecommerce search and recommendations, refines marketing offers, and makes other predictive insights. ML considers prediction accuracy, such as choices made or not made.

The unique property of these learning-enabled applications is that they detect trends, learn from results, and increase their accuracy the more they are used. They also add massive amounts of contextual data, such as weather, life events, real-time actions, and social activity to get a clearer picture on what motivates outcomes.

Data as a Service

Oracle Data Cloud aggregates, analyzes, and activates consumer data into one unified solution. Powered by Oracle ID Graph, DaaS creates cross-channel consumer understanding, so that you can know more about who your customers are, what they do, where they go, and what they buy. Oracle Data Cloud helps marketers quickly identify audiences, connecting their behaviors across devices and platforms, so you can deliver the right message, to the right customer—at the right time. In addition, DaaS complements our existing SaaS applications with one of the world’s largest third-party data sources, with more than six billion profiles from online data, websites, and offline transactions for every major industry. This third-party data set is essential to enrich Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Applications. Facebook and Twitter rely on Oracle DaaS for their advertising programs.

Oracle Internet of Things Applications Across the Supply Chain

Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) applications are a suite of applications designed to capture sensor data and use AI techniques to predict and detect anomalous conditions and predict a best course of action. This cloud-based suite includes IoT Asset Monitoring, IoT Production Monitoring, IoT Fleet Monitoring, and IoT Connected Worker. These applications leverage a vast context of business data from Oracle and non-Oracle applications, including manufacturing, maintenance, service, and logistics to improve prediction quality. Oracle IoT applications use time-series machine data and combine it with contextual business data to automatically select the best-fit predictive model from the built-in library of ML algorithms. These models are automatically trained and tuned and then retuned when changes in the characteristics of the data stream and the business KPIs change sufficiently.

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle Analytics Cloud enriches the analytic experience for everyone—analysts, business leaders, data engineers, and developers. ML and AI capabilities are integrated into Oracle Analytics Cloud, enabling a single solution for the full range of analytics, from operational through prescriptive

Flexible, easy-to-use search and conversational interaction in Oracle Analytics Cloud allows anyone to get relevant, personalized, and context-sensitive answers to their day-to-day business questions. Natural language processing enables users to get answers without knowing the exact terminology or even the language in the business data. The answers consider the role of the requester and their privileges and preferences, and are available via multiple channels, including voice, text, and chatbot interfaces.

The augmented reality interface in the Oracle Synopsis smartphone app allows users to blend data found in the physical world with the data in enterprise systems. Oracle Synopsis is a revolutionary, in-phone analytics tool that is designed with consumers in mind. With a flick of the thumb, users can capture data in the physical world via a smartphone camera and overlay visuals on the image. Enterprise data in Oracle Analytics Cloud can be seamlessly blended on the phone in an intuitive interface.

A new cloud service, Oracle Analytics Cloud, Data Lake Edition, unifies analytics for data across all data types and sources to expand the breadth and depth of analysis, which is critical for AI and ML implementations. By combining first-party data inside their organization (typically stored in data warehouses) with the vast range of second- and third-party data in data lakes, organizations can gain deeper insights into trends, root causes, and opportunities.

Oracle Analytics Cloud provides search and conversational interfaces using natural language processing to enable anyone to ask questions and get relevant, context-sensitive, personalized answers to business questions. In addition, the augmented reality features of Oracle Analytics Cloud enable users to instantly capture and visualize data from the physical world and intuitively blend it with enterprise data on a phone.

Machine Learning for IT Operations

Management Portfolio Uses AI to Avoid Outages

Oracle has embedded ML into its management and security products to continuously monitor cloud operations. Systems-management administrators and security analysts monitor infrastructure and security operations to predict and resolve performance anomalies, equipment outages, and security breaches and vulnerabilities. Oracle Management Cloud is unique in providing an ML-enabled platform that can manage and secure heterogeneous environments across clouds and on premises.

Security Portfolio Uses AI to Respond to Threats

Oracle’s new cloud security platform provides the world’s first comprehensive and adaptive Security Operations Center (SOC). By using ML to analyze the full breadth of security telemetry, including not only activity but full asset and identity context, Oracle Identity SOC enables customers to quickly adapt their security posture as their risk landscape changes, helping prevent attacks and reduce the detection window from months to minutes.