Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Security, predictability, and control make Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) the ideal platform for VMware. Rapidly transpose VMware estates to the cloud without changes to best practices or tools. VMware environments operate in a securely isolated customer tenancy with predictable performance and costs. Customers manage cloud infrastructure and VMware consoles for complete administrative control.

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Oracle Cloud VMware – the ideal solution for Prophecy International (2:39)

Painless Cloud Migration: Maximising Payback for Workloads

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution customer successes

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Prophecy taps Oracle Cloud VMware Solution and extends its cloud-powered success

“Oracle has been great in understanding our business and IT needs and helping us use the platform most efficiently from a resourcing and costing perspective. With our existing environment, we have been able to leverage Oracle and VMware’s expertise and continue to do so as we grow.”

Steve Challans
CISO, Prophecy International

TIM Brasil selects Oracle and Microsoft to migrate all of its data center workloads to the cloud

“Using a multicloud strategy, we are the first carrier in Brazil to move 100% of our workloads to the cloud. It includes moving our customer billing system, our CRM, and VMware to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle has been a fantastic partner in our technology evolution.”

Pietro Labriola
CEO, TIM Brasil

Rumo runs Brazilian railroad operations on Oracle Cloud

“We were able to rapidly migrate mission-critical applications from our data centers to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution with no changes to applications, databases, and middleware. Higher performance, stability, management, and access have resulted in IT productivity and business agility with lower costs than alternative solutions.”

Christofer Faccin
IT Manager, Rumo Malha Norte

AYA Bank improves efficiency and cuts TCO 55% with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

“Oracle Cloud VMware Solution takes just a matter of hours to move workloads into the cloud as we need them while keeping the full security credentials intact. Overall, we have seen a 55% lower annual TCO, paving the way for us to move additional VMware workloads in the future.”

Minn Wint Oo
Deputy Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer, AYA Bank

Maxim’s optimizes their operations with Oracle Cloud VMware and Exadata solutions

“Oracle Cloud VMware Solution has allowed us to strengthen our business continuity and disaster recovery workflow while building more capacity and scaling on demand.”

Louis Mah
Director of Information Technology, Maxim’s Group

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution features

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Explore the benefits of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is a tool that makes migrating your entire VMware environment quick, easy, and painless. Learn how Oracle’s solution can help your business.

Seamlessly migrate your VMware workloads to OCI

This IDC paper explores how a VMware Cloud Verified environment simplifies IT management for VMware workloads.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure partner ecosystem

Discover the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution ecosystem.

Why choose OCI for VMware workloads?

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is your implementation of VMware running on top of OCI—secured, managed, and controlled by you. Full control means the migration of your VMware workloads can be done on your terms.

Oracle logo
Oracle Cloud VMware Solution
AWS, Azure, GCP logos
VMware services with other cloud vendors
Bring entire on-premises implementation to public cloud
Full transfer of skills, tools, and processes
Different processes and experience than on-premises VMware
Same visibility and access as on-premises
SSH access to hypervisor
Configure hosts, clusters, and management VMs
Edit vSAN cluster settings
Browse datastores; upload and delete files
No or limited administrative access
Customer controls upgrade policy (version, time, defer)
Supports databases certified on previous versions of VMware
Stay compliant with third-party add-ons
Vendor decides VMware version
Customer negotiates upgrade window
All host types available in all regions
Disaster recovery where needed
Scale business-critical apps across the globe
Not all host types available in all regions
Oracle logo
Oracle Cloud VMware Solution
AWS, Azure, GCP logos
VMware services with other cloud vendors
Deployed inside customer’s virtual cloud network
Full control over network security policy
Deployed in separate virtual private cloud
No end-to-end control over network security policy
No Oracle access after provisioning
Vendor retains security credentials
User interactions and behavior not tracked nor recorded
User interactions and behavior tracked and recorded via experience analytics tools
Oracle logo
Oracle Cloud VMware Solution
AWS, Azure, GCP logos
VMware services with other cloud vendors
46 total regions
Up to 17 total regions
7 government regions
Up to 1 government region
Not certified for FedRAMP High ATO (Azure VMware Solution and Google Cloud VMware Engine)
Not certified for DISA IL5
12 cloud regions connected to Azure
AWS and GCP not connected to Azure
Available on Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer
Shipping since August 2020
Not shipping VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts (Beta)

Run your VMware estates in more locations, at the highest scale, with compliance.

Global consistent pricing in 48 regions12 Azure Interconnect regions and 12 countries with dual regions

Scale compute from 12 to 128 cores per host with our flexible infrastructure

We have over 27 compliance certifications to support your regulatory needs

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution pricing

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Commitment duration
X7 Dense 52
52 OCPUs
768 GB RAM,
51.2 TB NVMe storage
E4 Dense 32
32 OCPUs
2 TB RAM, 54.4 TB Storage
E4 Dense 64
64 OCPUs
2 TB RAM, 54.4 TB Storage
E4 Dense 128
128 OCPUs
2 TB RAM, 54.4 TB Storage
X7 Standard 52 BM.Standard2 52
52 OCPUs
768 GB RAM
Block Storage
X9 Standard 64 BM.Standard3
64 OCPUs(1)
Block Storage
E4 Standard 128 BM.Standard.E4
128 OCPUs(2)
Block Storage
On demand (hourly3) $12.67/hour $9.75/hour $15.60/hour $24.95/hour $11.13/hour $13.26/hour $24.96/hour
1 month $10.56/hour $8.12/hour $13.00/hour $20.80/hour - - -
1 year(4) $8.45/hour $6.50/hour $10.40/hour $16.64/hour $8.08/hour $9.54/hour $16.64/hour
3 years(4) $6.86/hour $5.28/hour $8.45/hour $13.52/hour $5.90/hour $6.90/hour $13.52/hour

1. X9 Standard 64 also available in 16, 32, 48 core options
2. E4 Standard 128 also available in 32, 48, 64, 128 core options
3. Hourly commitment requires a minimum of 8 hours
4. Cancelling service prior to the end of the commitment does not stop metering

December 5, 2023

Introducing a New Dimension of Flexibility with Multiple Clusters for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Praveen Kumar Pedda Vakkalam, Principal Solutions Architect
Adeel Amin, Consulting Member of Technical Staff
Sudhir Ponnachana, Director, Service Owner for OCVS

Learn how multiple clusters provide unmatched versatility, cost savings, and workload separation for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution customers.

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1. 2.7X to 3.5X the memory of other offerings:
- VMware Cloud on AWS i3en.metal has 768 GB RAM. Oracle’s BM.DenseIO.E4.128 has 2,048 GB RAM. 2,048 GB ÷ 768 GB = 2.7X
- Google Cloud VMware Engine has 768 GB RAM. Oracle’s BM.DenseIO.E4.128 has 2,048 GB RAM. 2,048 GB ÷ 768 GB = 2.7X
- Azure VMware Solution has 576 GB RAM. Oracle’s BM.DenseIO.E4.128 has 2,048 GB RAM. 2,048 GB ÷ 576 GB = 3.5X

2. 1.2X to 3.5X storage of other offerings:
- VMware Cloud on AWS i3en.metal has 45.8 TB storage. Oracle’s BM.DenseIO.E4.128 has 54.4 TB storage. 54.4 TB ÷ 45.8 TB = 1.2X
- Google Cloud VMware Engine has 19.2 TB storage. Oracle’s BM.DenseIO.E4.128 has 54.4 TB storage. 54.4 TB ÷ 19.2 TB = 2.8x
- Azure VMware Solution has 15.3 TB of storage. Oracle’s BM.DenseIO.E4.128 has 54.4 TB storage. 54.4 TB ÷ 15.3 TB = 3.5X