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Upgrade to Market Winning Performance

Redraw your ERP in simple steps. Automate the mundane; be more agile, effective and efficient. By tapping into our innovation, you can reinvent the way you do business.

Finance Leader Asks: How to Optimize Employee Productivity

As a Finance leader, Matt wants to simplify, standardize, and automate end-to-end processes to increase transaction speed and free staff resources for more valuable tasks to optimize staff productivity. An Oracle Cloud expert provides him solutions.

Finance Analyst Asks: How to Drive Value Insights

As a financial analyst, Heather wants to be able to produce accurate reports so that she can provide strategic business recommendations as a valued partner to her enterprise. An Oracle Cloud expert provides solutions to her challenges.

Procurement Leader: How to Control Cost and Drive Efficiency

As a procurement leader, Paul wants to streamline and automate processes so that he can increase efficiency, control spends, and reduce costs. An Oracle Cloud expert provides him solutions with Oracle Cloud to overcome his challenges.

A 12 Step Journey to the Future

If you have...

- An inquisitive, open mind
- A focus on business process outcomes
- Empowerment for action

The Future Ready Journey is an unique opportunity for you and your organisation to embrace change, promote innovation and challenge the status quo. Oracle guides you in 3 sprints and 12 steps through the journey with face to face workshops and self-service activities.

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Step 1 – Check In

In order to get ready for your journey, we will first check you in during a kick-off meeting where we will outline the various journey steps, set expectations for each of them and confirm timeline and resources on both ends. Also, we will provide with your connection details to the Future Ready Journey private portal where you will be able to monitor your progress and get usual pieces of information over time.

Step 2 – Business Ambition

Through a number of discovery conversations, our goal is to understand what you are trying to achieve as a business, whether you are playing offense to disrupt your industry peers or defense to face disruption from your competitors. We need to understand how this translates into new capabilities and whether these could be achieved with a move to Oracle Cloud.

Business Ambition

Step 3 – IT Landscape

As a subsequent step, we need to understand your current IT landscape as well as the potential shortcomings given your business ambition. More specifically, our consulting team will leverage their proprietary tools to get an in-depth understanding of your current implementation, including potential customization you would have developed over time. This is critical for both you and Oracle Consulting to understand what it will take to upgrade your environment into the Cloud.

Step 4 – Proof of Points

Similarly, we understand that you may want to learn and possibly talk to someone who has gone through the move to the Cloud. Sharing experience about how your peers have approach their journey. Reviewing some of our customers’ business ambition and their journey to get there is the goal of the references step of your Future Ready Journey.

Step 5 – Future Ready Experience

The experience itself is a one-day workshop held in our local Customer Visitor Center. Targeted at a mixed audience of business owners and their IT counterpart, this is a unique opportunity for your journey crew members to learn and collaborate, get hands-on with the Cloud and its innovative features, work on process improvement and experience your data in the new Oracle Cloud Service. This should give you a great deal of energy to follow up with the definition step.

Step 6 – Cloud Confidence

Like for every journey, we understand that there are a number of question marks which need to be answered in order for you to feel confident with the unknown. To that end, our cloud operations representative is here to help you understand how Oracle operate their cloud, as well as present how we approach data security, privacy and any other topic you may want to discuss.

Step 7 – Innovation Sparkles

Oracle is delivering innovation at an increased pace! We thought that you might be interested in understanding the options you have to embed some of the latest and greatest on AI/ML, blockchain, IoT and digital assistants to help you succeed with your move to the cloud. This step is for you to get an introduction or an in-depth session on any of these topics.

Step 8 – Life in the Cloud

How will your life in the cloud differ from the current way your team is dealing with enhancement requests and/or new business requirements? This session is dedicated to focusing on key supporting roles your organization needs as well as the platform Oracle provides to configure and extend your solution as a service in the public cloud.

Life in the Cloud

Step 9 – The Last Upgrade

During this step, our consulting team will present the strategy and recommended approach to what in effect will be your last upgrade! Data migration strategy, risk mitigation plan, timeline and resources are elements covered in this step of the journey. Our unique methodology and associated tools will be explained in detail at this point as well as their application to your specific ambition and landscape.

Step 10 – Solution Scope

We will explain in this step how your current environment maps to your future ambition and supporting cloud service, including your potential customization. In addition to this, you will be guided through our public Value Navigator which will allow you to build the foundations of a business case to justify your move. This justification will cover both from a TCO and incremental value to the business.

Solution Scope

Step 11 – Transition Approach

As we are getting towards the goal of your journey, we believe that a clear plan with relevant activities and corresponding effort on both sides will be required. This step will provide your exactly this and combined with the previous outcome should allow you to build a proper ROI calculation. It will also allow the business to understand when they can expect to get the new capabilities they are looking for from your ERP Cloud.

Step 12 - Future Ready Plan 1.0

Your Future Ready Plan 1.0 is the “photo album” of your Future Ready Journey. It will complete incrementally and iteratively as you go through the various steps of your own journey. It will be structured in three main sections: the “case for change” focused on why moving, the “Solution Mapping” focused on what you will get, and finally the “Upgrade Plan” focused on the how you will get there.

Future Ready Plan 1.0

ERP Cloud Customer Stories

Asia Commercial Bank

Asia Commercial Bank: Turning Data Into Insights with Oracle ERP


Asia Commercial Bank

Watch as Loc D. Nguyen, CIO of Asia Commercial Bank, shares how Oracle ERP Cloud has helped their organisation reduce costs by 60% and increase efficiencies to meet the demands of their customers and a modern world.

Lloyds Bank

Lloyds Bank Modernizes Finance with Oracle ERP Cloud


Lloyds Bank

Matt Trager, Head of Finance Business Architecture Transformation, Lloyds Bank, shares why the bank moved from its 18-year-old legacy SAP system to Oracle’s ERP Cloud to future-proof its technology platform, lower costs, and achieve greater insights.

Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University Streamlines Financial Processes with Oracle Cloud


Staffordshire University

“Oracle ERP Cloud allows us to focus on front-line delivery, safe in confident that our back-office functions are delivered through a cutting-edge solution.”
Birmingham City University

The Birmingham City University Embarks on an Ambitious Strategic Plan with Oracle Cloud


Birmingham City University

David Wilkin, Chief Financial Officer of Birmingham City University speaks about an ambitious strategic plan to transform the prospects of individuals, organizations, and society through excellence in practice-based education.

National Statistics

Office for National Statistics Implements a Fully Integrated ERP and HCM Cloud


National Statistics

We chose Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud and Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud because they are future proof and have significantly improved our staff’s user experience. Our Oracle Cloud solutions have proved to be a great success, reducing risk of system failure, boosting our use of mobile technology, replacing old legacy interfaces, and saving money.

RiverStone Management Improves Insurance Business Processes with Oracle ERP Cloud



“Oracle Financials Cloud gave us the benefit of moving to a more modern environment. We improved our reporting processes by reducing auditing time and increasing transparency. We smoothly implemented the accounts payable, the cash management, and the general ledger modules.”
Radius Payment Solutions

Radius Payment Solutions Rapidly Expands with Oracle ERP Cloud


Radius Payment Solutions

Oracle ERP Cloud radically changed our approach to financial management, pricing, and invoicing processes. It provides us with a scalable, flexible, and reliable platform to support our long-term growth strategy.

Scottish Water Stays Current with Oracle ERP Cloud


Scottish Water

Brian Strathie at Scottish Water redoubles efforts to modernize their back office and unify the business on a single cloud platform.

Orange Improves Every Day with the Help of Oracle ERP



Orange chose Oracle ERP Cloud to help manage the complexity of 249,000,000 customers in 29 countries. Oracle ERP Cloud’s constant innovation, ease of adoption, and embedded business processes make it easy to adopt new functionality and drive ROI.

Pure Play Online Sports Retailer Wiggle Grows With Oracle


Pure Play Online Sports

UK online sports retailer Wiggle is experiencing hyper growth, doubling in size every 18 months. The business was presented with scalability issues and CIO Jeff Wollen looked to Oracle to support Wiggle’s journey.

NHS NEP Deploys Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service



North East Patches talk about using Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service and moving 37 organisations across to Oracle ERP Cloud.

NHS NEP Talks About Moving to Oracle ERP Cloud



NEP Discusses Drivers for Change and Moving to Oracle ERP Cloud.