Restaurant POS Systems

Versatile and secure restaurant POS systems from Oracle give you a platform for growth. Run efficient online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery. Expand your menu options through cloud kitchens and virtual brands. Connect your front-of-house, kitchen, and back-office operations with the industry’s most secure cloud point of sale.

Whether you're looking to grow, adapt, or become more efficient, our POS systems are fast to deploy and ready to work just as hard as you do, right out of the box.

Franchise globally with a consistent experience online, in-store, and in-app.

Restaurant POS Hardware and Software

Oracle restaurant POS hardware is built to last. It stands up to heat, cold, spills, drops, heavy use—everything the industry demands. Our terminals, tablets, kiosks, and kitchen displays offer the best in processing power, speed, reliability and, above all, security.

Meet the Oracle Workstation 8

The Oracle Workstation 8 Series is the latest addition to the Oracle portfolio of hospitality hardware solutions. Featuring a slim, 14-inch touchscreen display and warm platinum finish, the Workstation 8 fuses its modern, sophisticated look with the reliability and dependability Oracle customers have come to trust.

Additional Workstation POS hardware

Workstation 6 Series

Run your restaurant on our flagship large-screen POS hardware. With no moving parts, the Workstation 6 lasts forever. It offers the processing power, payment capabilities, and strength you need to keep your restaurant running during your busiest shifts.

Workstation 3 Series

If space, shade, and electrical outlets are limited, the Workstation 3 is for you. High-volume concession stands, sun-soaked poolside bars, and food trucks are just a few places where the Workstation 3 shines.

Tablet 700 Series

Arm your staff with robust mobile POS tablets. Real-time table management, menu updates, and order status now fit in an apron pocket. Our mobile credit card processing POS tablets are perfect for tableside ordering, and they last a full shift on a single hot-swappable battery.

Self-Service Kiosks

Our self-service kiosk features a stunning HTML5 user experience, powered by Simphony. Its user-centric design makes it the perfect choice for high-volume use at concession stands and quick-service restaurants. Additional peripherals such as kiosk stands, receipt printers, and payment processing devices are also available.

Kitchen Display Systems

Our Oracle Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) instantly displays color-coded orders from your front of house, website, and mobile app to your kitchen staff for easy order management. Prioritize orders with a touchscreen or bump bar. Reduce ticket times, get orders out faster, and ensure delivery deadlines are met.

Simphony POS for Restaurants

Streamline digital channels

Simplify menu management across all your digital channels.

Engage loyal customers

Reward beyond promos and discounts.

Automate kitchen operations

Integrate to Kitchen Display Systems and improve production.

Understand business performance

Get all the data you need in packaged analytics or in real-time to BI tools.

Inventory Management

Our restaurant inventory tracking software helps you maintain stock levels with minimal waste. By tapping into real-time forecasting data, it suggests order quantities at the optimal time. It also shows what you should have on the shelf, helping you identify and prevent over-portioning, loss, theft, and waste.

Our inventory software also connects with your vendors and suppliers. Easily reorder, access invoices online, spot pricing trends, create menu models, and more.

Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Keep your customers coming back with our gift and loyalty program management system. Offer awards based on visit frequency, dollars spent, and items purchased.

Our restaurant loyalty software allows your customers to view their rewards in real time. This creates a perfect opportunity to engage with them through targeted data-driven marketing campaigns and gift cards.

Restaurant Analytics Reports

Our restaurant POS analytics are ready to work right out of the box, making critical data accessible from anywhere on day one. Prebuilt dashboards help you see trends, forecasts, and opportunities from your desktop computer or mobile app. No additional BI needed.

Need to keep an eye on multiple locations? View reports by restaurant, region, type, or across all locations as a whole on any device. With mobile push notifications, you'll never miss an update or alert.

Labor Management and Scheduling

Manual staff scheduling can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when 49% of staff schedules change after posting. Our restaurant scheduling software makes it simple. Plan shifts with real-time forecasts and employee data. Fix last-minute scheduling issues and cut overtime costs across all of your locations from any device.

Happy staff leads to happy customers. Keep your staff educated, comfortable, and primed to deliver the best service with our employee management tools. Provide onboarding help, fresh training content, and time-off requests. Avoid overworking your staff and reward top performers with our employee performance reports.

Restaurant Menu Software

Our menu management software helps you update menus across multiple locations in real time. Changes to menu items, ingredients, prices, and more can be updated online. Whether you run a small café or a chain of restaurants across a range of languages, our point of sale makes menu management easy.

Keep your customer service consistent across any channel. Our team is ready to help make your POS the menu system of record for 3rd-party services such as online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery.

Online Ordering for Restaurants

Improve your online experience, increase online orders, and grow new customer acquisitions by managing all your digital channels across online ordering and mobile and delivery service providers (DSPs) from a single transaction platform.

POS Hardware Accessories

Receipt printers, EMV readers for credit cards, mobile wallet readers, customer-facing screens, and cash drawers. We’ve got you covered.

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Restaurant POS Integrations

Our POS systems are built on a secure and open API. Easily connect your point of sale with your preferred payment gateways, online ordering platforms, delivery services, gift and loyalty programs, reservation apps, and more.

Learn more about restaurant POS integrations

Outback Steakhouse

With a target of 15 minutes to get orders ready, this system ensures our delivery deadlines are met. We deliver accurately, on time, still piping hot, and our customer satisfaction has never been better.”

Mike Palmer Operating Partner, Outback Steakhouse Australia.

Point of Sale for Restaurants of All Sizes

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Whether you run a local coffee shop or a global restaurant chain, Oracle Simphony is the right restaurant management system for your business. Our software and hardware options give you the freedom to create your ideal restaurant point of sale system. No matter where your restaurant is now, or where it's going, you can count on 24/7/365 global support from a company you can trust.

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