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Becoming an End-to-End Cloud Enterprise

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Oracle recognized that we had to evolve from a product-oriented company with exceptional products into a provider of exceptional services—a business that continually helps our customers achieve their goals by taking best advantage of today’s and tomorrow’s innovations.

To make this transformation a reality, we had to move our entire business to the cloud.

Our vision was to build the first cloud enterprise that would connect enterprise lines of business into a single cloud entity. The Oracle Cloud delivers applications, and infrastructure, all as a service—and that’s what made this vision possible. By implementing Oracle Cloud across Oracle, we’d become an end-to-end cloud provider and an end-to-end cloud enterprise.

In this ebook, we share our experience with you so that you can benefit the same way we did: by realizing unprecedented cost savings, accelerated growth, and increased customer and employee satisfaction.

We’ll share our results and lessons learned—and show you our proven roadmap.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Free up resources by adding integrated automation across your entire business, so you can shift your focus to high-value activities that drive success, increase cross-functional collaboration, and save money.
  • Make the smartest decisions. Gain end-to-end insights into your business, and enhance your decision-making with smart data, AI, and machine learning.
  • Outpace change. Stay ahead of ever-changing trends with quarterly innovation provided to you for your entire business.
  • Delight your customers and employees. Realize increased satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty from those you serve with consumer-centered experiences from end to end.


1 Laying the Groundwork for the End-to-End Cloud Journey

Our customers and employees wanted a strategic partner that could help them achieve their goals. We began by listening to both—and internalizing their needs. Once we knew the endgame, we developed a four-step process.

Oracle Leverages the Oracle Cloud for Business Transformation


Oracle is leveraging Oracle Cloud to transform business processes and create exceptional employee and customer experiences. Oracle VP Leah Yomtovian shares the benefits of the transformation.

  • Define To determine how we would achieve our goals, we needed to reimagine the end-to-end customer experience as well as the employee experience. Our employees are as important to us as our customers—we depend on them to help us deliver an exceptional customer experience.
  • Design To focus on what matters most to our customers and employees, we designed our process to seamlessly flow across our four key lines of business—finance, human resources, supply chain, and customer experience.
  • Engage We wanted our employees to possess a customer-first mindset, translate their insights into business guidance, and communicate with and influence our leadership team. To do this, they needed deep business acumen and the kinds of interpersonal skills required to impact decision-making at the highest levels of the business. This was key to our engagement process.
  • Execute To become the strategic partner our customers and employees needed, we streamlined our processes and focused on the core business areas that would give us the most traction, quickly—using Oracle Cloud to power our transformation.

2 Four Building Blocks of Experience Design

175 Countries
138,000 Employees

Although we are a large and complex company doing business in 175 countries and employing 138,000 employees, we knew that we needed to rethink everything.

This included our internal operations, the teams that support our operations, our employees across the company, and the cloud technology we used to make it happen. We focused our approach with the following four building blocks of experience design across our four main lines of business:

  • Streamline Reduce, remove, and simplify steps across the customer and employee experience.
  • Empower Enable customers and employees to complete their experiences autonomously.
  • Delight Design a positive experience that customers and employees love and that makes them want to come back.
  • Automate Use Oracle Cloud to power the end-to-end experience by automating as much as possible.

You’ll see these four areas of experience design throughout this ebook as we explain our tactics and report our results. We share our best practices and lessons learned with you, and we demonstrate the success of our journey with metrics to help you gauge the value for yourself.


3 Leveraging the Oracle Cloud Platform

We leveraged our Oracle Cloud Platform to transform our business and unlock new value for our customers. Oracle Cloud platform solutions we used included the following:



The Journey Begins: The Transformation of Our Four Lines of Business

We focused our transformation on our four key lines of business: finance, human resources, supply chain, and customer experience. To become a strategic partner to our customers and transform our organization, we needed to execute our strategy in parallel initiatives toward our goal of driving operational excellence.

This shared goal required our entire organization to become a predictive powerhouse that steers the business and leads the way forward.

Select the line of business that interests you. Alternatively, continue through the eBook in a linear fashion to read them all. You can come back to this page at any time from the tab in the top left corner of your screen.

Reimagining the
Finance Experience

The transformation of our finance operations has been integral to the shift in our business model. For our reimagining of finance at Oracle, we had three key objectives.

1.  Drive toward infinite scale by eliminating human intervention in our business processes. This objective requires transaction processing that has no incremental cost, no human intervention, and nothing that causes the cost of those transactions to increase by volume.

2.  Make the smartest decisions by continuously improving reporting and analysis capabilities, particularly through AI and machine learning. Deploying those technologies enables us to, over time, improve the focus of our searches and the resulting analysis and derived insights.

3.  Delight our customers and employees by providing a better interaction with our finance processes.

We focused on automating three key areas of finance that would have the most impact right out of the gate: reporting, planning, and expense submission and approval.


Financial Reporting with Oracle ERP Cloud

Reimagining Finance at Oracle: The Reporting Experience


Oracle EVP Corey West shares how Oracle ERP Cloud is enabling the Global Finance and Accounting Organization to streamline reporting, empower and delight users, and automate processes to eliminate human intervention.

1 Streamline

Deployed one scalable global chart of accounts for both organic growth and mergers and acquisitions to simplify reporting, reduce data management complexity, and drive consistency of reported information across business units.

Result Reduced the time to reconcile intercompany balances for approximately 400 entities globally to five hours per month

Eliminated 25% of manual accounting by leveraging multiledger, multicurrency journal entries and reduced global standard expense allocations by 98% to create time efficiencies and enhance control during the crunch close process.

Result Saved 1,400 hours per quarter to date

Prepared 40% of balance sheet reconciliations as global reconciliations, which enhanced visibility and risk mitigation while enabling our team to develop expertise in key categories of the balance sheet.

Result Saved 1,740 hours per quarter to date

2 Empower

Provided the finance team with enhanced visibility into our reported financials in real time to enable the development of reporting views without handoff.

Result Established real-time actuals

Provided interactive visualizations so the finance team could get revealing insights into high volumes of data with any mobile device in any environment.

Result Provided instant on-the-go insights into data

Created a finance transformation and automation (FTA) team to execute an automatic one-day close and deployed an EPM-focused roadmap that includes Oracle Cloud services such as Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud Service and Oracle EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting.

Result Set one-day close target

Enabled the finance team to develop meaningful global subject matter expertise in the income statement and balance sheet categories to enable organizational agility.

Result Increased organizational agility

3 Delight

By using Oracle EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting, we reduced the administrative burden of reporting manually by having authors and reviewers work side by side in real time while eliminating risks associated with version control, loss of data, timeliness of deliverables, and the accuracy of the numbers being reported on.”

Grainne O’Toole,

Regional Finance Director (EMEA)

With Oracle Financials Cloud and a global chart of accounts, we automated the close process by reducing manual accounting and performing activities globally. This brought huge efficiencies and the ability to focus on innovation and on balance sheet risk mitigation and controls using real-time reporting.”

Kannan Sethuraman,

Senior Director, Global Controllers Operations

4 Automate


Automated approximately 20,000 monthly balance sheet reconciliations, using Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud Service. This gives the team global, real-time dashboard reporting visibility throughout the close period.

Automated the month-end and quarter-end close cycle, using Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service. This created capacity for our teams to focus on more value-add activities during the close.


Automated drafting, review, version control, and approval of statutory financial statements for approximately 230 operating entities globally using Oracle EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting. This benefits our teams and our external auditors from both an efficiency and an accuracy perspective.



  • Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness:

    Our finance team can now focus on driving business success and overall effectiveness.

  • Making smarter decisions:

    We deliver tailored reporting to our business partners in real time to improve decision-making, and we leverage AI and machine learning to improve the quality and efficiency of analysis.

  • Outpacing change:

    We can drive toward infinite scale by focusing on eliminating human intervention in every business and transactional process.

  • Delighting customers and employees:

    Our finance team can maintain a constant focus on improving the interactions our customers and employees have with the team.


Financial Planning with Oracle EPM Cloud

Reimagining Finance at Oracle: The Financial Planning Experience


Oracle SVP Ivgen Guner shares how Oracle EPM Cloud is enabling the Global Business Finance organization to streamline and automate planning, budgeting, and forecasting, empowering teams and delighting users and customers

1 Streamline

Established a standard global methodology for revenue modeling and expense forecasting and implemented driver-based planning models to create a consistent and transparent approach to forecasting.

Result Eliminated 100 forecasting spreadsheets

Combined actuals, budget, and forecast datasets within models for easy trend analysis and risk identification.

Result Eliminated 2,000 hours of data gathering

Eliminated handoffs between teams through automated consolidation.

Result Eliminated 1,040 hours of manual work

2 Empower

Enabled a simple planning process based on sophisticated models, which would be difficult to replicate in spreadsheets.

Result Improved quality of planning output

Built faster scenario modeling and consolidations that enable the finance team to provide real-time recommendations to business leaders.

Result Eliminated 200 hours of manual work and increased value

Simplified planning tasks to create time for strategic risk and opportunity analysis, to help identify how to grow faster.

Result Redeployed 10% of headcount from data gathering and enabled more robust plans

3 Delight

Oracle EPM Cloud has completely changed my role. Rather than spending time consolidating data and formatting reports, I now review, analyze, and assess risk and opportunity in the forecast.”

Cormac Steer,

Finance Director

Having the capability to model different planning scenarios based on multiple assumptions and variables has helped our strategy development significantly.”

Christopher Donato,

Senior Vice President, North America Applications and Consulting

4 Automate

popFP1 popFP2

Automated routine tasks associated with gathering and consolidating data, reducing the number of mundane tasks the finance team must process and enabling it to focus on driving business success and effectiveness.

Automated the delivery of recommendations and predictive analytics to business partners. Fast and easy access to this data helps drive strategy formulation and evolution.



  • Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness:

    Our financial team now focuses on driving business success and effectiveness, not on routine tasks associated with gathering and consolidating data.

  • Making smarter decisions:

    We deliver recommendations and predictive analytics to business partners frequently to help with strategy formulation and evolution.

  • Outpacing change:

    With immediate access to the data and insightful analytics, we continuously reimagine the financial planning experience with new functionality to enable a continuous forecast process.

  • Delighting customers and employees:

    We deliver an accelerated planning experience to generate greater value for all stakeholders.


Expense Submission with Oracle ERP Cloud

1 Streamline

Rationalized expense categories to simplify the employee experience, improve reporting capabilities, support back-end auditing, and align with the standard chart of accounts.

Result Reduce country expense types by 40%

Amended policies to accelerate the process—for example, we eliminated the requirement to itemize hotel bills.

Result Slashed one day off cycle time

Reduced employee information collection requirements by automating the classification of key corporate card transactions.

Result Enabled the autoclassification of 50% of credit card transactions

2 Empower

Enabled employees to submit expenses through their mobile devices by sending a photo or a text to a bot.

Result Enabled the auto-classification of 50% of credit card transactions

Enhanced the approval experience so that managers can simply review expense submissions within policy versus anomalies.

Result Increased manager productivity and cost management

3 Delight

The first time using the bot—for airfare, transportation, meals, and hotel—worked like a charm. Thanks to the team that made this happen. As someone who has spent what feels like years of their life recording expenses, this is amazing. Well done.”

Samuel Witt,

Vice President, Product Management

I review and approve a lot of expenses. The notification emails give me the information I need to quickly determine, on the go, whether to approve, reject, or request further information, so I can get the task done and focus on my core job.”

Nick Yuan,

Vice President, Corporate Development

4 Automate

photoF3_2 photoF3_3 photoF3_1

Automated the classification of 50% of corporate credit card transactions to reduce employee information collection requirements.



  • Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness:

    Employees now focus on customer and business success, and managers can focus on anomalies.

  • Making smart decisions:

    We deliver recommendations and predictive analytics to managers.

  • Outpacing change:

    We continuously reimagine the expense submission and approval experience, based on feedback, analysis, and technology innovation.

  • Delighting customers and employees:

    We deliver an accelerated expense submission experience that is simple, intuitive, and fast.


Lessons Learned

Finance was one of the most time-consuming and essential areas of our business, and we knew that getting it right was critical. During this journey, we’ve learned some important lessons that might apply to you.

But it hasn’t stopped there. We continuously measure, learn, and iterate to improve the experience, taking advantage of quarterly updates, the integration of our technology from end to end, and our single dataset for a comprehensive view of employees, customers, and our business.

  • Implement in one business first
  • Take opportunities for process improvement
  • Develop a global chart of accounts
  • Slim the general ledger materially
  • Go live in the first month of the quarter
  • Engage and train teams on implementation
  • Create ambassadors and rotate staff to enhance learning
  • Secure senior executive mandate—it’s essential to success

Transforming the Human Resources Experience

We had complex internal systems that got in the way of our ability to innovate and support our most critical resource: our people. We needed to rethink our processes.

We required a technology foundation that enabled us to focus on strategy and needed systems that could give us better visibility into our talent. And we needed one end-to-end solution that was easy to use, had strong reporting and analytics, and was flexible enough to support our growth and acquisition strategy.

We focused on two key areas of human resources that would have the most impact: career development and the hiring experience.

Reimagining HR at Oracle: The Employee Experience


Oracle CHRO Joyce Westerdahl shares how Oracle is leveraging Oracle HCM Cloud to enable exceptional employee experiences by streamlining and automating processes and empowering and delighting users.


Career Development with Oracle HCM Cloud

1 Streamline

Shifted performance feedback approach to focus on continuous feedback throughout the process, to catalyze career development.

Result Changed to 80% focus on continuous feedback and 20% focus on annual wrap-up

Unified the entire experience, from talent profile creation through development planning, to simplify and accelerate the process.

Result Reduced time needed to complete reviews by 70%

Integrated data to ensure a holistic view of talent across teams and enable optimal planning.

Result Achieved better insights with a 39% year-over-year increase in talent ratings

Standardized the talent review process while empowering managers to choose how they develop talent, helping them tailor their approach as needed.

Result Reduced the talent review cycle by 25% and enabled managers to customize career development approaches

2 Empower

Tied employee goals to company strategy to help drive employee, customer, and business success.

Result Enabled leaders to cascade goals to create alignment

Enabled managers to create talent pools and a leadership pipeline with targeted development actions to help them proactively prepare teams for the future—succession, promotion, and retention.

Result Drove 63% higher rate of job change for employees in talent reviews

Provided managers with visibility into talent at risk as well as the impact of their its to enable proactive development of retention plans.

Result Enabled managers to strategically manage talent

Enabled employees to easily explore new roles and create and share career development plans to help them achieve their career goals.

Result Enabled approximately 20,000 job changes in a fiscal year

3 Delight

Our talent process has given me the opportunity to continuously review my skills, make adjustments, and improve as a sales leader. Due to the visibility and the process, I’ve been able to progress from regional manager to group sales director and now regional vice president. Without this feedback process, I wouldn’t be where I am today, growing and moving my career forward here at Oracle.”

Kevin Lally,

Regional Vice President

Talent Review brought continuity, consistency, and transparency to my business. As people move in the organization, I have good data on how individuals performed historically, and I can use this information for coaching and developing reps toward success in their roles. As a result, I've accelerated the time to realize value and potential from individual contributors, and this has impacted my bottom line.”

James Sharum,

Regional Sales Manager

4 Automate


Managers have the insights and tools to optimize and plan employee development.

The performance management process is continuous and transparent. Employees can actively participate in their own success.



  • Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness:

    Managers can now focus on employee success.

  • Making smart decisions:

    Managers can use insights to proactively and optimally plan employee development.

  • Outpacing change:

    We can continuously reimagine the career development experience, based on feedback, analysis, and technology innovation.

  • Delighting customers and employees:

    We deliver an exceptional career development experience so employees can achieve success.


The Hiring Experience with Oracle HCM Cloud

1 Streamline

Consolidated hiring steps into a single platform with a simple interface, and autopopulated fields to enable a fast and seamless experience.

Result Enabled the human resources team to create requisitions and offers in minutes

Accelerated the process by removing tiers of approvers that didn’t add value.

Result Reduced approval tiers by 77%

Eliminated unnecessary tasks and dependencies for both managers as well as candidates, to ensure readiness on day 1.

Result Achieved all-time-high onboarding satisfaction

2 Empower

Revamped the requisition-to-offer experience to enable managers to create job postings and extend offers with ease, reducing dependence on recruiting assistance.

Result Achieved all-time high hiring manager satisfaction

Provided managers with visibility into each stage of the experience, eliminating disparate information sources.

Result Provided instant insight into each step of the process

Provided new hires with a simple and fast experience from offer acceptance to onboarding, driving excitement and preparation for success.

Result Enabled new hires to be ready on day 1

3 Delight

Not only was I able to review and accept my offer online but I could also complete my new hire paperwork quickly and easily.”

Rebecca Sinkule,

Senior Contract Systems Manager

What a great interface to work with! I loved having a 360-degree view of everything going on with my hire and being able to focus on my day-to-day job versus administrative tasks.”

Sheldon Watson,


4 Automate


The hiring process has been accelerated and new hires have immediate impact.


Managers now focus on employee success and strategic hiring activities.



  • Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness:

    Managers can now focus on employee success, and new hires can focus on high-value activities.

  • Making smart decisions:

    Managers can use critical organizational insights to make strategic hiring decisions.

  • Outpacing change:

    We continuously reimagine the hiring experience, based on feedback, analysis, and technology innovation.

  • Delighting customers and employees:

    We deliver an accelerated hiring experience so employees can have an immediate impact.


Human Resources:
Lessons Learned

In reimagining our human resources experience, we learned several things that can be of use to any enterprise moving to the cloud.

  • Think differently.
  • Be willing to challenge your assumptions.
  • Adapt your practices.
  • Involve more people than the usual suspects.
  • Move fast, fine-tuning as you go.
  • Remember that change management isn’t one-size-fits-all.
  • You can never over-communicate.
  • Be ready for continuous innovation.

Transforming the Supply
Chain Experience

We use more than 100 suppliers and 60 collaboration partners to help us build thousands of products and fulfill tens of thousands of orders every year.

Achieving our goals meant that we could no longer rely on inflexible legacy on-premises solutions. We needed to implement Oracle’s modern, cloud-based supply chain suite to support our increasing pace of innovation, improve our manufacturing and supply chain flexibility, and gain the agility to navigate changing marketing conditions.

We focused our cloud journey on two key areas of the supply chain that would have the most impact: optimization and product management.

Reimagining the Supply Chain Experience


Oracle Senior Director Supply Chain Operations, Giovanni Schoordijk, describes how Oracle optimized procurement, production, and development to exceed customer expectations.


The Supply Chain Experience with Oracle SCM Cloud

1 Streamline

Used standard applications and customized configuration to enable systematic collaboration for communicating demand forecast changes to our suppliers without any manual adjustments.

Result 50% reduction in time to communicate demand and supply plan changes

Reduced change transactions and manual coordination for order management and supply chain, in both back-to-back and drop-ship processing, via autosynchronization.

Result 35% reduction in change transactions

Reduced the number of tasks and screens required to manage work orders, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

Result 50% reduction in work order tasks

Improved integration of shipping documents, enabling quick online access to documents and streamlining capabilities for processing changes.

Result 67% reduction in steps for inquiries and 83% reduction in time to process changes

2 Empower

Used Oracle Cloud to enable users to quickly drill down into key performance indicators, manage exceptions, and focus on important tasks through a single integrated environment.

Result 60% faster search and query for orders and 50% shorter time to access work order history

Integrated tools for collaboration and analytics, enabling users to manage suppliers, contracts, purchasing, and settling with a complete, modern solution.

Result 25% to 50% reduction in time to query item cost, inventory, and supply/demand data

Automated approval decisions with configurable notifications, minimizing overall research and information-gathering exercises.

Result 20% reduction in time to process purchase order approvals

3 Delight

Oracle Order Management Cloud Service allows us to arrange the most important fields in the immediate linear view. We now use the tabular views, where information is grouped based on content, for the details. We can get to the information much more quickly than before.”

Anita Joe,

Customer Backlog Manager

The move to Oracle Cloud has been transformational for the execution team. The enhanced search functionality enables better exception management, and the dispatch list is simple and intuitive to use. Reporting is more integrated and readily accessible for targeted analysis across the supply chain.”

Jag Sharma,

Vice President, Global Manufacturing and Logistics Operations

4 Automate

Automate the integration of data from multiple domains for rapid transaction execution and faster decision-making.

Automate reporting features with real time data. Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence Cloud and Oracle Analytics Cloud enable teams to analyze data directly out of modules to make better-informed business decisions.

Automate quarterly updates to continuously incorporate new concepts and industry innovations as well as refine the user experience, based on feedback, analysis, and technology changes.



  • Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness:

    We use optimized, flexible workflows to integrate data from multiple domains for quick and easy transaction execution and decision-making.

  • Making smart decisions:

    With Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence Cloud and Oracle Analytics Cloud, our teams can analyze data directly out of the modules to make smart business decisions.

  • Outpacing change:

    We can continuously incorporate new concepts and industry innovations through straightforward and efficient quarterly updates, and refine the user experience based on feedback, analysis, and technology innovation.

  • Delighting customers and employees:

    We deliver a fresh and up-to-date end-to-end supply chain experience so the business can continue to drive customer success.


Product Management with Oracle SCM Cloud

1 Streamline

Implemented Oracle’s integrated platform with a single data schema, allowing for the integration of multiple organizations into a single environment and enabling instantaneous item updates across all modules.

Result Reduced supplier records by 50% and reduced the time to availability for new items

Saved significant time by using Oracle SCM Cloud to conduct where-used queries at the top-level bill of materials (BOM) assembly.

Result Improved BOM query speed and made search results available faster

Used Oracle platform as a service (PaaS) to seamlessly meet unique needs such as product validation, which offers a single place to validate the accuracy and completeness of item attribution and the preparedness for release of new items.

Result Increased validation accuracy and reduced time to fix

2 Empower

Improved security within supplier access and granting for internal part numbers (IPNs) and marketing part numbers (MPMs), ensuring that suppliers have direct access to key data.

Result Improved the accuracy of supplier data

Simplified the creation of user-defined attributes without customizations or extensions while maintaining a simpler data structure.

Result Reduced time for users to complete item reporting

Used real-time reporting to quickly create custom analyses and validate manual changes to item attribution or catalogs to ensure completeness and accuracy.

Result Reduced time required to validate that changes are complete and accurate

3 Delight

Oracle SCM Cloud product management allows a complete view of an item or product structure from the top down to specific components. The full structure connection in one data set also allows immediate implementation of change orders to all modules without any interface delays or sources of error.”

Theresa Casey,

Director, Supply Chain Operations

Oracle Fusion Configurator Cloud Service increases sales effectiveness, providing a consistent user experience and a single validation source across the enterprise. The service’s intuitive development environment and seamless integration with the common product model has led to shorter design time and allows introduction of more products with shorter time to market.”

Brian Ernst,

Vice President, Global Release Operations

4 Automate

Enabled automation and governance of content with a rules engine and templates that slashed planning cycle times from one week to 48 hours and resulted in reduced errors.

Automated data integration into one product management application, driving well-informed decisions for new product introduction.

Automated attribute management so that it is centralized and orchestrated across supply chain modules, removing misalignment and risk of delays.



  • Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness:

    A rules engine and templates enable automation and governance of content, resulting in reduced cycle times and fewer errors.

  • Making smart decisions:

    Product engineering and operations now work within one integrated product management application, driving well-informed new product introduction decisions.

  • Outpacing change:

    Attribute management is centralized and orchestrated across supply chain modules, removing misalignment and risk of delays.

  • Delighting customers and employees:

    Partners and contract manufacturers now have tightly controlled, direct access to engineering data that is relevant and necessary for their part in the process.


Supply Chain:
Lessons Learned

In reimagining our supply chain experience, we learned several things that can be of use to any enterprise moving to the cloud

  • Avoid a lift-and-shift mentality.
  • Drive early end-user engagement.
  • Don’t migrate old, incomplete or inaccurate data.
  • Develop a strategy for go-live.

Transforming the
Customer Experience

To provide our customers with a better customer experience (CX), we reimagined how our sales and marketing organizations engage with our customers and prospects. Driving this is the “Experience Economy,” a dramatic shift in consumers’ power that inspired us to rethink, retool, and revamp our CX in entirely new ways. We wanted to be more responsive to customer preferences and desires and let our customers choose how and when to engage with us.

Sales transformed by adopting a standard platform; eliminating duplicate effort; and delivering proposals and custom demos and services with an efficient, consistent delivery. Marketing transformed by streamlining our infrastructure and consolidating all of our customer data to target micromoments and serve customers where they are—on social media, on the web, in apps, and more.


Customer Purchasing with Oracle CX Cloud

1 Streamline

Simplified language on customer agreements to make them easier to understand.

Result 70% of orders simplified to standard terms

Provided customer-friendly terms from the start to accelerate the buying experience.

Result Reduced time to produce documents to less than 10 minutes

Removed tiers of approvers that did not add value, to expedite the process.

Result 33% faster deal approval

2 Empower

Gave sales reps the ability to complete quoting and contracting without assistance.

Result Doubled deal velocity

Provided in-application learning and chat to resolve inquiries immediately.

Result Quotes and orders that are nine times as accurate

Enabled customers to review and digitally place their orders in the Oracle Store.

Result Reduced time to sign from seven days to one day

3 Delight

As a result of Oracle’s transformation, the new and improved pricing and quoting tools, and the Oracle Accelerated Buying Experience, I was able to provide an executable quote to the customers within minutes of getting their final approval. And as a result, they were able to sign and return the contract electronically, all within a matter of hours.”

Nicole Levitt,

Regional Manager, HCM Cloud

I was delighted when the complete process of ordering our cloud services from Oracle was so straightforward, as this allowed me time to focus on what really matters—getting on with preparing for product launch.”

Alan Burns,

Chief Technology Officer, PeerPay Ltd.

4 Automate

photoM1 photoM3

Automated 70% of cloud transactions, improving response times for customers and sales reps alike.



  • Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness:

    The sales team is now able to focus on customer success.

  • Making smart decisions:

    The sales team can now provide optimal solutions to customers.

  • Outpacing change:

    We continuously reimagine the customer purchasing experience based on feedback, analysis, and technology innovation.

  • Delighting customers and employees:

    We deliver an accelerated buying experience so customers can immediately realize value.


The Sales Experience with Oracle CX Cloud

1 Streamline

Oracle Uses CX to Improve Processes for Reps and Customers.


Jennifer Birk, SVP, and Martyn Langley, VP of Oracle Global Sales Operations, describe how reps and solution engineers deliver high-quality services to customers through real-time collaboration via the sales and service capabilities of Oracle CX.

Automated recording of customer interactions with click-to-dial and click-to-email features.

Result Gain of 10 hours per week in productivity

Consolidated the presentation of all account intelligence.

Result 85% reduction in research time

Used machine learning to improve lead response time and double the conversion rate.

Result 100% improvement in lead conversion

Provided an intuitive experience that guides sales reps and prescribes tasks to optimize end-to-end demand generation and activity planning.

Result $115 million annual savings realized

2 Empower

Presented sales reps with real-time information to optimally service their customers.

Result 95% of customer interactions shifted to autologging

Optimized sales reps’ daily workflows by using machine learning.

Result 20% shorter time to first customer interaction

Provided sales reps with on-demand digital training.

Result 50% improvement in adoption rate

3 Delight

My reps have significantly higher productivity because they don’t have to spend time logging activities manually. Couple that with tools which show actionable account information with just a single click, and you’ve got something really special. I don’t know how we could live without it.”

Sean Varney,

North America Applications Customer-to-Cloud Sales Manager

Essential tool for sales reps. I go into every customer conversation prepared.”

Bartosz Wroblewski,

Sales Representative

4 Automate

Sales can now focus on high value activities and spend less time researching and doing manual activities

A comprehensive view of the customer and machine learning allow reps to optimize their customer engagements and drive mutual success for the customer and sales rep.



  • Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness:

    The sales team can now focus on high-value activities to optimize their customer engagements.

  • Making smart decisions:

    We can tailor customer engagements and solutions by using machine learning and a 360-degree customer view.

  • Outpacing change:

    We continuously reimagine the sales experience, based on feedback, analysis, and technology innovation.

  • Delighting customers and employees:

    We deliver an exceptional sales experience that enables the sales team to focus on customer success.


The Employee Service Experience with Oracle CX Cloud

1 Streamline

Enabled consistent engagement between sales reps and solution engineering teams by providing sales reps with a service catalogue.

Result 26 standard services created

Aligned sales and solution engineering on one platform by moving from multiple custom tools to a single Oracle Sales Cloud instance.

Result 80% reduction in tools achieved

Eliminated duplicate data entry by enabling sales reps to request solution engineering directly in Oracle Sales Cloud.

Result 90% time savings achieved

Utilized data-driven routing rules to direct requests to the right group for immediate resourcing.

Result Reduced time to route to the right engineer to minutes, not days

2 Empower

Consolidated the presentation of all account intelligence to optimize delivery of the service.

Result 85% reduction in research time

Provided visibility into the status of service requests to drive accountability and efficient delivery.

Result Eliminated manual updates

Enabled managers to balance workloads, drive efficiency, and maximize value to sales and customers.

Result 30% improvement in time to action

3 Delight

As a new sales rep at Oracle, I am very impressed with solution engineering services. Being able to get the help I need, at the right time, will help me close more deals.”

Anita Joe,

Customer Backlog Manager

Using solution engineering as a service [SEaaS], we are able to put our incredibly talented technical resources in the best position to succeed as they work with Oracle customers. Since we moved to SEaaS, we are seeing our win rates improve, our sales cycles are faster, and we are able to drive more volume in our customer interactions.”

Tim Kelly,

Group Vice President, Solution Engineering

Solution engineering as a service was a true innovation. It allowed us to change our business model from delivering people to our sales organization to delivering customer and sales outcomes.”

Hamza Jahangir,

Group Vice President, Cloud Solution Engineering

4 Automate

Rules-based routing ensures the right engineer for the right service at the right stage of the sales cycle.

A full history of customer activity eliminated the need for extensive manual research. Status updates are automatic and transparent to the whole team.

A single platform for sales and service delivers efficiencies and transparency. Reps and engineers can spend more time with customers.

photoSE1 photoSE2 photoSE3


  • Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness:

    We enabled real-time collaboration between sales and solution engineering.

  • Making smart decisions:

    We can now route service requests quickly to the right solution engineer to drive customer success.

  • Outpacing change:

    We continuously reimagine the employee service experience based on feedback, analysis, and technology innovation.

  • Delighting customers and employees:

    We deliver an exceptional service experience that enables our sales team to focus on customer success.


The Marketing Experience with Oracle CX Cloud

Oracle Uses CX to Improve Marketing for Reps and Customers


Chris Dials, SVP Analytics, Insights and Operations, and Sujith Abraham, Global Head of Martech, discuss how Oracle reimagined marketing by consolidating its marketing systems to place empowered customers at the forefront of everything Oracle does.

1 Streamline

Improved our understanding of our customers through unified data and a single, personalized view of our customers.

Result 69% more customer value created when marketing engages

Developed a complete customer profile by using predictive analytics.

Result 3X increase in ERP win rates with predictive intelligence

Strategically targeted audience segments by combining persona data and third-party data.

Result 63% adoption of self-service account based targeting

2 Empower

Simplified the analysis of campaigns with one view of interactions, ranked with predictive intelligence scores.

Result 38:1 ROI on agency spend

Provided marketers with the tools to be agile and to execute faster and independently.

Result Reduction in campaign execution from four weeks to five days

Standardized and simplified the way we create nurture campaigns based on customers’ real-time activities.

Result 4X increase in marketing influenced pipeline

3 Delight

Oracle’s marketing technology enables my team to engage customers and prospects with relevant, compelling, and personalized campaigns. We are able to optimize our programs very quickly because we have many tracking and reporting features. The end result is we are delivering both new pipeline and progressing existing opportunities."

Lynn Barnhart,

Senior Director, HCM Demand Marketing

Our Marketing systems make it possible for our marketing teams to get a campaign built and out the door in couple of days where previously it took several weeks to build all the customer engagement components. The self-service analytics allow us to monitor the success of our campaigns in terms of traffic, engagement and conversion on a real time basis. Working in Oracle Marketing is like being a kid in a candy store. We have all the latest technology and innovations delivered to us on a continuous basis.”

Joyce Boland,

VP Global Applications Marketing

4 Automate


Delivered connected processes and predictive data powered by AI and machine learning to better understand the buyer and improve opportunity conversion


Enabled marketers to rapidly deliver personalized, cross channel, digital engagement.



  • Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness:

    Marketers can now use predictive analytics and always-on marketing to achieve shorter execution cycles for targeted campaigns.

  • Making smart decisions:

    Our marketing team uses personalization to gain targeted audience segmentation so they can tailor campaigns to specific personas.

  • Outpacing change:

    Customers can consume information on mobile devices, on the web, through search, or via advertisements—it’s their choice.

  • Delighting customers and employees:

    We can reach our customers at any time, and they can consume information tailored to their needs.


Customer Experience: Lessons Learned

We’ve learned along the way…

  • Secure executive mandate to implement transformation.
  • Simplify your operations as much as possible before embarking.
  • Use the opportunity to rationalize your database.
  • Embrace cloud philosophy.
  • Collaborate with IT and cross-functional business teams on the best approach.
  • Seek feedback to continuously enhance and improve user experience along the way.
  • Track the customer experience transformation with performance metrics.
  • Plan for quarterly updates.
  • Manage change.

Becoming an End-to-End Cloud Enterprise—What It Looks Like

We’ve shown you the process for our four lines of business and the value we’ve gained from each. Now see how it all adds up.

There isn’t a component of the Oracle Cloud stack that we haven’t put to work. From the applications layer down through the infrastructure layer, we are leveraging the power of the entire Oracle Cloud platform to transform our business. We built seamless and integrated business processes with the user at the center of our efforts—and the results speak for themselves.

The market has taken notice:

  • Market Share Oracle gained the most market share globally out of all enterprise SaaS vendors the past three years in a row, according to the IDC Public Cloud Services Tracker
  • LinkedIn top 10 The last two years in a row, Oracle was ranked by LinkedIn as a top 10 company to work for.

As one of the largest customers of Oracle Cloud in the world, Oracle is leveraging the cloud to create exceptional employee and customer experiences. Oracle EVP Douglas Kehring shares the benefits of accelerated growth and new cost savings.

Oracle's Journey to the Cloud—Business Transformation


Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle EPM Cloud


25% of manual accounting eliminated


10% of headcount redeployed from data gathering to strategic risk and opportunity analysis

Oracle SCM Cloud


Slashed supply chain planning cycles from one week to 48 hours


50% reduction in supplier records

Oracle HCM Cloud


25% reducing in talent review cycle


39% year over year increase in data insights within talent rating

Oracle CX Cloud


70% of cloud transactions are fully automated


100% improvement in lead conversion

The Oracle End-to-End Cloud Enterprise:

As we embarked on our business transformation, Oracle Cloud proved to be the ideal platform to enable the rapid change we needed, as demonstrated by the results and metrics detailed in this ebook. At a high level, the benefits we have realized fall into four general categories.

  • Improved integration.

    Oracle Cloud provides a new level of functional integration that significantly increases collaboration and eliminates the manual interventions required in the on-premise world. This frees up our people to focus on higher-value activities and decreases our costs so we can deliver more money to reinvest in our business.

  • Richer data aggregation.

    Oracle Cloud provides much richer data aggregation across the entire platform and powers our applications in new ways so that our people can make better decisions. We can now use AI and machine learning to ensure that the best decision is automatically made—saving us time and money.

  • Continual innovation.

    Oracle Cloud gives us new features every quarter that help us innovate the experience and stay ahead of our customers’ needs. We’re now able to listen to our customers and take immediate action to continuously improve the experience we deliver to them.

  • User-centric design.

    Oracle Cloud helps us deliver an experience to users in ways we never imagined before. Our products are designed around our users and their needs. This helps drive higher satisfaction rates, more-efficient and -effective engagement, and long-term loyalty and retention.

Four Guiding Principles

Across all of the line of business transformations. We found that four guiding principles that are fundamental to our success.

Design with the user in mind. Processes support experiences. You must focus on the people you serve and on meeting their needs. Then, working across processes and teams, reimagine the underlying experience.

Ruthlessly simplify processes. Avoid complexity by starting with what is required versus what can be eliminated. Don’t include obscure business cases. Focus on ways to make the experience intuitive and user-friendly by simplifying.

Nail the experience and continuously innovate it: Transformation is a journey not a result. To get the best results iterate. The experience will continuously improve and you will win the hearts and minds of the constituents you serve.

Leverage the Oracle Cloud: Every great process is backed by a great system. Only the Oracle Cloud can provide the necessary functional integration and rich data aggregation powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Oracle Cloud keeps your journey through continuous innovation delivered in regular updates so you are always on the latest technologies and best practices.

What does this mean for you?

1 Streamline

Most processes are burdened with too many steps that unnecessarily and negatively impact the individuals you’re trying to serve—with little tangible benefit. The key is to start eliminating those unnecessary steps and simplifying the ones that remain and that are necessary for success.

2 Empower your users

Most processes are fraught with manual touchpoints that require intervention and slow down the journey to completion. Create processes that empower your users so that they can move through the steps quickly, intuitively, and autonomously.

3 Delight your users and customers

Organizations can no longer force their users through bad or even mediocre experiences and expect them to return. It’s critical to design your business processes so that your users love them. Then they’ll return time and again—and be more productive each time.

4 Automate

Powering these reimagined processes requires the right automation—automation that connects all the pieces from end to end. Only with automation based on feedback and continued technology innovation can you gain the continuous improvement that today’s business requires.


Customer Case Studies

Learn how our customers are unlocking new value with Oracle Cloud. Here are what a few of your peers are saying about making the journey with Oracle.


Unified finance and HR system supports better workforce planning and growth

Implemented Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle EPM Cloud, and Oracle HCM Cloud

Result Common data model delivers efficiencies across expenses, P2P, and other transactional processes
If we had stayed with Workday, we would no longer have this unified system that's so critical to us, so that HR and Finance can talk to each other."

Randy Rothschiller,


Royal Bank of Scotland:

Access to continuous innovation

Implemented Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle EPM Cloud, and Oracle HCM Cloud

Result Eliminated more than 1,000 spreadsheets
Result Can adjust strategic models in minutes, versus days
Continuous innovation is really important to us at the Royal Bank of Scotland. Working with a partner like Oracle provides us with some of the latest technology developments that are produced in the industry.”

Stuart Wray,

Head of Implementation, Future Finance


Improved data quality uncovers revenue-generating insights

Implemented Oracle ERP Cloud, and Oracle EPM Cloud

Result Data aggregation that once took two weeks, now takes 10 seconds
Result Global consolidation handles more than 60 million transactions per year
What we're trying to do is bring everything into the Oracle ecosystem, so we can keep standardizing, growing, scaling, and taking advantage of new innovations. We went through our IPO journey, and being on Oracle was a huge step in that process.”

Tim Regan,

Chief Accounting Officer


Reimaged talent assessment

Implemented Oracle HCM Cloud

Result 84% reduction in cycle time for compensation
Result 95% cut in manual reporting efforts
For our 2017 pilot, we had the [competence] assessment window opened for only three weeks. During those three weeks, we had over 94% of our employees complete the assessment. More importantly, over 91% indicated they understood the value.”

Mike Whitesell,

HRIS Manager, Integrated Talent Management, Cummins

DB Schenker:

Global view and access drive increased accuracy

Implemented Oracle Sales Cloud

Result Migrated 7000 users, 71 countries, and 72 companies in seven months
Result One global sales pipeline
For the first time ever we have one global sales pipeline. We never had that before, we had all these different files across systems ... Everyone has access to opportunities and can validate their accuracy.”

Ingolf Abisgold,

Head of Corporate Performance Management and CRM, DB Schenker

Schibsted Media Group:

Increased subscriber retention

Implemented Oracle Marketing Cloud

Result 52% increase in click-through rates
Result 5% revenue growth
Oracle Eloqua enables us to focus on engagement, customer journeys, and the individual customer experience.”

Tor Marius Espedal,

Customer Experience Manager, Schibsted Media Group

Summing It All Up

There’s an almost limitless number of ways to use the cloud to drive your business forward. No matter where you are now in your cloud journey, all routes eventually lead to the same destination: running your entire company in the cloud. We’ve done it, and now you’ve seen the value. In fact, when you take the continuous-improvement approach the cloud offers, the benefits never end.

However, becoming an end-to-end cloud enterprise is possible only when cloud solutions are at the same level of reliability, performance, and security as your on-premise technology. Everything you run in the cloud needs to be secure from core to edge, enabling you to leverage the latest advances in automation technology. You can attain this only through cloud technology provided by the Oracle Cloud Platform.

Oracle Cloud enables highly complex workloads and mission-critical systems. It delivers better guarantees for security, continuity, control, and price/performance. It also provides access to innovations spanning autonomous databases, AI, machine learning, blockchain, IoT, and human interfaces.

We hope you’ve found this information useful for your organization. If you want help applying some of the lessons we’ve learned along the way, let us know. We’d like to make the journey easier and faster for you.