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Oracle CASB: Cloud Access Security Broker for Applications and Workloads

The Oracle CASB Cloud Service is the only Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that gives you both visibility into your entire cloud stack and the security automation tool your IT team needs.

Threat Detection

Threat Detection

Identify existing threats to your cloud footprint by leveraging real-time threat intelligence feeds and machine learning techniques to establish security baselines and to learn behavior patterns.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Stay a step ahead of threats with patent-pending modeling techniques that evaluate risks across hundreds of threat vectors to provide you with a concise summary of potential threats.

Security Configuration Management

Security Configuration Management

Eliminate labor intensive, error prone manual processes and manages security configurations within cloud applications by asserting configurations as well as continuously enforcing them.

Product Features

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Cloud Security


  • Get complete transparency into what's going on in your Cloud applications and infrastructure, including your users, your devices and more.
  • Governance and Compliance

  • Identify risks in your Cloud applications, Comply with regulations and provide consistent compliance reporting.
  • Simplified Monitoring

  • Continuously monitor your clouds across activity, configurations and transactions. Identify anomalies and patterns of fraud or breach across your Cloud applications.
  • Secure Provisioning

  • Start using your Cloud applications securely from Day 0. Proactively set up your clouds with the right security configurations, and baselines that lowers the risk for your organization, and sets you up for success immediately.
  • Data Security

  • Set up policies to discover and prevent unwarranted actions on your sensitive content and data in the Cloud. These policies could allow you to audit, alert, encrypt and quarantine content that you care about.
  • Threat Protection

  • Detect, Predict and Visualize whether your Clouds are under attack. With integrated threat intelligence, super-charge your threat detection with machine learning and advanced behavioral analytics.
  • Incident Response

  • Take action and conduct forensics when incidents are discovered in your Cloud applications. Actions are best when orchestrated with your consent or approval, and can eliminate manual errors in the process.

User Behavior Analytics

    Dynamic User Risk Scores

  • Real-time user risk rating based on LORIC’s machine learning capabilities to continually assess and quantify wide range of activities including access patterns, privileged user actions and access device characteristics.
  • Streamlined Incident Workflow

  • Greatly enhance security of application provisioning and incident response by placing surveillance on risky users or denying access to high risk users.
  • Continual Baseline Analysis

  • Continual assessment of individual user behavior based on their assigned cloud service access, role and group to quickly identify anomalous/malicious behaviors that deviates from the accepted norm.
  • User Identity & Imports

  • Integrate with leading Identity-as-a Service solutions to for detailed correlation and threat detection based on user activities across all cloud services.

Shadow IT Discovery


  • Visibility includes commercially available SaaS, applications installed from app-marketplaces as well as services installed on top of IaaS and PaaS. The visibility should also extend to services that interoperate with other cloud services.
  • Risk Analytics

  • Application risk scoring based on static characteristics of a particular cloud service offers very little value to the enterprise. A true risk analytics capability based on real-time interaction between the application in question and other cloud services and resources is a must.
  • Automated Access Control

  • The ability to control access to shadow applications by means of native enforcement through next-generation firewalls, or endpoint agents, is a key requirement of modern Shadow IT discovery solutions.
  • Complete Auditability

  • Shadow applications could be accessed from anywhere on the network, or from any managed or unmanaged endpoint. The ability to provide a complete audit trail across all of these various enterprise network or endpoint assets is critical to holistic Shadow IT discovery.
  • Integrated Incident Response

  • Many legacy Shadow IT discovery solutions merely identifies the applications, leaving the follow up action as manual tasks for the IT staff. Modern Shadow IT discovery solutions must tie into or integrate with the enterprise’s existing incident response processes. Only then can Shadow IT be controlled in real-time without undue burden on the IT staff.