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 SOA Suite 11gのデータベース・パフォーマンス・チューニング ホワイト・ペーパー
 SOA Suite 11gR1 (リリース: このリリースにはOracle SOA Suite 11gのアップデートおよび修正が含まれます。詳しくは「SOA新機能リスト」.を参照してください。  Feb-2012
 Advanced Oracle SOA Suiteに関するページ: オラクルのパートナーによるホワイト・ペーパー、プレゼンテーション、記事、ブログJuly-2011
 クラウド統合 Oracle Fusion Applications、Salesforce、Workdayとのクラウド統合についての技術例です。サービスの集約、サービスの仮想化、クラウド・セキュリティに関する考慮事項、そして増加していく分散ハイブリッド・インフラを監視、管理するための統一されたアプローチを維持することの利点を含めた包括的なアプローチをとることの重要性についての資料です。 Nov-2012


 Jürgen Kress, Berthold Maier, Hajo Normann, Danilo Schmiedel, Guido Schmutz, Bernd Trops, Clemens Utschig-Utschig, Torsten Winterberg: Industrial SOA article series. May-2013
 Guido Schmutz and Ronald van Luttikhuizen: Fault Handling and Prevention for Services in Oracle Service Bus. May-2013
 Olivier LeDiouris from the Oracle SOA A-Team presents different ways to test SOA composites. For more details, including links to the recording and open source projects, please go to Advanced Oracle SOA Suite OTN - Oracle White Papers, Presentations, Tutorials. Jan-2013
 3-minute Oracle SOA Suite video demo covering the key features of Oracle SOA Suite including governance. Jan-2013
 Certification exams are also available for customers, not only partners. All Middleware exams can be found here. Jan-2013
 Video: Motability's Oracle SOA Suite Integration Delivers Rapid ROI. Jan-2013
 Oracle SOA Suite 11g Developer's Cookbook has been published. Dec-2012
 Collection of SOA Proactive Support Team blog posts Dec-2012
 UK Oracle User Group Conference 2012 SOA Presentations Dec-2012
 Fault Handling and Prevention - Part 1 An Introduction to Fault Handling in a Service-Oriented Environment. Nov-2012
 Oracle SOA Suite 11g PS 5 introduces BPEL with conditional correlation for aggregation scenarios This blog post by Lucas Jellema explains how to use the advanced conditional correlation in an BPEL process. Nov-2012
 Oracle Open World 2012 SOA Presentations SOA presentations delivered or moderated by Oracle SOA Product Management. Oct-2012
 New OTN ArchBeat podcast featuring 2012 Service Technology Symposium speakers Thomas Erl, Tim Hall and Demed L’Her has just been published. Listen to their discussion about Service Technology, IT architecture and the Prentice Hall Service Technology Book Series! Tune into the first 3 parts here. Aug-2012
 Oracle Positioned in Leaders Quadrant in All Three Magic Quadrants Related to Application Infrastructure The Magic Quadrants are: Application Infrastructure for Systematic Application Integration Projects (1); Application Infrastructure for Systematic SOA Infrastructure Projects (2); and Application Infrastructure for Systematic SOA Application Projects (3).  Jul-2012
 Handling Binary Content and Large Documents in Oracle SOA Suite 11g: Presentation from ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2012 conference.  Jul-2012
 SOA Suite Performance Tuning Resources: Documentation, Presentations, White Papers, Blogs.  May-2012
 Pre-built Virtual Machine for SOA Suite and BPM Suite now available: This VirtualBox appliance contains a fully configured, ready-to-use SOA/BPM installation ready to use for testing and evaluation purposes.  May-2012
 White Paper: Making the Most of the Oracle Enterprise Repository for Oracle Fusion Applications (PDF): Oracle Fusion Applications provides various ways to integrate its functional capabilities with other Oracle applications as well as third party and legacy applications. This paper provides an overview of discovering the artifacts used for such integrations and for use in implementations in general. It focuses on the use of the Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER) for Oracle Fusion Applications as a one-stop shop for discovering and governing Oracle Fusion Applications design time metadata.  Feb-2012
 Installing a Basic two-node WebLogic Cluster running Oracle SOA Suite and Foundation Pack: This page includes a list of User Productivity Kits (UPK) to serve as a starting point to introduce the concepts and showcase a two-node WebLogic cluster running Oracle SOA Suite and Foundation Pack. Feb-2012
 Oracle announces SOA Suite 11g R1( Healthcare Add On: It can be downloaded from the SOA Suite for healthcare integration OTN download pageFeb-2012
 Analyzing Thread Dumps in Middleware:: Sabha Parameswaran explains how to analyze Thread dumps, for improving Middleware Performance (at App Server or Application level) as well as for general troubleshooting. he also goes into details of WebLogic Application Server specific Thread Dump Analysis and fine tuning.  Feb-2012
 SOA 11G Database Growth Management Strategy: This whitepaper has been written to highlight the need to implement an appropriate strategy to manage the growth the of SOA 11g database. The advice presented should facilitate better dialog between SOA and Database administrators when planning database and host requirements. February-2012
 Start Small, Grow Fast: Edwin Biemond, Ronald van Luttikhuizen, and Demed L'Her describe a set of pragmatic best practices for deploying a simple and sound SOA footprint that can grow with business demand. January-2012
 Oracle Announces Oracle SOA Suite for Healthcare Integration: Helps Reduce Costs and Speed Time-to-Market for Healthcare Customers. October-2011
 Official Oracle SOA Suite 11g Samples: Please bookmark this new location for the the official product samples referenced in the Oracle SOA Suite documentation. Oct-2011
 Quick Start Guide for Oracle SOA Suite: This quick start guide includes an introduction to Oracle SOA Suite, detailed download, install and configuration instructions, links and other useful information. Now also includes the Service Bus installation. Aug-2011

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