Revenue Management and Billing for Card Schemes and Payment Processors

Oracle Revenue Management and Billing for Card Schemes and Payment Processors enables participants in the payment ecosystem, including traditional payment processors, card schemes and merchant acquirers, to automate, control and execute pricing and billing operations efficiently across customer segments, geographies and lines of business on a single platform.

Meet the broad and specialized needs of merchant acquirers with Oracle

Explore the features of Oracle Revenue Management and Billing for Card Schemes and Payment Processors

Billing and invoicing

Customize and automate merchant invoice and billing to suit customer needs, including accommodating bill charges breakdown, billing cycles and billing hierarchy.

Price plan enforcement

Customize, plan, and enforce different fee structures such as one-time fee, recurring fee, transaction fee, and merchant service fee, and support incentives, commission and residuals.

Card scheme management

Support different types of credit, debit and prepaid cards under various card schemes and devise different pricing methods such as basic interchange, interchange-plus, tiered, flat or subscription.

Reward programs

Increase revenue and loyalty by offering a rewards program to merchants based on performance, relationship, and transactional volume, and offer discounts on annual fee, transaction fee, account fee, or rentals.

Dispute management

Apply a flat-rate, percentage-based or tiered pricing structure for a chargeback fee and gain insights about the chargeback status through the revenue management software’s dashboards and reports.

Settlement and reconciliation

Define settlement instructions - gross or net – on the revenue sharing software and initiate settlement on the defined date, in the specified currency, to the designated bank account.

Rule-based filtering

Perform rule-based filtering of chargeback cases based on the type of customers, industry, risk levels and monetary values, and direct how cases are handled on the revenue sharing software.

Self-service dashboard

Uncover growth or opportunity areas by accessing dashboards on the revenue sharing software that give a quick view of entity transactions.

Built-in approval workflows

Reduce the creation of inaccurate pricing models on the revenue sharing software by configuring several levels of pricing proposal review and approvals.

Agility and business control

Leverage an unlimited number of rules to map transactions under a variety of situations, such as one-to-one and many-to-many, and define who and what to charge.

Pre-built integrations

Pre-built integrations with other Oracle applications as well as third party industry applications like CRM systems, origination platforms, switching platforms, core banking platforms and billing systems supports business processes.

Why choose Oracle Revenue Management and Billing for Card Schemes and Payment Processors?

01Eliminate processing errors

Automation and a configurable workflow engine ensure price plan review and approvals, enhancing internal controls and reducing errors.

02Tailor pricing and billing plans to customers

Leverage pricing modeling, “what-if” analysis, multi parameter-based pricing and decision support dashboards to tailor offers to each merchant.

03Ensure a single version of truth

Pre-built integrations allow for seamless bi-directional data movement both in batch and real time mode to ensure a single version of the truth.

04Scales to handle high volume of transactions

Built to handle sizeable transaction needs no matter if the revenue management software is deployed on premise or on the cloud.

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