Build a smarter, connected future for emergency services with Oracle Cloud

Save time building more agile, responsive, and proactive emergency services and gain mission-critical insights to better predict situations, prevent threats, and understand complex public safety issues. In a constantly evolving society, the use of emerging technology enables efficient practices to enhance the protection of citizens.

Oracle Cloud for UK Government & Defence is now PASF accredited.

Emergency Services prefer Oracle Cloud

Cleveland Police - Transforming the Police Force with cloud migration

Cleveland Police—transforming the police force with cloud migration

Learn how, in collaboration with our partner, Sopra Steria, we made Enterprise Resource Planning fit for the future at Cleveland Police.

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Merseyside Police - Move for a Robust Digital Transformation Strategy

Merseyside Police—move for a robust digital transformation strategy

Merseyside Police turned to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for increased productivity and improved process controls through a single unified platform. The force’s multiphase cloud implementation project will drive efficiency, generate cost savings that can be redirected to frontline services, and better support staff and the local communities they serve.

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Reasons why Emergency Services are choosing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Emergency Service providers are moving to a cloud-first approach to modernise and innovate. Oracle has the first and only dual-region sovereign cloud for use by the UK public sector. Adhering to the security principles outlined by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Oracle provides access to services designed for efficient, secure, and cost-effective operations.

First sovereign, dual-region cloud for UK government and defence

Oracle's dedicated, dual-region cloud is built to support official-sensitive workloads for UK government and defence customers.

Easily migrate mission-critical services

Find out more about how to increase innovation and productivity and instantly migrate critical services, including duty management and command and control to the cloud.

Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure

Your organisation can seamlessly build Azure applications with high performance, high availability, and automated management of Oracle Database services.

Drive proactive policing and embrace innovation

Find all the transformation tools you need to fully embrace innovation and get to know our new Oracle Industry Lab.

Key cloud technologies to address emergency services demands

Build powerful cloud native interfaces for citizen engagement with all the needed resources available in one place.

Reduce staff hours with fully autonomous services

Achieve peak performance with autonomous services and allow resources to focus elsewhere.

Security that's built-in—at no extra charge

OCI's superior price-performance helps you save costs whilst staying secure from the start.

Oracle Bring Your Own License (BYOL)

Discover how to leverage existing on-premises licenses with 100% workload compatibility and license mobility.

Emerging technology

Arm Emergency Services with Mission-Critical Insights and Intelligence

Improve prediction and prevention of evolving threats by gaining faster insights and better decision-making capabilities. Use data analytics and a single source of shared information to develop a smarter and more agile emergency services.

Increase Citizen Engagement with AI-Powered Digital Experience

Drive conversational experiences for your apps and citizens through text, chat, and voice interfaces. Oracle Digital Assistant offers prebuilt skills and templates to engage communities and help police forces focus on core service delivery.

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Oracle Blockchain for law enforcement

Increase accountability, transparency, and trust concerning the storage, safeguarding, collection and sharing of evidence, criminal incidents and judicial information among the force, agencies, and collaboration parties.

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Seize the opportunity with an IoT-enabled workforce

From connected vehicles to monitoring officer health and wellbeing. Learn how the Internet of Things (IoT) can play a pivotal role in supporting officers and driving efficiencies.

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Analyst perspectives

Move for security-first architecture

75% of enterprises attest to OCI’s superior security design compared to on-premises offerings

Move for high satisfaction in the cloud

Oracle has the highest customer satisfaction (8.64/10) among all cloud vendors surveyed

Move your applications to the cloud

OCI meets the demands of mission-critical, custom, and cloud native workloads

Read about Oracle’s cloud advancements in a recent Gartner® analyst report

In this report, discover OCI’s differentiators.

  • Learn about OCI’s enhanced capabilities to support a broader range of workloads.
  • Understand how OCI is designed for cost-effective high performance.
  • Assess OCI’s strengths, including achieving the highest score for resilience, and its regional service consistency.

Get started with Oracle Cloud

Migrate applications with Oracle Cloud Lift Services

Oracle Cloud Lift Services provides customers with free and dedicated cloud engineering resources for planning, architecting, prototyping, and managing cloud migrations. Public sector organisations can move critical workloads in weeks, or even days, instead of months.

Oracle Cloud Free Tier

Build, test, and deploy applications on Oracle Cloud—for free.

OCI training, plus certification

Get certified on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and other cloud services.

Oracle Support Rewards

With Oracle Support Rewards, the more that you use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the more you save.

Bring your own licence

Bring Your Own License and Universal Credits simplifying cloud purchasing and consumption

Consistent operations with industry-first end-to-end SLAs

Oracle service level agreements (SLAs) are designed to run mission-critical workloads with broad support for availability, performance, and manageability, while other cloud vendors offer only availability SLAs.