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Accelerate IFRS 17 with the Industry’s Leading End-to-End Modern Accounting and Reporting Solution

Operationalize IFRS 17 with the end-to-end modern accounting and reporting solution.

Why Oracle IFRS 17 Analyzer for Your Business?

IFRS 17 mandates a radical departure from current accounting standards. It gives investors and stakeholders a realistic view of a carrier’s risk exposure, profitability, and financial status. As you prepare strategies to achieve compliance quickly and efficiently, choose an approach that accurately incorporates risk into the decision-making process. Oracle empowers you with extensive data-centric business insights to drive profitability. Operationalize IFRS 17 with the end-to-end modern accounting and reporting solution.

Featured with
IFRS 17 How to prepare for the transition

IFRS 17: How to Prepare for the Transition

IASB defers IFRS 17 implementation to January 2023, giving insurers a fair timeline to address the immense challenges brought forth by the new requirements. Hear from a panel of industry practitioners on how they are using this time to reduce and accelerate their IFRS 17 plans, including revisiting policy decisions, embedding into business usual, understanding business impacts and more.

Hear the full conversation on how Insurers are preparing for IFRS 17.
Survival Guide

Get Started on Your Path to the New Accounting Standards

View the Survival Guide for Oracle’s recommended approach to meeting IFRS 17 requirements. Learn how to coordinate across the actuarial, risk, finance, and IT functions for an implementation approach that encompasses the entire lifecycle of the project.

IFRS 17 Blueprint

Optimize Your IFRS 17 Program Design,
Run your Checklist

Your essential guide on how to uncover hidden cost-savings benefits and ways to de-risk your IFRS 17 implementation program. Gain a clear strategy for a successful IFRS 17 rollout with a well-defined governance model that incorporates flexibility for future changes.

Analyst Report

Distinguished by Industry Experts as a Category Leader in IFRS 17 Technology

Chartis Research has recognized Oracle Financial Services as a leading solution for the IFRS 17 and LDTI accounting standards. Read why Oracle IFRS 17 and LDTI Analyzer solutions were placed highly and earned “Best-in-class” and “Advanced” for six out of seven capabilities—more than any other vendor in this space.


Apply Theory to Practice, Simulate Your IFRS 17 Program

Many insurance companies have already conducted IFRS 17 impact assessments and have a clear understanding of their blueprint. However, the struggle lies in making the leap from theoretical analysis to implementation, while not fully grasping the true project timeline. Accelerate IFRS 17 and learn how you can easily adjust data, models, and reporting using out-of-the-box tools with Oracle's IFRS 17 Analyzer solution.

Learning Library

Explore IFRS 17 Insights and Resources

Stay informed on the impact IFRS 17 will have on your organization. View a collection of white papers, industry reports, webcasts, videos, and articles to guide your path to the new accounting standard.


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