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Connect Everything. Extend Your Reach.
Connect Everything.
Extend Your Reach.
Podcast Series: A Practical Path to Artificial Intelligence
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Simplify Integration and Extend Your Reach

Throughout the world and across every industry, a wave of automation – led by machine intelligence and pervasive computing – is reshaping the business landscape. Artificial intelligence (AI) is creating new opportunities for businesses growth by driving personalized engagements, delivering new sources of revenue, and reducing service and infrastructure costs. With these breakthrough technologies, organizations are discovering new ways to engage customers, partners, and employees with mobile, digital, and personalized – even predictive – experiences.

Some organizations have embraced this trend head on, while others are exploring a more gradual path to AI adoption. But no matter which path you choose, intelligent apps, intelligent devices, and conversational platforms driven by AI all require connected applications, data, devices, and processes as well as embedded advanced analytics.

Delivering a Practical Path to Artificial Intelligence

To take advantage of conversational AI and machine learning (ML), you need to connect your enterprise and extend your reach into new channels and revenue streams. Leverage your existing investments in software-as-a-service (SaaS) and on-premises applications. Innovate quickly, without getting bogged down by IT complexity.

Oracle Cloud Platform

Oracle Cloud Platform provides a practical approach to drive business transformation and support your journey to adopt AI and ML, without the cost and risk of managing best-of-breed tools and legacy complexity. With Oracle Cloud Platform, you can seamlessly connect all systems of record – data, apps, and devices – and extend existing SaaS and on-premises applications with the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, conversational AI, content, and automated processes to deliver intelligent and engaging digital experiences at the pace of business.

Connect Your Enterprise

Connect Your Enterprise

Connect devices, data, and applications, drive API management, and deliver process automation with Oracle Cloud Platform solutions for integration and IoT. Select from a large library of Oracle and non-Oracle applications adapters to eliminate the manual process of custom-coded web service integration. Collaborate seamlessly across real-time data streaming, batch processing, data quality, and data governance projects with the unified Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud.

Extend Your Reach

Extend Your Reach

Deliver personalized, connected, and intelligent experiences that increase engagement and business growth with conversational AI, mobile services, content management, and rapid site delivery. Better meet your business’ specific demands by extending existing SaaS and on-premises applications with Oracle Cloud Platform solutions for mobile, content, and experience.

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