Oracle Big Data Appliance

Scalable, Cloud Ready Analytics Platform

A comprehensive big data platform designed to acquire, organize, and analyze large data workloads from diverse sources at speed and scale. Oracle’s cost-effective engineered system delivers out-of-the-box functionality for high-end analytics.

Oracle Big Data Appliance

Oracle Big Data Appliance

Under the Hood

  • Product Overview
  • Technical Specifications
  • Open source-friendly: Purpose-built to leverage open source tools such as Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL, as well as to run big data workloads in Qlik, Tableau, SAS, and other analytic environments
  • Leverages popular tools: Oracle Big Data SQL for SQL queries and third-party environments from WanDisco, Cloudera, and other vendors
  • Exceptional performance: Integrated, optimized, and tuned to accelerate time to value and minimize deployment times
  • Built-in security: Automatically identify anomalies and track fraudulent activity, secure your data, and simplify compliance auditing
  • Single-vendor simplicity: Relying on Oracle for all aspects of your system minimizes the cost of deploying, maintaining, and upgrading your big data environment
  • Cost-effective performance: Increase efficiency and reduce costs for big data on Hadoop and Spark while driving a faster time to value
  • A massively scalable, open infrastructure designed to store, analyze and manage big data
  • Flexible configuration and elastic hardware choices optimize floor space and provide a path for Hadoop and Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Open, multipurpose engineered system for Hadoop workloads and streaming data processing
  • Industry-leading security, performance, and big data tool set, all bundled in an easy-to-deploy appliance
  • InfiniBand connectivity between nodes and across racks as well as with Oracle Exadata and other Oracle engineered systems
  • Combine data from Oracle Database, Kafka, and Hadoop / NoSQL in a single SQL query
  • Integrate big data analysis into existing applications and architectures
  • Extend security and access policies from Oracle Database to data in Hadoop
CaixaBank Maximizes Big Data Business Value
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Caixa Bank Maximizes Big Data Business Value

We’ve improved our business agility as well as our ability to know and serve our customers.

—Luis Esteban, Chief Data Officer, Caixa Bank

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