Autonomous Database

Oracle Autonomous Database is a fully automated service that makes it easy for all organizations to develop and deploy application workloads, regardless of complexity, scale, or criticality. The service’s converged engine supports diverse data types, simplifying application development and deployment from modeling and coding to ETL, database optimization, and data analysis. With machine learning–driven automated tuning, scaling, and patching, Autonomous Database delivers the highest performance, availability, and security for OLTP, analytics, batch, and Internet of Things (IoT) workloads. Built on Oracle Database and Oracle Exadata, Autonomous Database is available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for serverless or dedicated deployments as well as on-premises with Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer and OCI Dedicated Region.

Introducing Autonomous Database Select AI

Autonomous Database speaks “human.” Select AI makes it easy for developers to extend applications with capabilities that let users pose natural language questions directly to Autonomous Database.

A simple, innovative, and fast database service

See how Autonomous Database accelerates innovation.

Enabling businesses around the world


new Autonomous Database instances every month

Deploying complete data platforms

2–3 minutes

on average for each deployment

Serving demanding analytic and transaction workloads

10 billion

queries an hour every day—see the latest stats1

Enhancing and maintaining your platforms

4 million

patches and updates in 2022 with zero scheduled downtime

Keeping your businesses running


availability—see it to believe it1

Helping you get business outcomes


new features and enhancements in 2022—discover them2

Why choose Autonomous Database?

Autonomous Database solutions

For simpler, faster transactions

A fully automated database service optimized to run transactional, analytical, and batch workloads concurrently. To accelerate performance, it is preconfigured for row format, indexes, and data caching, while providing scalability, availability, transparent security, and real-time operational analytics. With Autonomous Database, application developers and DBAs can rapidly, easily, and cost-effectively develop and deploy applications without sacrificing functionality or ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) properties.

Read Gartner Critical Capabilities for Cloud Database Management Systems for Operational Use Cases. See why Oracle is named a leader.

Use cases
  • Transaction processing applications
  • Mission-critical applications
  • Mixed-workload applications
  • Cloud native applications
  • Low-code applications
  • Business applications

Take control of all your data with a converged database and automation

A fully automated cloud database service optimized for analytic workloads, including data marts, data warehouses, and data lakes. It is preconfigured with columnar format, partitioning, and large joins to simplify and accelerate database provisioning, extracting, loading, and transforming data; running sophisticated reports; generating predictions; and creating machine learning models. With Autonomous Database, data scientists, business analysts, and nonexperts can rapidly, easily, and cost-effectively discover business insights using data of any size and type.

Use cases
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Data lakes
  • Departmental Data Warehouse
  • Data science and machine learning
  • Data and IoT event streams

Develop JSON-centric applications with a simple, fast, serverless cloud document database service

Oracle Autonomous JSON Database (AJD) is a version of Oracle Autonomous Database exclusively for transactions and analytics on JSON data, and includes a MongoDB API.

Use cases
  • Mobile applications
  • Applications with dynamic personalized experiences
  • Content and catalog management
  • Integrated IoT applications
  • Digital payment applications

Build applications faster

APEX App Dev is built into Oracle Autonomous Database for developing and running transactional or analytic low-code apps. Build apps 38X faster than traditional coding.

Use cases
  • Opportunistic apps
  • Data sharing
  • Replace spreadsheets
  • ISV Applications
  • Oracle Forms modernization

Use Autonomous Database in Azure

Oracle Autonomous Database@Azure lets organizations run workloads where they choose, modernize and innovate with Oracle and Azure services, and simplify cloud purchasing and management. Customers combine Azure services of their choosing with Autonomous Database, an OCI service that’s deeply integrated with and colocated in Azure data centers, achieving high performance, scale, and availability for their Oracle Database workloads.

Use cases
  • Integrate Oracle data with Microsoft Power BI for immediate insights.
  • Modernize by running Oracle Database workloads on OCI services in Azure.
  • Innovate by combining Azure application development tools and frameworks with Oracle databases.

Build internet-scale applications

Oracle Globally Distributed Autonomous Database is a fully automated distributed cloud database that’s easy to use, develop with, and manage. Its shared-nothing, sharded architecture is built on top of Oracle Autonomous Database, letting transaction processing and analytics applications benefit from hyperscale performance and scalability as well as extreme availability. Organizations can easily meet data residency requirements and the needs of distributed global users.

Use cases
  • Build cloud native, scalable mission-critical applications.
  • Meet data residency requirements for distributed data warehousing and data lakes.
  • Perform hyperscale transaction processing.
  • Provide maximum availability for mission-critical applications.
  • Support concurrent data pipelines and machine learning analytics.

Applications and tools compatible with Autonomous Database

Try the Autonomous Database MovieStream workshop.

View more customer successes

Autonomous Database customer successes

Learn how Oracle customers are using Oracle Autonomous Database to transform their businesses by redefining database management through machine learning and automation.

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Autonomous Database benefits

Autonomous Database deployment

Autonomous Database services offer multiple deployment possibilities for lowest cost, operational control, and isolation.


  • Fully automated deployment of resources—pay for what you use
  • Lowest cost to get started with no minimum commitment requirement

Dedicated infrastructure

  • Complete isolation of your data and operations, with a private dedicated database cloud within public cloud
  • Dedicated system resources—such as processor, memory, network, or storage—offer greater control over operational policies and customizations

Cloud@Customer infrastructure

  • Autonomous Database in your data center to meet regulatory, data residency, or network latency requirements for workloads that cannot move to public cloud
  • Enables IT to easily deliver self-service databases to business users and developers while ensuring security and governance of all data

September 19, 2023

Latest Autonomous Database innovation announcements at CloudWorld

George Lumpkin, Vice President of Product Management, Oracle

Continuing our key themes to simplify customer innovations and reduce operational costs, Oracle has announced several new Autonomous Database features at Oracle ClouldWorld. With the Select AI feature, Autonomous Database now speaks “human” and lets users ask any questions with natural language. Developers have a new free and offline AppDev option with Autonomous Database Free Container Image, and organizations save operational costs by consolidating compute resources in the Elastic Resource Pools feature. Discover more about the new and innovative capabilities now available in Autonomous Database.

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3. The SLA for 99.995% availability assumes the use of Oracle Autonomous Data Guard. The SLA is 99.95% when Autonomous Data Guard isn’t enabled.