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Latest Technology Trends and What They Mean for SMBs

Growing SMBs know that technology is integral to business success. So they sat down with SMB Group (a leading technology industry research firm) and shared the areas they’re focused on.

Autonomous Database: Sit back, relax, and let Oracle drive.
Autonomous Database: Sit back, relax, and let Oracle do the driving.
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Top Growth SMB Challenges

SMB Challenge

Provide a customer experience that is easy, engaging, and convenient.


Growth depends on providing a great customer experience (CX)—one that provides your customers with convenient, effortless, individualized experiences (through multiple channels), as well as personalized recognition for their loyalty.

SMB Challenge

Attract, hire, and retain the right team for your growing SMB.


Growing companies must change how they interact and manage their employees. They must solve crucial challenges in employee recruiting, retention, development, and training to remain relevant in today’s fast-evolving marketplace.

SMB Challenge

Make your small-to-medium business a high-growth business.


With company growth comes new issues. The key is to solve them in a scalable, cost-effective manner. Sustainable growth requires SMBs to sell more, manage customer and employee relationships better, and continuously reduce costs.

SMB Challenge

Make your small and medium business a profitable, high-growth business.


Successful businesses anticipate and respond to their customers’ business needs. Increasing your competitive advantage depends on quickly producing quality products and services that delight your customers.

SMB Challenge

How strong is your technology foundation?


As a small business, you need an infrastructure with predictability, performance, and flexibility that allows you to control costs, increase productivity, and focus on innovation.

What Keeps You Up at Night?

What business issues are costing you sleep? Gaining and retaining talent? Growing sales and providing awesome service? Managing your growth in a profitable, cost-effective manner? Take our quick, two-minute survey to find out, and see how your SMB compares to America’s fastest-growing companies.

Optimized for SMBs

Oracle SMB Products

Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Performance Management

Change happens, and interconnected point solutions cannot adapt quickly enough. Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle EPM Cloud future-proof your financial, reporting, and forecasting processes, providing a strong, integrated footing for growth.

Growing small-to-medium businesses can leverage a single source of truth to drive predictable performance; enforce accounting policies; plan, budget, and forecast with confidence; source creatively; and innovate smartly.

With the added bonus of deploying functionality as you need it, you not only connect your growing company, you reduce risk, improve controls, lower costs, improve agility, and improve return on investment (ROI).

Oracle ERP Cloud

Payables, receivables, assets, collections, analytics

Oracle EPM Cloud

Planning and budgeting, financial close, and reporting

Human Capital Management

It’s not enough to hire; you must hire the right people and work to maximize their full potential. Oracle HCM for Midsize Cloud simplifies HR and moves your growing company beyond the revolving door of "hire then fire."

Start with the talent acquisition tools you need to quickly source, recruit, and hire the talent you need. Then, as your requirements expand, add new functionality to enhance employee performance, implement career development plans, fight the disengagement dilemma, manage and deliver unique benefits programs, and gain insights through powerful predictive analysis and what-if scenario modeling.

Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud

Candidate sourcing, recruiting, onboarding

Oracle Talent Management Cloud

Talent acquisition, performance management, career and succession development

Oracle Global HR Cloud

Human resources, workforce directory, workforce predictions, help desk

Customer Experience

Customers expect a lot, and disconnected point solutions cannot deliver. There is a smarter way.

Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud is a fully integrated, highly configurable set of business solutions that connects every customer touchpoint to maximize sales channel use, improve lead conversion, quickly resolve customer inquiries, enhance customer loyalty, and increase revenue/margins.

But that is not all. Integration across Oracle CX Cloud and Oracle’s back-office applications differentiate even further by providing a complete 360-degree customer view, expanding self-service functionality, and profitably speeding the sales cycle.

Oracle Sales Cloud

Sales force automation, sales performance management

Oracle Service Cloud

Web customer service, cross-channel contact center, knowledge management

Oracle Commerce Cloud

Commerce for retail, commerce for B2B

Supply Chain Management

Growth requires innovation, agility, and scale: three things that traditional supply chains struggle to support. Build tomorrow’s modern, intelligent supply chain today, with Oracle SCM Cloud.

Whether it is blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), or adaptive intelligence, Oracle SCM Cloud delivers the capabilities to support product innovation, strategic material procurement, integrated logistics (warehousing and transportation management), omnichannel fulfillment, and integrated demand and supply planning. The rules of supply chain are changing. Stay ahead with Oracle SCM Cloud.

Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud

Warehouse workforce management, yard management, inventory and fulfillment

Oracle Procurement Cloud

Sourcing, contracting, procure-to-pay, supplier management

Oracle Planning Central Cloud

Plan demand, inventory, supply; monitor performance; respond to changes

Oracle PaaS

Oracle platform as a service (PaaS) allows you to securely develop, test, and deploy the next generation of applications in the cloud. By skipping the need to buy, install, and configure prerequisite servers, storage, databases, operating systems, and testing tools, you save your company both time and money.

You can also use Oracle PaaS to integrate cloud and on-premises applications, giving you the power to eliminate manual processes and increase productivity.

With access to the enterprise IT capabilities provided by Oracle PaaS, you can level the playing field with your larger competitors—proving that for high-growth SMBs, platform matters.

Data, Device, App Integration

Why an integrated cloud matters

Management Cloud Services

Run workloads in the cloud

Business Analytics

Get more value from your data today

Oracle IaaS

Imagine what your business could accomplish with high-performing and highly available infrastructure services. Now imagine that you can have these services without compromising on security, transparency, or governance and without breaking the budget.

Oracle infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is the strong foundation your business needs to support growth and to help you quickly accomplish more. With Oracle IaaS, your SMB can run any workload in the cloud, freeing up your resources to focus on moving your company forward instead of on maintenance and day-to-day IT management.


Migrate and scale your most demanding workloads


Connectivity across your physical and virtual network


Protect and serve your mission-critical data

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Five SMB Challenges
Five SMB Challenges

Maintain the spirit of a startup when you’re no longer a startup.


“There are not many world-class systems that you start using economically at this stage of a business, and that you can use to scale up from 700 employees to, someday, thousands of employees. Our buying criteria were pretty simple. Can we afford it now? Is it going to do what we need it to do now? Can we count on being able to use it for the foreseeable future without having to do it again? Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle EPM Cloud are the perfect match for those things.”

—Jake Schwartz, CEO and Cofounder, General Assembly

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Oracle Customers

Stitchfix  logo

Disruptors Choose Oracle ERP Cloud



Oracle ERP cloud customers Stitch Fix, Solairus Aviation, The Wonderful Company, and Pandora are increasing efficiencies and leading innovation in their industries by leveraging emerging technologies.

Widget logo

Widget Overcomes Cloud Infrastructure Gridlock


Widget Inc.

When we switched Widget to Oracle, we had just one platform to manage. With Oracle, we’re now writing for block storage, which is always available for high-volume mobile applications and lets us pay as we go.
Vik Mehta, Cloud Evangelist, VastEdge (Widget's software implementation partner)
NSF logo

Oracle HCM Cloud Supports NSF's Expansion Across the Globe



As NSF International spread across the globe, HR data was held in spreadsheets and across several different systems. This made it difficult to respond to analytical needs and to deploy common global solutions to address the changing needs of HR.

QMP logo

Quality Metrics Partners Uses Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud to Stay Competitive


QMP Health

We're decreasing the turn time on average for blood results—from weeks down to a day or down to an hour. If we can share the same tools with more labs, we're going to shorten that timeframe and get better diagnoses for everybody.
Michael Morales, CEO, Quality Metrics Partners
Penn Foster logo

Multi-channel Customer Service Provides Significant Competitive Advantage


Penn Foster

By supporting multiple channels of engagement, Penn Foster has been able to boost enrollment and cost-effectively allocate resources.

1Check logo

1Check Helps Hotel Staff Work More Efficiently and Improve Decision-Making



“By running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, we can monitor our PHP application in real time, migrate all of the day-to-day workloads, and then run them reliably, and at scale.”
—Ludovic Timbert, CTO
Vinomofo logo

Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Lets Vinomofo Focus on What They Do Best



Great customer experience is at the heart of Vinomofo's business. Oracle's Warehouse Management Cloud Service enables Vinomofo to focus on what they do best—like quality and curation—whilst the warehousing and distribution takes care of itself.

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