Oracle SOA Governance

Oracle SOA governance solution components provide the visibility, control and analytics to make SOA initiatives successful in every stage of the SOA lifecycle and at all levels of SOA maturity. Oracle provides end-to-end capabilities to fully support SOA and Business Process infrastructure. The suite automates essential SOA governance processes allowing organizations to realize the agility benefits of SOA while managing the complexity of today's SOA environments. Runtime governance features help mitigate security risk and manage service levels to ensure that service providers can meet consumer expectations. At design-time, governance products track dependencies and promote reuse, for greater efficiency and a higher return on investment.

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Product List
Enterprise Repository
Gain visibility and control of the SOA lifecycle. Support the reuse of shared services and other components for better ROI.
Service Registry
Manage service endpoints and artifacts at runtime using the UDDI v3 standard.
SOA Management Pack Enterprise Edition
Model and monitor services and composite applications for better performance.  Manage deployment, configuration and service levels.  Trace individual transactions to understand business impact.
Web Services Manager
Manage policy and enforce security in SOA environments.

Technical Information
Datasheet: Oracle SOA Governance Solution (PDF)
Technical White paper: Oracle SOA Lifecycle Governance (PDF)