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Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation

Orchestrate brilliant campaigns for B2B or considered-purchase audiences with Oracle Eloqua. Easily create and implement simple to sophisticated marketing strategies across all channels to engage buyers using personal, meaningful experiences. Personalize your communications, at scale, to ensure that every customer interaction matters.

See what Oracle Eloqua can do for you.

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Adaptive campaign orchestration

Create dynamic campaigns that will intrigue buyers and intelligently adapt the experience based on a buyer’s real-time activities at every stage of the customer journey.

Create campaigns that adapt

Respond to unpredictable customer journeys. Eloqua can listen for key activities and adapt the experience or move customers to a different campaign to better match their interests.

Deploy campaigns faster

Easily create multi-step or simple campaigns in minutes using an intuitive drag and drop interface that spans multiple channels, such as email, display search, web, video and mobile.

Simplify campaign management

Save time by using Eloqua’s Program Canvas to automate repetitive manual tasks. Simplify and extend your data workflows with program triggers such as changes in lead score or gaining a new contact.

Optimize send time

Send emails when they are most likely to be opened. Eloqua assesses historical data to determine the optimal time for a contact to receive an email so you can send emails on the preferred day and time for each customer.

Segment and target with precision

Unite behavioral and firmographic data from multiple sources to build, filter and segment audiences so you can precisely target individuals with rich customer profiles based on specific attributes, interests and geography.

Scalable segmentation

Connect with the right person based on who they are and what they're doing. Your teams will never hit a limit when segmenting customers in Eloqua.

Data-driven targeting

Assemble segments for targeting using unlimited data from CRMs, web visits, internal systems, and third-party platforms. Add custom objects and filter using implicit or explicit data to deploy relevant personalized experiences.

Dynamically update lists

Filter Eloqua contacts based on profile, account and activity data, and use CRM and other system data to dynamically update lists.

Automate retargeting activities

Access real-time streaming data using feeder apps to trigger retargeting messages for a known contact. Based on behavior, move contacts into a more appropriate experience using specific rules within Program Canvas.

Lead management and scoring

Automate lead scoring that updates in real-time across multiple campaigns and business lines. Improve sales readiness with quality leads that can be delivered to sales in minutes.

Accurate lead scoring

Score leads on both customer profile data and activity data to create dynamic non-linear lead scores. Our model allows for real-time adjustments based on the most recent and relevant activity to ensure the highest accuracy.

Flexible lead modeling

Run sophisticated lead-scoring models concurrently and that scale automatically for as many products or campaigns as you require. Scoring models are easily updated without the help of IT.

Asset creation and management

Design and create compelling emails, landing pages and forms that engage your customers to interact with your brand and efficiently manage content assets across teams and campaigns.

Powerful design editors

Build beautiful, responsive emails, landing pages and forms without needing to use HTML code or get help from IT or agencies.

Reusable content blocks

Leverage brand-compliant reusable blocks of content for campaign assets. Blocks of content can be saved, re-assembled and edited to meet the unique needs of multiple internal teams or campaigns saving valuable time and resources.

Dynamic content

Create dynamic content for emails or landing pages that adapts and personalizes the messaging based on customer preferences, location or other specific information tied to the recipient.

Subject line optimization

Use historical email open data to measure the success of a subject line based on those previously used and leverage these insights to optimize new subject lines for better open rates.

Progressive forms

Progressively profile prospects and leads using interactive forms and hidden fields, easily created without the need for code. Improve conversion rates by eliminating the need to ask for more information.

Improve sales and marketing alignment

Bring marketing and sales closer together through unified buyer and account intelligence. Identify, prioritize, and track high-value opportunities and top-tier accounts across the sales cycle.

Eloqua Engage emails

Enable your sales team to engage prospects directly with brand-approved email communications using Eloqua’s Engage. Engage can be accessed in either the CRM, within a Microsoft Outlook account, or the mobile app, and communications are tracked in the system.

Eloqua Profiler insights

Share contacts’ marketing activity, account, and profile data with sales in real time. View scores and profiles to identify sales readiness in a CRM, Microsoft Outlook Add-in, Google Chrome pop-up browser, or our mobile app.

Sales Tools extensions

View additional third-party information within Profiler to help identify high-potential buyers and drive engagement. Access data from integrations with some of our top partners such as LinkedIn, 6thSense, and other ABM vendors.

Native CRM integrations

Easily connect and configure your CRM integration with our native CRM apps for Salesforce and Oracle CX Sales. Prioritize and route the most engaged leads in minutes versus hours or days.

Measure for success

Accurately track and measure business impact with detailed marketing reports and dashboards. Oracle Eloqua provides flexible and powerful out-of-the-box reporting to help you understand exactly how your programs are performing.

Marketing operations center

Get a holistic view of your Eloqua instance to monitor overall system health all in one place. View all activity and usage metrics including bulk API activity, native CRM activity, email sends, form submissions, page views and more.

Campaign analysis dashboard

Monitor campaign activity and performance for all campaigns. Compare performance of campaigns and view outbound/inbound activity and response rates.

Email analysis dashboard

Access a comprehensive overview of the performance of emails sent within a specified time frame. View metrics such as email opens, clickthroughs, form submissions, and more.

Account engagement dashboard

Visualize the aggregated engagement of accounts and identify those that are highly engaged. Build custom account analytics to better understand performance of your account based marketing campaigns.

Closed-loop reporting

See how sales opportunity revenue is attributed to marketing campaigns so that you can analyze your overall campaign revenue performance (ROI) to identify the best and worst performing campaigns.

Extensible and scalable platform

This marketing automation platform was built from the ground up to support your business now, and scale effortlessly as it grows over time.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Access more than 500 prebuilt, vetted integrations that give you the functionality of real-time data flows. Our extensive Marketing AppCloud partner applications directory allows you to control and configure integrations without IT support.

Advanced professional services

Collaborate with our full-service Oracle Consulting Services organization to augment your team’s capabilities and resolve any outstanding digital marketing needs.

Global education opportunities

Provide your regional or global teams with Eloqua training and certifications via Oracle University to ensure your organization’s immediate success.

View all customer successes

Oracle Eloqua customer successes

Learn how companies like yours use Oracle Eloqua to help their teams succeed.

Juniper Networks
Kansas City Chiefs
Mack Trucks
Movember Increases Revenue Through Advanced Targeting with Oracle Eloqua

Movember increases revenue through advanced targeting with Oracle Eloqua

Key benefits

  • Orchestrate personalized experiences that drive revenue

    Unify customer data in Eloqua to respond to your buyers’ signals with orchestrated campaigns that engage and convert.

  • Generate more sales-approved leads faster

    Create multiple lead scores for your buyers nurtured across multiple campaigns and push leads into the CRM in minutes.

  • Enhance ABM strategies that engage, convert and expand target accounts

    Identify your key accounts and enrich contacts with account data for better accuracy when scoring and prioritizing.

  • Improve time-to-market with an open and extensible application framework

    Extend marketing processes easily with prebuilt, vetted integrations of essential custom objects and data, without the need for IT intervention.

  • Improve campaign results with cleaner contact data

    Maintain clean and complete data across multiple regions and instances. Integrate the contact washing machine app to maintain a clean contact database with the ability to integrate with multiple CRMs.

    Gartner MQ for CRM Lead Management

Key benefits of Eloqua
June 4, 2020

How Sports Teams Connected with Fans Amid COVID-19

Michael McNichols, Senior Content Manager, Oracle

On March 11, 2020, Major League Baseball cancelled its spring training and postponed the start of its 2020 season due to COVID-19. Read about a few examples of how the digital marketing teams of these sports organizations shifted their marketing plans to keep their fans engaged, even during this time.

Read the complete post

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Get up to speed on the latest release of Eloqua and ensure that your upgrade is a success. Review the latest features, including capability overviews, business benefits, setup considerations, and usage tips.

Documentation library

Eloqua remains a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management in 2019

Learn how Gartner once again ranked Oracle Eloqua as a Leader for its clear market understanding and sales strategy. The report saw Eloqua’s strengths as data management, ABM functionality, and scalability. See how Eloqua compares to other CRM Lead Management Leaders.


Topliners for Oracle Eloqua

Part of the Oracle Community, Topliners for Oracle Eloqua is a content-rich, engaging, and interactive space to share information, questions, and comments about Eloqua and related technologies.

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Cloud learning

Develop your Eloqua skills

Oracle University provides learning solutions to help build cloud skills, validate expertise, and accelerate adoption. Learn more about training and certification you can rely on to ensure your organization's success.

Cloud Marketplace

Eloqua Help Center

The Eloqua Help Center provides you with product documentation and videos to help you become successful with Eloqua. Learn about what’s new, user basics, and how to get started.

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