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Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Gain visibility and detect threats on the entire cloud stack for workloads and applications with Oracle CASB.

CASB features

Adopt machine learning to learn behavioral patterns

Leverage real-time threat intelligence feeds and machine learning techniques to establish security baselines, learn behavioral patterns, and identify threats to the cloud stack.

Use predictive analytics to manage threats

Proactively identify threats with innovative modeling techniques that evaluate risks and provide a concise summary of potential threats across hundreds of threat vectors. Based on Oracle machine learning capabilities, risks are evaluated continuously by examining user access patterns, privileged user actions, and device characteristics.

Prevent manual configuration errors

Eliminate labor-intensive and error-prone manual processes. Manage security configurations within cloud applications by assessing and continuously enforcing configurations with simplified monitoring and automated remediation.

Identify cloud risks

Accelerate regulatory compliance and provide consistent reporting with secure provisioning and comprehensive monitoring across activity, configurations, and transactions. Identify anomalies as well as fraud and breach patterns across cloud applications with CASB.

Quickly respond to out of policy application usage

Identify shadow applications and deny access for risky users across the enterprise network and endpoints with streamlined incident workflow to reduce the burden on IT staff. Integration with existing incident response processes and next-generation firewalls or endpoint agents provides real-time actions.

Cloud Access Security Broker successes

Discover how customers use Oracle Security Zones to enforce cloud security policies.

Marlette Funding
Monrovia Plants
Outsourcing Inc
WIND Hellas
Marlette logo

Marlette Funding Gains Threat Visibility with Oracle CASB

CASB benefits

  • Detect threats

    Obtain complete visibility and perform advanced behavioral analysis for cloud applications and infrastructure. Detect, predict, and visualize threats by identifying anomalies and fraud patterns.

  • Protect users

    Enhance secure provisioning of applications and incident response with using risk scores, access patterns, and privileged user actions provided by user behavior analytics. Integrate with leading identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) solutions for detailed correlation and threat detection based on user activities across all services.

  • Securely configure and monitor applications

    Provision cloud applications securely from the start with the necessary security configurations to comply with regulations and gain consistent compliance reporting. Continuously monitor activities, configurations, and transactions to identify anomalies and patterns of fraud across applications and find methods to address them.

September 26, 2019

Enhancing EBS Security in Oracle Cloud - Part 4

Paul Toal, Distinguished Solution Engineer, Cybersecurity, Oracle

It is critical that you know your EBS application (and the underpinning platform it sits on) is running well, and that, if you do have an issue, that you can quickly identify the root cause and resolve it. Of course, security monitoring isn’t just about availability. Making sure that your configuration has not changed is also crucial. Any change to your configuration, whether malicious or by mistake can have a potential impact. Therefore, monitoring configuration drift is an important operational aspect of EBS (and any enterprise application).

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