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Oracle Project Contract Billing Cloud

Flexible and Fast Contract Billing

Bill faster with flexible, contract management-based project billing that works independently from project planning and execution. Gain comprehensive control over contract terms, rates, and limits—including when to recognize revenue and generate invoices.

  • Project Contract Billing Cloud screen shot 1

    Revenue work area with analysis and trending by contract and project keeps activity billing aligned with customer requirements and facilitates timely revenue recognition.

  • Project Contract Billing Cloud screen shot 2

    Invoice work area with pro forma invoice lets project managers verify proper billing to contract requirements.

  • Project Contract Billing Cloud screen shot 3

    Project contract financial summary lets project managers analyze in real time the financial status of expenditures and tasks comparing invoices to recognized revenue.

Recognize Revenue

Oracle Project Contract Billing Cloud delivers project billing without rigid project funding constraints, for more efficient contract management—and faster billing.

  • Leverage a project billing structure independent of project plan, execution, costs, and revenue
  • Ensure contract compliance with project billing requirements aligned to contract management
  • Associate project billing of any project or task to any line
  • Plan and execute work independently, using preferred project billing processes

Ensure Contract Compliance

Gain control of contract compliance. Comply with your customers' terms and conditions while establishing an independent project billing structure.

  • Accelerate the creation of customer contracts with prebuilt templates
  • Show project contract limits and consumption as project billing invoices are created
  • Recognize project billing revenue regardless of how costs are accounted
  • Amend and update contracts with effective dates, either future or retroactive

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