Oracle Coherence In-Memory Data Grid

The #1 Distributed Caching Solution Across On Premises and Cloud Environments

A key component of Oracle Cloud Application Foundation, Oracle Coherence predictably scales applications to meet mobile and cloud demands on shared services and infrastructure.

  • Scale your applications dynamically to meet the demands of cloud and mobile data exchange.

  • Offload your mainframe, database, and back-end services to save IT costs.

  • Cache and process data in real time to ensure consistent customer experiences and delivery of always-accurate information.


  • 利用平行查詢、即時事件處理、map-reduce 彙總,以及平行交易處理,來提供即時的應用程式處理功能
  • 線性及動態地擴展應用程式,取得可預測的成本成效,並可靠地達成即時性的客戶體驗
  • 跨要求最為嚴苛的多資料中心部署,提供持續的資料可用性及交易完整性
  • 提供全方位的多資料中心功能,以取得全球性的持續資料可用性及嶄新的持續性功能,進而從計畫或非計畫性系統中斷中,迅速自動化復原
  • 利用基礎資料庫的即時快取更新,來提供隨時準確的應用程式資訊