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Oracle Identity Cloud Service

Oracle Identity Cloud Service manages user access and entitlements across a wide range of cloud and on-premises applications and services using a cloud-native, identity as a service (IDaaS) platform. Organizations can enable a Zero Trust strategy and establish user identity as a new security perimeter.

Oracle Identity Cloud Service features

Manage identities in cloud and on-premises

Enable a unified approach to identity and access management with cloud-based workflows, simplified user provisioning and user self-service. Oracle Identity Cloud Service utilizes open standards integration for reduced overhead and maintenance.

Streamline identity tasks

Reduces the need for repetitive user, role, and group changes across multiple environments. Oracle Identity Cloud Service provides an identity bridge that synchronizes identity entitlements between on-premises and cloud services.

Pursue a zero-trust strategy

Enforce access policies using a cloud-based service for single sign-on (SSO), strong password enforcement, and multifactor authentication (MFA). Adaptive authentication reduces risk by increasing login requirements when user access is deemed high risk based on device, location, or user activities.

Manage consumer digital access

Enrich the consumer access experience with self-service user interfaces and brand-customizable login screens. Integrate third-party services and custom applications using REST APIs and standards-based integration.

Identity Cloud Service customer successes

Customers in a wide range of industries rely on the access management and cloud native support of Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

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Pragmatyxs reduces costs with Oracle Identity Cloud Service

February 24, 2020

Top advantages of Oracle Identity

WaiSau Sit, Director of Product Marketing, Oracle Security

Oracle Identity Cloud Service has reached milestones few IDaaS providers have been able to achieve. For one-third of all Canadian shoppers, Oracle is managing the customer access and experience. Four out of the top ten Energy Smart Cities in the United States also use Oracle Identity Cloud Service. Learn more about how organizations are using Oracle to enable and extend their reach with identity services.

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