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Modern Methods of Construction (MMoC)

The drive for digitalisation in Construction Industry has never been greater. Unleash the full potential of Modern Methods of Construction (MMoC) with an ecosystem platform approach that provides real-time, end-to-end process visibility, and oversight of your capital project and programme delivery. Reduce construction time and cost whilst optimising your quality and sustainability outcomes.

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Why now is the time for MMoC?

growth in market share for modular construction companies
new digital players in the last three years
of CXOs say there’s more need to change now than five years ago
increase in venture capital investment in construction tech

Data source: Capital Projects after COVID-19: The Role of Digitization in shaping the future of the Industry (McKinsey Global Infrastructure Initiative -May 26, 2020)

New technology developments, such as advanced building materials, 3D printing, cloud, big data, and IoT Industry 4.0 connectivity, are driving a new paradigm shift in the adoption of Modern Methods of Construction by enabling:

  • A shift to off-site construction
  • Improved sustainability
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased productivity

MMoC will be particularly effective in regions where there are labour and housing shortages—the UK Government is leading the way by starting to mandate MMoC approaches in its public sector projects.


What are the benefits of MMoC?

Modular construction can speed up construction by as much as 50% and cut costs by 20%. It’s estimated that modular construction will claim $130bn of the market and deliver annual cost savings of $22bn by 2030.


Key Challenges MMoC addresses:

  • Sustainability
  • Carbon-zero goals/climate change
  • Productivity/Infrastructure gap
  • Worksite health and safety (post-COVID-19)
  • Talent gap and ageing workforce

Construction Industry Challenges

Huge Infrastructure Investment Gap


global infrastructure investment gap to be filled

Scarcity of Resources


consumer of global raw materials is the construction industry

Talent Gap & Ageing Workforce


of general contractors are concerned about finding experienced craft workers

Energy & Climate Change


of global greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to buildings

Urbanisation & Housing Crisis


people are added daily to urban areas requiring affordable and healthy housing

Data source: Future of Construction, World Economic Forum, Boston Consulting Group


Optimising your MMoC strategy

To create a scalable and sustainable advantage through Modern Methods of Construction, you need to:

  • Consider adopting best practices from the manufacturing industry, e.g. industrialisation of construction delivery
  • Define a strategic digital platform approach for the future of your construction operations, providing a foundation for your future vision by enabling new innovations and Industry 4.0 technologies

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