Oracle Trust Center


Learn about Oracle corporate security practices, including policies, governance, practices, and Oracle Software Security Assurance.

Learn more about the security controls available in Oracle cloud services by reviewing the industry-standard Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaires (CAIQs) completed by Oracle.

The Corporate Security Blog provides timely information and offers additional security insights.

Cloud compliance

Oracle recommends that cloud customers analyze their cloud strategy to determine the suitability of using cloud services in light of their legal and regulatory compliance obligations.

Learn about the compliance attestations achieved for each line of business offering cloud services. Additionally, Oracle provides general compliance information and technical recommendations for the use of its cloud services in the form of advisories.

Cloud availability

You can monitor the availability of Oracle cloud services by visiting the following sites:


Oracle’s privacy policies describe how Oracle respects your preferences concerning the collection and use of your personal information.

These policies are tailored for the different ways your personal information may be collected, used, shared, and processed by the different Oracle lines of business.

Cloud agreements

Oracle has standard terms and conditions that govern the use of cloud services.

These documents help you understand the contractual obligations that exist between you and Oracle.

Learn about Oracle Corporate Standards