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Oracle Essbase

Drive smarter decisions with the ability to easily test and model complex business assumptions in the cloud or on-premises. Oracle Essbase gives organizations the power to rapidly generate insights from multidimensional data sets using what-if analysis, and data visualization tools.

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Oracle Essbase Features

Deep business insights from scenario modeling

Quickly and easily forecast company and departmental performance. Develop and manage analytic applications by using business drivers to model multiple what-if scenarios.

Simple workflows

Manage workflow for multiple scenarios within a single user interface for centralized submissions and approvals. With sandboxing capabilities, quickly test and evaluate your models to determine the most appropriate model for production.

Out-of-the-box calculations

Financial and business analysts can use more than 100 prebuilt, out-of-the-box mathematical functions that can be easily applied to derive new data.

Easy and efficient scripting with MDX

Efficiently create and store new formulas that can be reused for analysis with popular query languages such as multidimensional expressions (MDX).

Depict complex business structures without the need to simplify

Financial and business analysts can easily create, display, and store complex hierarchical relationships that accurately reflect complex business structures, such as employee organizational charts or product hierarchies with different rollups and levels. Oracle Essbase can represent complex business structures without the need to modify or balance the structures—saving time and delivering greater, detailed insights.

Advanced dimensional design and modeling

Develop, maintain, and report from multidimensional models for faster analysis and to better understand data at different levels in the hierarchy.

Designed to meet your custom analytical needs

Support thousands of simultaneous users and provide up-to-the-minute, dependable information for users around the globe. Multiple Oracle Essbase applications can be designed for any analytics purpose you require and deployed across the organization.

Oracle Essbase benefits

  • Flexibly work with a wide range of data sources

    Whether pulling from on-premises or cloud applications, Essbase's inherent flexibility enables users to upload and harmonize spreadsheets, collate and manage disparate data inputs, and leverage many data sources.

  • Design, manage, and scale in the cloud

    Model complex hierarchies and business scenarios with a new, easy-to-understand Essbase user and administration interface. Deploy custom applications from multiple data sources to deliver consistent and sharable models across your organization.

  • From Excel to Essbase Cloud—in under a minute

    Upload spreadsheets and create ready-to-use business models in seconds.


Cloud readiness

Latest Updates

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Additional information


Oracle Essbase Documentation

Oracle Essbase is a business analytics solution that uses a proven, flexible, best-in-class architecture for analysis, reporting, and collaboration.

Customer community

Join a community of your peers

Cloud Customer Connect is Oracle's premier online cloud community. With more than 200,000 members, it's designed to promote peer-to-peer collaboration and sharing of best practices, product updates, and feedback.


Develop your Oracle Essbase skills

Oracle University provides you with training and certification you can rely on to ensure your organization’s success, all delivered in your choice of formats.

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