Oracle Autonomous Health Framework

Oracle Autonomous Health Framework

Machine learning-based solution for maintaining database availability and performance

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White Paper: Oracle Autonomous Health Framework (AHF) (PDF)

White Paper: Oracle Autonomous Health Framework (AHF) (PDF)

Video: Oracle Autonomous Health Framework (AHF)

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Oracle Autonomous Health Framework (AHF) presents the next generation of tools as components, which work together autonomously 24x7 to keep database systems healthy and running while minimizing human reaction time. Utilizing applied machine-learning technologies, Oracle AHF provides early warnings or automatically solves operational runtime issues faced by Database and System administrators in the areas of availability and performance.

Preserves Availability

Oracle AHF preserves availability of your database system during both software (DB, GI, OS) and hardware (CPU, network, memory, storage) issues by:

  • Providing early warnings for potential availability issues
  • Identifying underlying cause and recommended actions for quick resolution
  • Gathering relevant and complete diagnostics for efficient triage by Oracle Support Services

Availability issues include those due to memory stress, runaway queries, hangs, DoS attacks, rogue workloads, software bugs, software configuration and file permission changes.

Maintains Performance

Oracle AHF maintains performance during both software issues (bugs, configuration, contention, etc.) and client issues (demand, queries, connection management, etc.) by:

  • Providing early warnings for potential performance degradation issues
  • Detecting hung sessions and automatically resolving them
  • Identifying bottlenecked resources (storage, global cache, CPU or SQL)
  • Re-alolocating resources to maintain SLAs and performance objectives

Performance issues include those due to deviations from best practices, misconfigured parameters, software bugs, oversubscribed resources, and excessive demand relative to server or database capacity.

Oracle RAC Family of Solutions

The Oracle RAC Family of Solutions refers to the collection of products and features that licensed Oracle RAC or Oracle RAC One Node customers can use free of additional charge. Each solution either enhances or complements the core Oracle RAC offering by ensuring better high availability and scalability or by automating and simplifying day-to-day operation. Learn more about these valuable enhancements by following the link for each solution in the graphic below. To learn more about Oracle AHF, follow the link on the bottom of the page.

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