Oracle Hospitality for Food and Beverage—Inventory Management

Superior Inventory Management Tools

Oracle Hospitality Inventory Management is an enterprise cloud solution that helps businesses optimize their stock and simplify workflow management to maintain inventories in a cost-effective manner.

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    Oracle Hospitality Inventory Management provides measurement and reporting on inventory counts, variances, cost of goods sold, stock on hand, and food cost.

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    Enforce recipe consistency with production and serving instructions and create an informed staff with detailed nutritional analysis.

Control Costs, Boost Profitability

Control Costs, Boost Profitability

  • Foster employee adoption of inventory controls by simplifying workflow and management tasks
  • Full recipe and product-costing capabilities at a single property or across an enterprise
  • Optimize stock levels with suggested ordering based on forecasts
  • Real-time product usage provides awareness of stock levels and variances as they occur
  • Global overview of purchases by vendor, store, and item
  • Ease complexity of company growth with a cost-saving, centralized, cloud solution
Customer Success Stories
Anglia Restaurants Gain Greater Control of Stock
If a supplier is starting to charge more for an ingredient, we submit this into Oracle Hospitality Inventory Management in advance and see how it will affect us; we are using the system to manage our profit margins as much as our inventory.
—Scott Gurney, Operations Manager, Anglia Restaurants

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