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Modern Marketing
How Analytics is Shaping Modern Marketing

Through data visualization, brands can free the crucial information needed to generate competitive advantage.

Business Analytics Press Release
Oracle Announces the Industry'€™s Most Comprehensive Offering for Analytics in the Cloud
Business Analytics
The Industry Experts' Guide to the Changing Landscape of Analytics

What'€™s the current and future state of the BI/Analytics market? In this video, you will hear from both Rita Sallam, Research Vice President Business Analytics and Data Sciences at Gartner, and Rich Clayton, Oracle'€™s VP of Business Analytics.

What Are Your Thoughts on Analytics?
What Are Your Thoughts on Analytics?

Share your opinions and insights on your experiences and priorities in analytics and the cloud.

The Rising Cloud of Business Analytics
The Rising Cloud of Business Analytics

How do you turn data into insights? Read this report to understand the benefits of using visual analytics as well as the trends driving the adoption of cloud-based analytics.

Fast ROI from Marketing Analytics
Fast ROI from Marketing Analytics

Measure the impact of omni-channel campaigns with visual and powerful analytics based on all the data available. Learn the best practices and strategies for achieving superior marketing outcomes with the speed and flexibility of the cloud.

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A cloud platform needs to be both flexible and agile. And it should deliver options that put you in control of your analytics system. With Oracle, you can move to the cloud on your terms. Whether you want complete, in-house control of your cloud platform or have Oracle do the work for you, the choice is yours.

Manage your organization’s analytic cloud platform as you see fit. Take control of your service monitoring, upgrading, CPU, and memory. Adjust compute and storage as you go. Access servers and security configurations and maintain control of your administrative tasks.

Leverage Oracle’s expertise to carry the administrative load, while you focus your efforts and resources in more strategic operations. Oracle handles it all: upgrading, patching, networking, and security, freeing you to innovate and beat the competition.


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