High Performance, Reliable Access to Oracle Databases

OLE DB is a Microsoft data access standard accessed through ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), Visual C++, and any client that can use OLE DB. The goal of the Oracle Provider for OLE DB is to have a high performance and rich feature mechanism for data access to Oracle databases

The Oracle Provider for OLE DB allows high performance and reliable access to Oracle databases for ADO- or OLE DB-enabled applications. Current ADO and OLE DB programmers can easily migrate to the Oracle provider because it complies with the OLE DB specification. Additionally, the provider allows access to Oracle-specific features, including PL/SQL stored procedures, LOBs, and RAC. The Oracle OLE DB Provider supports transaction enlistment through the Oracle Services for MTS. The Oracle Provider for OLE DB also offers full support for .NET via the Microsoft OLE DB .NET data provider. With OLE DB .NET, applications can access the Oracle database from any .NET programming language.

Oracle Provider for OLE DB now supports the IRowsetFastLoad interface, which enables fast memory-based bulk-copy operations in the Oracle database. This interface also works with the SQL Server Integration Services fast-load functionality to permit rapid ingestion of large amounts of data to the Oracle database.