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Oracle Strategic Partner—Informatica

Oracle’s leadership in database management, SaaS, and enterprise applications are complemented by Informatica’s strengths in data integration and governance, allowing customers to migrate and modernize their data warehouse, analytics, and data science ecosystems on OCI by including more data and understanding it faster regardless of where it is located.

Trusted data. Trusted cloud. Trusted analytics.

Gaining insights from trusted data at scale

“We are honored to be an Oracle preferred partner for enterprise cloud data integration and governance for data warehouse and lakehouse solutions on OCI and are excited to bring the power of Informatica’s AI-powered, cloud native, Intelligent Data Management Cloud to OCI. This partnership will enable our joint customers to gain tangible business and technology benefits of our combined software and services.”
—Jitesh Ghai, Chief Product Officer, Informatica

IDC: Oracle and Informatica customers will benefit

“Oracle and Informatica are a natural pairing and this partnership offers customers significant value. Customers are offered many incentives to migrate to the cloud and retain their existing on-premises investments.”

—Stewart Bond, Research Director, Data Integration and Intelligence Software Service, IDC

Modernize your data warehouses and data lakes in OCI

Accelerate insights from your trusted data

Gain insights from trusted and timely data from across your data fabric by migrating applications and data warehouses to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Migrate existing Informatica PowerCenter pipelines to OCI and preserve existing investments. Plus, you can increase trust by adding industry-leading data governance to your analytics ecosystem.

Increase performance and reduce your costs

Run Informatica software on OCI with high performance, scalability, and up to 50% lower infrastructure costs than on other clouds. Optimizations developed jointly by Oracle and Informatica streamline data into Oracle Autonomous Database. OCI networking performance allows you to rapidly ingest and integrate data across clouds and data centers delivering faster insights.

Simplify your data warehouse migrations

Migrate your on-premises applications and data warehouse to OCI faster and at a lower cost with product, financial, and services incentives from Informatica, Oracle, and certified global system integrators. These incentives include free, automated migration tools for Informatica PowerCenter and Oracle Database.

Partnership offerings

Partnership value

Adding Informatica services to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Informatica adds its Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) family of services to OCI for data integration and governance. IDMC provides access to hundreds of data sources, delivering a common data management platform and governance layer across the Oracle data warehouse and lakehouse ecosystem as well as other cloud and on-premises data stores.

Informatica supports connections to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage and all Oracle Database Cloud services, including Autonomous Database, Exadata Database Service, and Exadata Cloud@Customer.

Trusting data requires governance

The Cloud Data Governance and Catalog service complements the OCI data integration services portfolio by improving data preparation pipelines with rules-enforced data quality, an enterprise data catalog, and self-service visibility for all users to discover data and its lineage.

Informatica products

Intelligent Data Management Cloud

Informatica IDMC is an AI-powered data management solution that connects and analyzes your diverse enterprise data fabric. The cloud native and microservices-based architecture combined with OCI’s low-latency, multicloud connections enable faster insights at scale. A common metadata foundation supports all services and provides integrated dashboards that simplify the user experience.

Cloud Data Governance and Catalog

Increase confidence and trust by empowering executives and developers to better understand their data. Find data assets using technical or business terms. Explore usage and lineage using browsable hierarchical views for context and provide a seamless experience for everyone.

Enterprise Data Catalog

Discover, profile, classify and organize data across enterprise, multicloud, and hybrid environments using an AI-driven data catalog. Automatically scan diverse metadata catalogs and datasets from cloud data stores, BI tools, and ETL tools. Use domain discovery, data similarity, associations, and recommendations to create curated datasets.

Enterprise Data Quality

Profile, standardize, measure, and monitor data quality over time in order to trust your analytics results. Ensure ongoing consistency with re-usable rules for data cleansing and standardization, address verification, parsing, de-duplication and enrichment.

Migration services

Informatica Migration Factory

Informatica simplifies the migration from PowerCenter to Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud with tools and automation using the Informatica Migration Factory.

Oracle Database migration services

Oracle offers online and offline options to migrate application and data warehouse databases from on-premises to OCI. Many of these migration options are available at no charge.

Informatica migration incentives

Customers can offset their existing maintenance fees with credits from the Migration Factory program. In addition, Informatica professional services credits help reduce migration costs.

Oracle OBIEE migration strategy

Oracle offers incentives to move on-premises Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) implementations to Oracle Analytics Cloud. Customers that also use Informatica PowerCenter for their OBIEE data integration pipelines can simplify their migration by retaining those investments by using the Informatica Migration Factory.

Oracle Cloud Lift Services

Oracle Cloud Lift Services provide guidance from OCI engineers on planning, architecting, prototyping, and managing cloud migrations. Oracle offers incentives to take advantage of this service.

Oracle reference architectures

Data warehouse reference architecture

The OCI data warehouse ecosystem includes data management, persistence, and consumption. Informatica’s data management capabilities bring ETL, ELT, and CDC for data ingestion and data pipeline preparation. Data catalogs capture data definitions, transformation, and lineage enabling discovery, transparency, and governance. Once trusted, data is consumed in analytics, data science, and application integration.

Data lake reference architecture

The OCI reference architecture for data lakes enables low-cost storage and processing for large volumes of diverse data spanning operational logs, sensor data, social text, video, database transactions, archives, and more. Informatica data management can ingest and catalog enterprise and cloud data sources and then transform them as needed for data science, analytics, and application integration.

Data lakehouse reference architecture

Building a lakehouse on OCI enables customers to ingest, store, manage, and consume diverse data across data warehouses, data lakes, and data centers. Informatica data management runs natively in OCI providing connections, curation, and governance.

Try Informatica Data Management Cloud on OCI

Get hands-on with a free Oracle LiveLabs guided experience

In this guided workshop, you will download the Informatica Secure Agent from the OCI Marketplace, connect it to an Autonomous Database, and create a data integration pipeline using Informatica Data Management Cloud (IDMC) Data Integration.

Sky logo

“SKY Brasil has selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to modernize our business. Now, the unique partnership of data management leaders, Informatica and Oracle, allows us to accelerate and deepen the analysis and governance of all of our data in OCI and exceed the data security standards set by Brazilian data protection laws.”

Andre NazareIT Operations and Infrastructure Director, SKY Brasil

Certified partners

These partners have dedicated service practices and are certified in the planning and delivery of Informatica and Oracle solutions.

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