Oracle QoS

Quality of Service Management

Autonomously Monitors Performance, Detects Bottlenecks and Manages Resources to Meet SLAs


Oracle Database Quality of Service Management (QoSM) allows system administrators to directly measure, monitor and manage application service levels hosted on Oracle RAC and RAC One Node Databases. Using a policy-based architecture, QoS Management correlates accurate run-time performance and resource metrics, analyzes this data with its expert system to identify resources causing bottlenecks and threatening SLAs. The results are displayed in a single cross cluster EM Cloud Control dashboard along with one-button recommended resource re-allocations. QoSM can optionally implement them automatically to meet and maintain performance objectives under dynamic load conditions. Should sufficient resources not be available QoS Management will preserve the more business-critical objectives at the expense of the less critical ones.

Measures Performance While Identifying Bottlenecks

Oracle Database QoS Management measures the performance of applications connecting to Oracle RAC databases via cluster-managed services. It breaks down the average response time into two parts – use of and wait for resources. QoSM further breaks down the wait time into CPU, Global Cache, I/O and Other database waits to pinpoint any bottlenecks. This measurement operational mode provides DBAs with:

- Single Enterprise Manager Dashboard cluster view of performance
- Real-time evaluation of health and performance
- Easy determination of realistic performance objectives of consolidated workloads
- Targeted identification of specific resource bottlenecks

Monitors Performance Objectives and Generates Alerts

Oracle Database QoS Management monitors response time of Oracle RAC database applications against user-specified response time performance objectives. This monitor operational mode provides DBAs with:

- Ability to set performance objectives for each workload and grouped by policy
- Autonomous warnings or critical alerts to proactively respond
  to performance issues
- Specific identification of the bottlenecked resource for quick triage
- Recent performance history views to evaluate trends

Maintains Performance by Reallocating Resources to Meets SLAs

Oracle Database QoS Management acts as a global resource governor to maintain service levels of consolidated applications within an Oracle RAC cluster. Its built-in expert system continuously evaluates response time against specified performance objectives. Should an objective be exceeded, QoSM will identify the bottlenecked resource, recommend and optionally implement resource trade-offs to restore performance levels. This management operational mode provides DBAs with:

- Ability to set performance objectives and business rank of each workload by policy
- Rebalancing resources just-in-time in response to demand surges
   or availability issues
- Creating and activating separate policies to handle different workload
   cycles or events
- Audit trail of implemented actions to improve performance management

Oracle Database QoS Management is included with the Oracle RAC and RAC One Node database licenses and requires the base Enterprise Manager Cloud Control’s management of the Oracle RAC cluster. Oracle Database QoS Management is a performance component of the Oracle Autonomous Health Framework (AHF). See below to learn more about AHF’s availability and performance components.

Oracle RAC Family of Solutions

The Oracle RAC Family of Solutions refers to the collection of products and features that licensed Oracle RAC or Oracle RAC One Node customers can use free of additional charge. Each solution either enhances or complements the core Oracle RAC offering by ensuring better high availability and scalability or by automating and simplifying day-to-day operation. Learn more about these valuable enhancements by following the link for each solution in the graphic below. To learn more about Oracle Quality of Service Management, follow the link on the bottom of the page. 

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