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Think what you can do with a unified view of consumers

So, why is communicating with your customers and target audiences tougher than ever today? Because consumers can have dozens of digital identities, spread across multiple mobile devices, PCs, browsers, and apps. Worse, that data from discreet, different devices is often siloed. And marketers end up wasting money by talking to devices rather than people.

Oracle ID Graph™ solves this problem by connecting a vast array of active, disparate data sources into a single view of individual consumers and households. It’s a foundational technology that powers all of our audience and measurement products, fueled by all of Oracle Data Cloud’s more than 5 billion global consumer IDs, 115 million US households, $5 trillion in observed consumer spending, and 1,500 data partners. Oracle ID Graph lets you achieve a level of messaging relevance, personalization, and campaign measurement never before possible.

Deliver a truly connected experience

Oracle ID Graph reaches more than 90 percent of online US households by connecting active cookies, mobile IDs, login and registration-based IDs, email addresses, and postal addresses. It breaks down the silos, enabling you to build audiences you can prospect, engage, and personalize for every customer interaction. Just think of the possibilities:

  • Reach individual consumers across all their touchpoints
  • Deliver relevant, engaging, and connected experiences across all devices and channels
  • Reduce wasted spend by targeting only the right individuals
  • Leverage active IDs for recency and accuracy
  • Accurately measure media exposure, engagement, and sales by tracking interactions with consumers—not devices

Identify individuals and deepen relationships at scale

This backbone technology powers all Oracle Data Cloud solutions, allowing individual consumer IDs to be activated seamlessly across devices (desktop and mobile) and channels (offline and online) via more than 200 media and marketing platforms, including the largest and fasted-growing consumer platforms. Oracle ID Graph delivers the highest available coverage, across all ID types.

  • More than 5 billion cookies with profile data updated in real time
  • Proprietary offline PII matched with large registration-based platforms
  • MAID-matched cookies and households using verified billing and shipping data
  • Name and address matched to 115 million US households using transaction data from more than 1,500 brick and mortar retailers
  • Deterministic identity-matching based on more than a petabyte of anonymous device activity data collected every month
  • Continuously validated and scored linkages that change dynamically based on a proprietary algorithm

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