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Oracle Open World 2014

Integrating Big Data for the Enterprise—Analytics encompasses structured data in data warehouses, less-structured data in data reservoirs typically running in Hadoop, and data from real-time events. Integrating data across systems is critical to big data analytics. In this session, learn about the fast, secure, and simple-to-use features for big data integration in Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle GoldenGate, and Oracle Big Data Connectors. These have native support for leading Hadoop technologies and are optimized for connectivity with Oracle Database. Learn how to address and simplify data integration use cases such as bulk data transfer across systems, real-time replication, database access to data in Hadoop, and Hadoop access to data in the database, using these solutions. [CON7885] (October 2014)

Oracle Open World 2013

Programming with Oracle Big Data Connectors—In this session, learn how to work with input formats supported by Oracle Loader for Hadoop for loading data from HIVE, HBASE, and NoSQL databases. Hear about best practices for high-performance connectivity between Hadoop and Oracle Database. And learn how to use the greatly simplified Oracle SQL Connector for Hadoop Distributed File System to access data on Hadoop from Oracle Database applications. Robert Abbott - Consulting Engineer, Oracle and Melliyal Annamalai - Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle (October 2013)

Oracle Open World 2012

High-Performance, Integrated Products for Diverse Stages of Big Data Solutions—Big data applications such as fraud detection, customer behavior analysis, automated sensor event detection, and smart grid data analysis go through multiple stages. In the first stage, data is captured at high velocity and relevant events are triggered instantaneously. Next, data is processed to identify high-value information that is useful beyond this stage. This data can be analyzed along with data in relational systems to gain deeper insights into the data. These slides present an integrated portfolio of products including Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle NoSQL Database, Oracle Event Processing, and Oracle Big Data Connectors, and describes how they enable high-performance data flow through diverse stages of a complete big data application. Melli Annamalai and Jim Steiner (October 2012)

Big Data Connectors: High-Performance Integration for Hadoop and Oracle Database—Organizations face the need to integrate both structured and unstructured data for advanced analysis. Hadoop is increasingly used to process unstructured data, and this data has to be combined with structured business data in relational databases for analysis. Oracle Big Data Connectors enable this by providing high performance connectivity between Hadoop and Oracle Database and optimized Oracle R analysis of data on Hadoop along with database resident data. Further, data processing and integration on Hadoop can be driven by a graphical user interface. This presentation gives a technical overview of these products. Melli Annamalai, Sue Mavris and Rob Abbott (October 2012)

Oracle Open World 2011

Managing Big Data by Using Hadoop and Oracle Exadata—With the great interest in "big data" solutions, hear why the Oracle platform is perfect for big-data requirements with analytic and SQL capabilities to join all datatypes, including relational, XML, text, semantic, multimedia, and other unstructured data. Learn how to use Hadoop clusters to process unstructured content and how to load the results of Hadoop map reduce processing into Oracle tables for further analytics on Oracle Exadata. Oracle, Oracle OpenWorld Presentation, Oct 2011 (9.7MB PDF)

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