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Announcing Oracle Database 23ai: Bring AI to your data

Larry Ellison and Juan Loaiza discuss the GenAI strategy behind Oracle Database 23ai.

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Oracle Autonomous Database isn’t just an Oracle Database. It's a complete, easy-to-use, self-service data management platform that enables you to focus on innovating, building apps, and gaining insights from all your data.

Integrate any data from anywhere

It's easy to integrate any data from anywhere. See how to spin up an Autonomous Database and then load or link to data from a variety of sources.

Create a database and tour the service

Deploy a complete, fully automated data management platform of any size that supports any type of workload.

Easily integrate data

Integrate data from many sources, including spreadsheets, databases, applications, and data lakes.

Multicloud data integration

Load data from AWS S3 cloud stores using the native security measures of each cloud vendor.

Transform and prepare data for analytics

Use Autonomous Database’s built-in Data Transforms application, powered by Oracle Data Integrator, to transform and prepare data to optimize analytics. Connect and integrate data from hundreds of sources with no additional software required.

Discover and analyze data lakes

Discover data lake assets with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Catalog, then automatically query and analyze those sources. No additional management required.

Safely share data sets

Your data holds incredible value. Easily share data to make better decisions or deliver it as a product.

Innovate with Oracle and Microsoft services

You can build new cloud native apps using Azure services, such as Azure Kubernetes and Azure OpenAI Service, with Oracle Autonomous Database. Deploying an Autonomous Database instance is quick and easy. Once it’s deployed, your innovation options will be endless with all the data types and workloads supported by Autonomous Database—including genAI, JSON, graph, spatial, and more.

Deploy Autonomous Database on Microsoft Azure in Minutes

Easily deploy Autonomous Databases of any size on Microsoft Azure in just minutes and develop new solutions using the best that Oracle and Microsoft have to offer.

Oracle Autonomous Database: A Better JSON Database

Store and manage relational data and JSON documents in a single database with unified data management, security, and consistency. Use the MongoDB API to create and query documents and analyze them with SQL.

Autonomous Database Speaks “Human” on Microsoft Azure

Use natural language to query your data with Autonomous Database on Oracle Database@Azure and your choice of LLMs, including Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

Discover Communities Using Autonomous Database Graph Analytics

Use the property graph capabilities built into Autonomous Database to discover user communities based on connections between people and the movies they watch.

How to Deliver Innovative AI Services and Apps with Autonomous Database@Azure

Easily apply AI to your organization's data to deliver new AI services using Autonomous Database@Azure, Microsoft Azure OpenAI, and Azure API Management Services.

Integrate Autonomous Database into Your Azure DevOps and Data Lake CI/CD Workflows

Easily incorporate your database objects into your CI/CD workflows with Microsoft Azure DevOps. Integrate with Azure Data Lake using Autonomous Database’s built-in tools and APIs or Azure platform services.

Innovate with integrated, self-service analytics

Putting your data to work has never been easier with Autonomous Database. Answer sophisticated questions without falling off a complexity cliff. Use built-in analytic SQL, machine learning, and graph, spatial, and text analytics that eliminate the need for specialized services. The result is better, faster, and more intelligent business outcomes.

Query your data using natural language

Don't worry about where your data is stored or how to formulate a SQL query. Simply "speak human" to ask questions about your business and let Oracle Autonomous Database Select AI provide the answers.

Analyze all data with Oracle SQL

Use Autonomous Database's industry-leading SQL engine to gain insights from all your data. Any type of data, stored anywhere.

Bring your data to life with Oracle Analytics Cloud

Use any SQL tool or application with Autonomous Database. See how to create interactive dashboards and gain insights with Analytics Cloud.

Predict customer churn

Use machine learning to predict which loyal customers are at risk of leaving the streaming service, then make them a specialized offer.

Make better recommendations with graph analytics

Use Oracle Graph with Autonomous Database to find customer communities who consume similar content and create a personalized recommendation engine for each customer.

Develop smarter applications the way you want

Interested in low-code development using Oracle APEX, the world's most popular low-code application platform? Would you prefer to develop Node.js applications using REST endpoints? Or do you want to take advantage of document stores with a MongoDB API? Autonomous Database offers options for everyone—without sacrificing security or high availability.

What's more, you can use Autonomous Database analytics to build intelligence into your application to improve business outcomes and get results.

Build applications faster with Oracle APEX

Enjoy low-code development. Build scalable, secure enterprise apps with world-class features that can be deployed anywhere.

Easily develop web applications using open APIs

Leverage the speed and simplicity of Autonomous Database's JSON document store. Find out how to take advantage of flexible REST and MongoDB APIs.

Always be ready, always be secure

For decades, the world's most important data has been managed by Oracle databases. Autonomous Database automatically implements real-world best practices to keep your system running at peak efficiency and security. Expect more than 99.995% availability backed by a security control center that identifies risks and alerts you of any suspicious activity.

Dynamically scale resources to meet workload requirements

Improve scalability and performance with autoscale. Save money by only using extra resources when you need them.

Enable disaster recovery

See how easy it is to protect your data from unforeseen disasters with Oracle Autonomous Data Guard.

Protect sensitive data

Secure enterprise data with Oracle Data Safe's security assessment, data discovery, data masking, user assessment, activity auditing, and alert capabilities.


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