Oracle 5G Network Repository Function (NRF)

A more flexible and agile 5G core with Network Repository Function

Oracle Communications Cloud Native Core, Network Repository Function (NRF) works as a centralized repository for all the 5G network functions (NFs) in the operator’s network. The NRF allows 5G NFs to register and discover each other via a standards-based API. Oracle Communications NRF is a critical component required to implement the new service-based architecture (SBA) in the 5G core.

Business Benefits

  • Works as a centralized repository to increase the efficiency, scalability, and flexibility of the 5G core network
  • Helps CSPs to effectively manage their 5G core network by providing automated resource control in the core
  • Improves 5G network robustness by eliminating the need for network configuration every time a new network function is added to the network

Key Features

  • Implemented as microservices based on cloud native principles
  • Compliant with the latest 3GPP release specifications
  • Can be combined with Oracle Service Communications Proxy (SCP) to enable more optimized NF selection and can be implemented as standalone NRF
  • Supports NF management, discovery, and authorization services
  • Supports deployment at PLMN/shared slice and slice specific levels
  • Supports custom NF

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