5G Policy Control Function

Easily create and deploy policies in a 5G network with Oracle’s Policy Control Function. Designed and built on cloud native principles to handle the demands of 5G services, Oracle’s PCF will help you monetize and realize the benefits of 5G.

DISH Wireless selects Oracle for their 5G core service-based architecture.

5G Policy Control Function features

Create dynamically tailored policy solutions, reduce complexities, and introduce innovative new services. Learn more about the solution’s key features.

Define network policies with ease

Rapidly activate new policies or modify existing policies to meet market demands more quickly.

Provide robust policies

Enable a seamless rollout of common policies across your 4G and 5G networks. Based on a cloud native design, the PCF is extremely reliable, scalable, secure, and highly available.

Customize your policy solutions

Configure highly customizable policies and offer differentiated services for your consumer and enterprise customers.

Integrate with an analytics suite

Maximize revenue growth and achieve a true competitive advantage by combining the PCF with your analytics suite to offer data-driven personalization.

Benefit from automation

Integrate with your continuous deployment (CD) pipelines and include an automated test suite to facilitate installs and upgrades.

5G PCF benefits

Effortlessly design policy solutions with a reliable PCF solution with built-in 3GPP functionality.

01Differentiate with customizable 5G offerings

Provide tailored offerings for consumer and enterprise customers.

Vodafone UK taps Oracle to support 5G network core

02Prepare 5G networks to support devices at scale

Process data faster with highly performant policy network functionality.

DISH Wireless selects Oracle for their 5G core service-based architecture

03Explore and implement new 5G use cases

Support new 5G use cases, including enhanced mobile broadband and IoT.

Orchestrate compelling 5G use cases with network slice management

04Reduce management costs

Reduce operating costs while focusing on your 5G investments.

BT and Oracle to accelerate delivery of new 5G services in the UK

KT connects with Oracle for new 5G business services

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