Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer

Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer lets organizations virtually eliminate the complexity and cost of managing on-premises databases. Its unique combination of high performance, availability, and dynamic, online scaling delivers pay-per-use cloud economics while helping customers meet strict data residency, security, and latency requirements in their data centers. The fully managed Autonomous Database runs concurrently with Oracle Exadata Database Service on the same Cloud@Customer infrastructure, making it easy to use for current workloads, develop new ones, and increase consolidation efficiency.

Introducing a new low-cost entry point for Oracle Autonomous Database (10:26)

Oracle introduces integrated vector database to augment generative AI and dramatically increase developer productivity

New AI vector similarity search in Oracle Database 23c allows the combination of search in semantic and business data to provide highly accurate answers quickly and securely.

Announcing Exadata Cloud@Customer X10M

Find out how running Autonomous Database with the new scale and performance offered by Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer X10M helps organizations simplify IT in their data centers and reduce costs.

TCO analysis of cloud database deployment options

Learn why Wikibon believes that Oracle Autonomous Database’s type of database architecture is critical for implementing data transformation initiatives.

Reimagining the data-driven bank

OMDIA highlights how the Oracle Cloud@Customer portfolio is the leading choice for financial services institutions to meet all their business and technology objectives for an on-premises database cloud deployment.

Announcing availability of Oracle Autonomous Database for Developers

Build and test new applications with no extra database costs using Autonomous Database on Dedicated Exadata Cloud Infrastructure or Exadata Cloud@Customer.

Automate on-premises databases

Making mission-critical databases easy

The simplest place to develop applications

Create modern, data-driven applications with any data, development style, and workload while automatically benefiting from high performance, consistent security models, and mission-critical capabilities.

Lowest adoption costs

Run Autonomous Database Service on VM clusters inside an existing Exadata Cloud@Customer with no setup costs, making it the easiest and least expensive way to start using the word's most advanced database in customer data centers.

Autonomous operations

Improve management efficiency and reduce costs by replacing error-prone manual management with machine learning–driven automation to patch, scale, tune, secure, back up, and repair databases.

Data residency and security

Secure Oracle databases behind customers’ data center firewalls to help meet data residency, security, and governance requirements.

High performance with pay-per-use economics

Automatic, online scaling of database consumption based on currently running database queries increases performance when needed and reduces costs at other times. The ability to overprovision CPUs for low-consumption users and set database consumption to zero when not in use further reduces costs.

Consolidate databases

Concurrently run autonomous and non-autonomous databases on the same Exadata Cloud@Customer, enabling organizations to efficiently consolidate all types of workloads and develop new database applications.

Complete and simple

Converged database simplicity

Replace the complexity and risk of managing multiple single-purpose databases with one autonomously managed database that supports all data types, workloads, and development styles.

High performance

Run OLTP applications faster with SQL latency of less than 19 microseconds, up to 22 million SQL IOPS, and the automated database tuning and indexing capabilities of Autonomous Database.

High availability

Improve the availability of critical databases with built-in Real Application Clusters, redundant infrastructure, application continuity, and automated disaster recovery and backups.

Greater developer productivity

Enable developers to build enterprise and cloud native applications faster by avoiding the need to manually provision, tune, and scale databases.

Optimized workload consolidation

Use Autonomous Database Service on Exadata Cloud@Customer to run OLTP workloads, taking advantage of isolated VM clusters with customized amounts of compute, memory, and storage to optimize application performance and consolidation efficiency.

Lower costs

Run OLTP workloads with the lowest possible cloud consumption costs by automatically scaling resources up to meet peak demands and back down to minimize costs, all without interrupting operations.

Automated data management

Business-critical data warehouses made simple

Make it easy to store and analyze terabytes to petabytes of diverse information with less integration, tuning, and management using self-service data warehouses that include built-in high availability and security.

Built-in analytics

Accelerate data analysis with built-in machine learning, spatial, graph, and text analytics that eliminate the need to extract, transform, and load data into separate databases.

Scalable high-performance queries

Create automated data summaries, optimize queries, and automatically scale compute up to 3X for consistently fast query performance using optimized Exadata Cloud@Customer infrastructure with unique parallel query and analytics offload capabilities.

Converged data analytics

Analyze all data types including relational, graph, JSON, and spatial, as well as data in object storage-based data lakes.

Optimized workload consolidation

Use Autonomous Database Service on Exadata Cloud@Customer infrastructure for analytics workloads and take advantage of isolated VM clusters with customized amounts of compute, memory, and storage to optimize application performance and consolidation efficiency.

Lower costs

Run analytics workloads with the lowest possible cloud consumption costs by offloading IO and compute-intensive processing to Exadata storage servers, reducing management costs, and automatically scaling resources up and down to meet peak demands and minimize costs, all without interrupting operations.

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Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer successes

Autonomous Database has helped thousands of customers transform their business by redefining data management. Customers are bringing Autonomous Database on the proven Cloud@Customer platform into their data centers for applications that can't move to a public cloud.

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Entel ups security with Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer.

Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer use cases

  • Lower the cost of using a fully managed autonomous database service

    Reduce infrastructure and management costs by running Oracle Autonomous Database Service on isolated VM clusters deployed on the same Cloud@Customer infrastructure as Exadata Database Service.

  • Improve developer impact

    Enable developers to rapidly build, test, and deploy applications with APIs, CLIs, and SDKs using a secure, self-service database cloud based on Oracle best practices.

  • Accelerate insights

    Create secure, governed, self-service data warehouses that enable lines of business to rapidly gain insights from multiple data sources without moving workloads and data to the cloud.

  • Increase runtime efficiency for Oracle applications

    Run JD Edwards, Siebel, and PeopleSoft with the lowest possible database costs and without the complexity of managing the databases.

  • Automate database management

    Gain autonomous operations with databases that tune, scale, and secure themselves, help reduce human errors, and enable diverse OLTP, analytics, and mixed workloads to run faster.

  • Consolidate diverse databases

    Concurrently run autonomous and non-autonomous databases on the same Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer to improve operational efficiency costs for all types of database workloads.

March 13, 2024

Introducing Zero to Low-Cost Autonomous Database for Developers

Simon Law, Senior Principal Product Manager, Autonomous Database

Oracle Autonomous Database for Developers enables developers on Dedicated Exadata Infrastructure and Exadata Cloud@Customer to experiment with Autonomous Database and build applications with no additional cost. The free developer databases are intended for development and functional testing.


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