Autonomous Database Select AI

Use natural language to analyze your data and get quick insights about your business—no matter where the data is stored.

Use natural language to query data in Autonomous Database (1:39)
Announcing Oracle Database 23ai: Bring AI to your data

Larry Ellison and Juan Loaiza discuss the GenAI strategy behind Oracle Database 23ai.

Why Autonomous Database Select AI?

  • Analysts get quick answers to their questions

    Get rapid new insights from all your data via natural language conversations, without performing complex manual processes or waiting for IT’s help.

  • Developers deliver apps with built-in AI

    Easily enhance existing apps or develop new ones with a built-in natural language question-to-SQL query capability in a conversational thread using large language models (LLMs).

  • IT helps accelerate AI innovation

    Enable your stakeholders to use a choice of LLMs from Cohere AI, Azure OpenAI, OpenAI, and OCI Generative AI to securely interact with data using natural language. No integrations or cumbersome manual operations required.

How Autonomous Database Select AI works

Converse with your data diagram, description below

The image shows how Autonomous Database Select AI works. The diagram outlines how you can have a conversation with your data by asking a natural language question through an interface, such as an integrated development environment or application, via text or voice.

Autonomous Database Select AI then uses a large language model (LLM) to generate a SQL query and performs the following tasks:

  • 1) Augments the natural language question with metadata from the schema(s) identified in the user’s profile.
  • 2) Feeds the LLM with an augmented prompt.
  • 3) LLM produces a SQL query against the database.
  • 4) Query is run and the result is sent to the user.
  • 5) Previous questions are retained for conversation-like user interactions.

Finally, the user receives a response back with the answer from their own organization’s data, based on its existing data security policy.

Generate targeted personalized content diagram, description below

This image shows how Autonomous Database Select AI works. The diagram shows how you generate personalized content just by asking a question into the Select AI prompt.

A user kicks off a workflow through an application. For example, the user wants to create a promotional offer based on a customer’s previous purchases.

The application utilizes data in Autonomous Database and creates personalized targeted promotional offers via a large language model (LLM) including these steps:

  • 1) Context from Autonomous Database (for example, customer demographic info and purchasing behavior, products that need to be promoted, etc.) is queried.
  • 2) Prompt task instructions are combined with this data (for example, recommend similar products from the promoted product list; write a personalized and convincing e-mail with the recommendations)
  • 3) It then feeds the LLM with the augmented prompt and processes the result.

The final output is provided to the user that includes a compelling promotional email offer with personalized product recommendations based on customer information, behavior and past purchases.

Industry analyst reviews of Autonomous Database Select AI

  • IDC logo

    “With Autonomous Database giving users an enterprise view of an organization’s data and Select AI providing a natural language interface with wide-ranging SQL translation and generation capabilities, you have a differentiated combination that pushes the boundaries of data interaction to new levels.”

    Carl Olofson
    Research Vice President, Data Management Software, IDC
  • The Futurum Group logo

    "With Select AI, Oracle is first to market with a generally available capability for organizations to have a contextual dialogue with their private, proprietary data—intuitively. It’s so simple that organizations of all sizes can use it immediately, placing Autonomous Database with generative AI at the forefront of data platform innovations.”

    Ron Westfall
    Senior Analyst and Research Director, The Futurum Group
  • NAND Research logo

    “With support for a broad range of LLMs, and the ability for everyone from developers to project managers to now easily hold a conversation with their troves of corporate data and obtain instantaneous insights instead of writing SQL queries or asking someone else in their organization for help, Oracle’s Autonomous Database Select AI clearly elevates the productivity of organizations that adopt it.”

    Steve McDowell
    Chief Analyst & CEO, NAND Research
  • Omdia logo

    “Technically speaking, Autonomous Database with Select AI is a really cool innovation. The ability for anyone to converse with enterprise data not in SQL but instead in their own language will do wonders for employee productivity since no coding or database gymnastics are required to use Oracle's smart implementation.”

    Bradley Shimmin
    Chief Analyst, AI Platforms, Analytics, & Data Management, Omdia
May 2, 2024

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George Lumpkin, Vice President of Product Management, Oracle

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