Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition



Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite Overview - (New)
Creating a BI Publher Report Based on External Web Services  - (New)
Creating a BI Publisher Report Based on HTTP (XML/RSS Feed) Data Sources - (New)
Integrating Oracle BI Analyses with Microsoft Office - (New)


Oracle by Example


Oracle by Example(OBE)シリーズは、さまざまなタスクを実行する方法について、ステップ-バイ-ステップの手順を提示します。ステップ-バイ-ステップのソリューションは実世界の状況にあわせ、実用的に組み立てられています。有益なハンズオン経験を通して得られる知識だけではなく、製品実装、デプロイメント時間の飛躍的な短縮のための基盤としても使用してください。


Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

 Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g
 Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 10g


Oracle BI Administration Tool

 Oracle Business Intelligence Administration Toolを使用したリポジトリの作成 - (New)
 Creating a Repository Using the Oracle Business Intelligence Administration Tool
 Setting Up Multi-User Development Environment (MUDE)
 Merging/Importing Objects from Different Reporitories Using Oracle BI Admin Tool
 Setting Up Usage Tracking in Oracle BI EE
 Creating and Modelling Aggregate Tables
 Integrating Oracle Essbase with Oracle BI EE
 Federating Essbase and Relational Data Sources in Oracle BI EE
 Using Oracle OLAP 11g With Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 10g
 Cloning and Synchronizing Oracle BI Requests and Dashboards Using Content Accelerator Framework (CAF)

Oracle BI Answers and Dashboards

 分析とダッシュボードの作成 - (New)
 アクション・リンクとアクションの作成および使用 - (New)
 Creating Interactive Dashboards and Using Oracle Business Intelligence Answers
 Sending Alerts Using Oracle Business Intelligence Delivers

Oracle BI Publisher

 Oracle BI Publisher 11g スタート・ガイド - (New)
 Oracle BI Publisher 10g スタート・ガイド
 Exploring Advanced Features of Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher
 Oracle BI PublisherとOracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Editionの統合
 Oracle XML Publisherを使用したOracle E-Business Suiteのレポート作成
 Oracle XML Publisherを使用したPeopleSoftレポートの作成
 Oracle BI PublisherとOracle BI Discovererの統合

Hyperion Financial Reporting

 Hyperion Financial Reporting 11.1.2
 Managing User POVs
 Building Rolling Forecast Reports
 Scheduling Batch-Bursting Options
 Replacing Text Function Parameters with the Current Keyword
 Retrieving Data from Multiple Database Connections
 Selecting Members with Advanced Expressions
 Using ERP Integrator Drill Through from Financial Reporting
 Hyperion Financial Reporting 11.1.1
 Hyperion Financial Reporting 9.3.1


Hyperion Interactive Reporting

 Hyperion Interactive Reporting 11.1.1
 Hyperion Interactive Reporting 9.3.1