Enterprise Manager

Oracle Enterprise Manager provides a comprehensive monitoring and management solution for Oracle Database and Engineered Systems deployed in cloud and customer data centers. Customers can run Enterprise Manager on-premises and in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Silicon ANGLE the CUBE on Oracle's latest moves in observability and management

In this interview with Wim Coekaerts, SVP, Oracle, theCUBE explores questions on why Oracle supports a broad array of deployment architectures for cloud and on-premises, and the importance of end-to-end observability and management.

Watch the video (29:25)

Analyst report: The value of using Enterprise Manager

A recent survey by Pique Solutions showed that companies using Enterprise Manager lowered operational management costs by more than 60%. Read the full report to discover all the business benefits of Enterprise Manager.

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Announcing Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 5

Watch Edward Screven, Oracle’s Chief Corporate Architect, and Mughees A. Minhas, Oracle's Vice President of Product Management, to learn about the new capabilities in Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 5.

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Get the latest on Oracle Enterprise Manager from Technology Forum 2023.

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Database performance management

Find, fix, validate

Monitor and manage an entire Oracle Database estate from a top-level view across cloud and on-premises. Integrated and automated deep dive analytics help DBAs quickly find performance problems, fix them, and validate the fixes before promoting them to production.

  • Provides built-in powerful, automated, and integrated diagnostics
  • Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) - built into the Oracle Database kernel simplifies identifying performance issues
  • Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) and Active Session History (ASH) automatically collect and analyze database performance data
  • Monitors and provides alerts and notifications for the database instance and host operating system
  • SQL Tuning Advisor automatically provides comprehensive SQL tuning recommendations
  • SQL Profiles transparently improve application SQL performance without need for patches
  • SQL Access Advisor recommends structures to optimize performance
  • Real-time SQL Monitoring and Database Operations Monitoring provide insights into SQL and PL/SQL job executions
  • Comprehensive real-world testing reduces risk due to unexpected problems encountered in the production systems with minimal effort
  • Database Replay captures the database workload on a production system, and replays it on a test system to speed validation testing
  • SQL Performance Analyzer (SPA) provides fine-grain assessment of the impact of system changes on SQL response times
  • Seamless integration with SQL Tuning Advisor and SQL Plan Baselines helps eliminate SQL performance regressions

Database Ops Automation

Automate operations at scale

A rich set of features supports database consolidation, enforces standardization, and automates time-consuming tasks. Enterprise Manager provides complete Ops automation including provisioning new clusters, patching, and upgrading databases as well as configuration and compliance management—all essential for organizations embracing automation.

Automated provisioning and cloning
  • Out-of-the-box deployment procedures to provision and clone Oracle Databases (Single Instance, CDB, PDB and RAC) including the operating system
  • Provision new databases from a gold image
  • Create rapid clones of large production databases with integrated data masking
Automated, scalable Fleet Maintenance
  • Simplifies patching and upgrades of the entire fleet of Oracle Database and Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Improves predictability of database operations using gold image and preflight checks
  • Minimizes touchpoints by providing end-to-end automation, including credentials, alerts blackouts, configuration, and compliance
  • Reduces MTTR with a rich UI that provides actionable insights when things go wrong
Configuration management
  • Standardize on configurations to reduce security risks and maintenance cost
  • On-demand comparison, drift detection at scale
  • Leverage configuration extensions to augment comparison and drift detection
Security and compliance enforcement
  • Automate built-in security controls up and down the stack from database to infrastructure
  • Manage database security posture and compliance with CIS, STIG, and customized policies
  • Secure Linux hosts with industry standards such as STIG, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA profiles
  • Leverage Oracle Autonomous Health Framework (AHF) compliance standards to secure all engineered- system components
Database Migration Workbench
  • Perform database migrations and consolidations efficiently and less risk
  • Automate identification and repair of source targets with advisors
  • Monitor detailed steps of migration in real time
  • Analyze and optimize the performance of the newly migrated database
Database as a Service
  • Self-service portal to deploy databases on designated zones
  • Role based Service Catalog with standardized database configuration templates
  • Automation via RESTful APIs and CLI
  • Metering, Show back, and Chargeback

Exadata Management

Monitor and manage Exadata components as one

Meet Exadata management challenges with easy access to all Exadata components. Monitor all databases, clusters, and hardware components in a single view. Use alerting, monitoring, and configuration management to stay current on status. Optimize for consolidation without overprovisioning.

  • Discover all Exadata components automatically
  • Monitor
  • See relationships between hardware and software components with topology view
  • Monitor storage cells down to discs, Flash, and I/O performance
  • Monitor the impact of IORM and other configurations
  • See utilization of CPU, storage, and memory on all servers in one view
  • Use automated alerts to get ahead of potential issues
  • Discover IORM changes on storage grid or individual storage cells to ensure resources to key applications
  • Manage InfiniBand switches from Enterprise Manager
Capacity Planning and Migration
  • Monitor utilization history and use it for predictive capacity analysis
  • Estimate capacity needs for consolidation and migration with Database Migration Planner
  • Optimize migration strategy to meet SLAs with Database Migration Workbench
  • Validate migration with Real Application Testing to proactively eliminate regression

Enterprise Monitoring

Smarter, scalable single-pane-of-glass monitoring

With deep monitoring for Oracle Database, including Oracle Autonomous Database, Exadata, Middleware, packaged applications, get complete visibility into your stack running on-premises or on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Enterprise-class monitoring
  • Out-of-the-box monitoring for Oracle technologies
  • Rich alerting and notification customization
  • Send email, SNMP traps, open tickets, and share event data
  • Extensible monitoring using Metric Extensions
  • Maintenance windows support with Blackouts
  • Always-On Monitoring for critical alert notification during Enterprise Manager maintenance
Monitoring scalability and automation
  • Scale monitoring setup using Admin Groups and Template Collections
  • Automate ops privilege assignment using privilege-propagating groups
  • Fix issues automatically using Corrective Actions
Incident management
  • Smart Event Compression autocompresses related events into a smaller set of actionable Incidents
  • Manage full incident lifecycle including assignment, tracking, escalation
  • Use Incident Manager for assignment and troubleshooting of incidents
  • Execute Dynamic Runbook procedures in EM for faster incident resolution
  • Use Incident Dashboard for insights into incident backlog

Middleware Management

Automated middleware operations

Oracle’s middleware management capabilities ease administrators’ lives by providing a full-lifecycle solution encompassing configuration and compliance management, patching, provisioning, and performance management, as well as administration and auditing.

Comprehensive management solution for:
  • Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Oracle Coherence
  • Oracle HTTP Server
  • Oracle SOA Suite
  • Oracle WebCenter Suite
  • Oracle Identity Management
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
  • Non-Oracle middleware (for example, Apache Tomcat, JBoss Application Serve,r and IBM WebSphere Application Server)
Key features and benefits
  • Monitor middleware availability and performance metrics out-of-the-box
  • Improve quality of service by avoiding downtime and improving end-to-end response time
  • Manage multiple domains centrally
  • Monitor real end user experience with the integrated KPIs
  • Gain in-depth JVM diagnostics
  • Detect configuration changes in real time and track historically
  • Reduce cost by automating manual, error-prone lifecycle management operations

Application Management

Automated application operations

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control provides complete application performance management (APM) for custom applications and Oracle Applications, including E-Business Suite, Siebel, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Fusion Applications.

User Experience Management

Real user monitoring with Real User Experience Insight (RUEI)
  • Integrated problem diagnostics and impact analyses, natively from Oracle Enterprise Manager console
  • Customizable dashboards per application, user group segmented
  • User flow tracking, including transaction abandonment analysis
  • User session diagnostics and full session replay
  • Geographic user visualization
RUEI app now available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace
  • Preconfigured stack contains RUEI server and repository, deployed on a single Linux host
  • Monitor real-user experience of cloud applications
  • Drastically simplified installation and network setup process
JVM monitoring and diagnostics
  • Integrated with JVM Diagnostics feature in Enterprise Manager
  • Zero-overhead, production Java and DB diagnostics for Oracle and non-Oracle platforms
  • Always-on, real-time and historical monitoring and diagnostics
  • Diagnose the problem at production—no need to reproduce in house
  • No application instrumentation or server restarts required
  • Constant, low overhead by Java thread sampling method
  • Complete visibility into JVM stack: requests, threads, heap, GC
  • Java Workload Explorer: detailed comparison across time and servers


Extending visualization, monitoring, and connectivity

Enterprise Manager is designed to support a breadth of enhanced visualization capabilities, from customizing out-of-the-box dashboards to using the Enterprise Manager App for Grafana. Further extend Enterprise Manager capabilities with REST APIs to interoperate with third-party tools.

Visualization and mobile access
  • Create dashboards using prebuilt and custom widgets
  • Grafana app for versatile dashboarding experience
  • Mobile app for on-the-go administration
  • Enterprise Manager federation visualization
  • Single pane of glass summary across federated EM instances
Heterogeneous management
  • Monitor and manage Non-Oracle Databases using monitoring plugins for Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and Sybase ASE
  • Event Connectors to share EM events with external systems
  • Service Desk Connectors to open tickets in external systems
REST API support
  • Automate EM management operations from external tools using REST APIs


Resilient platform

Enterprise Manager is used to monitor and manage highly available database, middleware, and application technology requiring a resilient platform. Features include rapid platform update for patching and updates, proactive health monitoring and diagnostics, and flexible high availability deployment options.

Reduce maintenance windows and maintain critical monitoring using rapid platform update
  • Minimize patching maintenance windows to meet service level agreements
  • Maintain monitoring and alerting continuity during maintenance windows for mission-critical targets
  • Schedule flexible maintenance windows to adapt to business requirements
  • Reduce human errors with patch automation in the multi-OMS environment
Privileged Access Management (PAM) integration
PAM solutions help provide secure privileged access to critical assets, such as databases and hosts, by centrally managing account passwords and providing access rules for both privileged and nonprivileged accounts to control who can use those accounts to log on to your assets. Oracle Enterprise Manager provides an extensible credential framework that is integrated with PAM solutions. The integration enables database management, database patching, and running host commands in accordance with customer security compliance policies.
  • Extensible model
    • Credential framework to plug in with any PAM provider
    • Simplified integration with Enterprise Manager for workflows, such as database patching, using Fleet Maintenance
  • Risk reduction
    • Prevent administrator errors and privilege abuse
    • Reduce the risk of a potentially costly insider data breaches and address regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Auditing and reporting
    • Easily track privileged access activities and detect suspicious behavior with detailed auditing and reporting capabilities
  • Higher efficiency
    • Easily control privileged accounts and streamline the access process
    • Reduce access management effort and improve security posture
Enterprise Manager on Cloud (Oracle Cloud Marketplace)
Supercharged job system for peak workloads
  • Prioritize and parallelize jobs for greater scalability and efficiency
Enhanced self-monitoring and diagnostics
  • Automatically alerts admin to EM health issues
  • Continuously evaluates and recommends EM sizing configuration for OMS and repository based on workload
  • Job diagnostics dashboards to drill down into the performance and real-time status of the jobs running in or blocking the system
Oracle Enterprise Manager Mobile (Apple App Store and Google Play Store)
Enterprise Manager Federation
  • Consolidated view of all Enterprise Manager sites
  • Summary pages with clickable links to deep analysis


Comcast maximizes performance with Oracle Enterprise Manager

Comcast uses Oracle Enterprise Manager database lifecycle management for deep performance visibility into their database fleet and to automate provisioning, maximize utilization, and provide a self-service database provisioning portal.

Enterprise Manager use cases

  • Find, fix, and validate database performance issues

    Automation with integrated diagnostics, tuning, and validation speeds troubleshooting and corrective action.

    Read more about validation

  • Automate database lifecycle operations including provisioning

    Database operations fleet-wide automation reduces manual effort, eliminates human errors, and helps stay current on patches.

    Read about database automation

  • Resolve issues before users are impacted

    Proactively manage alert templates, automatically send notifications, and enable team collaboration to rapidly troubleshoot issues impacting customer IT operations

    Find out more

One of the highest costs of deploying IT resources in the cloud or on-premises is day-to-day operations. Oracle’s new edition of Enterprise Manager includes features such as Dynamic Workbooks, Smart Event Compression, and Automatic Workload Analysis that automate many previously manual tasks. These features can significantly reduce IT operational cost and complexity by enabling consistent automation practices across a mix of IT deployment architectures.

David Floyer CTO and Co-Founder, Wikibon

Oracle Enterprise Manager is analogous to the smart home—in fact the latest release is effectively a smart Oracle Database hub. This is another example of Oracle’s focused drive on automation by automating Oracle Database operations and reducing operational costs by up to 60%. Oracle has put all the expertise into Enterprise Manager instead of the administrator—transforming anyone who uses it into an expert.

Marc Staimer President of DS Consulting and Wikibon analyst

December 7, 2023

Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 5 Update 18 ( is now available

Daniela Hansell, Director, Observability and Management, Oracle

Release Updates (RUs) are the agile way to roll out new EM features and bug fixes quickly to customers, so they don't have to wait for a major release. RUs are versioned with a trailing digit indicating the RU version.

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