Oracle Social Cloud for CIOs

Oracle Social Cloud for CIOs
Scale Technology at the Speed of Social

Chief Information Officer

Scaling Up for Social
icon Scaling Up for Social

How can I ensure the technology we buy for social media today will be scalable to future needs?

You need a partner who does not abandon you after the purchase, but offers solutions to get you up and running quickly. Don’t rely on do-it-yourself products that leave you stranded.

Maintain the Right Tools
icon Maintain the Right Tools

How can I ensure the social tools I choose will integrate with my existing technology?

Reduce costs of licensing and maintaining multiple social management solutions with one platform that has the capabilities to integrate with other essential CX applications.

Mitigating Risk
icon Mitigating Risk

How do we ensure our social efforts meet security requirements and limit our risk?

Ensure appropriate security through user access and role-based provisioning, while making sure additional features limit exposure to third party APIs and un-trusted sources.

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